Thursday, November 20, 2008

November.. Rainy Season

Rain rain... Rain la.. Everytime rain... rain until my car also don't know when to go for car wash or when to let it stone at home.. so yeah, decided to bring my car for a car wash.. then see what happen.... Rain... =\


But then again, it's cleaner on the inside. =)


Social Bangsar, Wednesday Night Out, early birthday celebration.

The Cake.

The chocolate, The Box, The Hippo (Canadian Moose Ranger).

Jackie & Nicolette.

They don't like to take picture, no choice, candid lor.
Dani enjoying his pie.
Mimi, Charlie and Faisal. That Bojito is nice.
Sophia & Timmy. HeHe. =]

Nicolette & Buffy. They just want to take a picture with that aquarium.

Now Yoong takes a picture with Jenny.

My turn! Happy Birthday! This post is for you.

Well, I did it. Performed my violin in the public. Learn Canon in D. Played the full song, violin solo version designed and composed by my violin teacher. My duet keyboard player Crystal.

Been there, Done that. Of course there was a little bit of crowd. My next challenge will be to play my violin on the LRT. Watch me. WAHAHAHAHA....

My Senior feels like a musician. Yeap, you do not have to play any music to be a musician. There you have my co-ordinator, and Sophia.

Kam's Photography. It is indeed very breathetaking. If you are interested in purchasing some photos, please e-mail me. I am happy to assist. It is definitely not about who's photos are better. It is just the moment that matters.

Jackie - Pontianak

Yong - .....

Euphoria, Ministry of Sound. VIP Room above the crowds.

It was a Saturday Night out, and I went because I want to have fun with these 2 most important people in my life.

My Parents

Who says age is a factor?


To enjoy the best ice-cream in town, you just gotta have it in your house. Baskin Robins 31, Jamocca Almond. 1/3 of a bucket.


Good day, Goodnight.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chen Moh Carnival

The children have been throwing sticks at that person in the picture. 5-6 times, and I wonder what are the parents teaching the children.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Paint Ball

They call it Collateral Damage. Paint Ball, if only I brought my phone along with me. We went Taman Pertanian, and the place was a natural terrain. We have Capture the Flag, Defend the stronghold, conquer and defend the water tank, eliminate all enemies. One full day, Lunch included, free flow of drinks. 2000 pellets, 15 people. 100 bucks per person.

Good day, Goodnight.