Thursday, May 20, 2010


No one likes to lose, neither do I.

Compromising, one will only do when one is satisfy with their own lives. Sometimes I do not understand, the utilitarian point of view, for the greater good we all should care for. But what about the minorities? In America, the minorities are well taken care of now, that's what I can see, but there are some that are being left out.

In Bangkok, protesters want the former prime minister back again, but why? In Malaysia, Mahathir was a good prime minister, but he stepped down to give chances to other people who would further enhance the future of Malaysians.

In Baghdad, war between terrorism happens, around the world there are terrorisms happening. There must be a reason why people retaliate. It is not because of fear that controls someone, it is because of respect. The respect for another human being to respect another is the key. Some define respect as you bow down to me, that's called respect. If that is so, I think we would have gone back to the Chinese dynasties.

Social issues have been raised, gender issues have been raised. Voices are being heard of now, changes are being made. But why do you want to resolve in war? Are you too full that you have nothing to do to get yourself into war? Social media is one of the ways that's getting the news over without boundaries, as that is what I know in Malaysia.

There's a voice from malaysiakini that speaks of the issues that were somehow, not disclosed by the government throughly, but how true is the news? How true are the news you hear from the media? Even the financial news there's this hidden corporate management until there's whistle blowing from one of the loyal employees that wants to be heard.

North and South Korea? For the greater good of its people...

Good day, God bless planet earth. If aliens invade earth, everyone will be fucked up by then.