Sunday, March 30, 2008

Faster run up Hill Day; Grandma's Birthday

"Faster run up Hill Day", hot sunny Sunday morning, woke up at 6am in the morning, everyone getting ready for their trip to nirvana memorial park in nilai. Damn it's seriously freaking far because of the jam there. It took nearly 2 hours when we got there, and it is not really comfortable with 4 people sitting in the hilux when I can't manage to sleep properly in the car. So yea, stuck up earphones to my ears, and listen to my favourite songs from my N95.

I know I am weird, blogging about 清明节, i guess it's nothing that really serious right? As we did write about 清明节 when we're in primary school. So yea, that's my grandpa's tomb. As the family members slowly gathering around it.

And of course, like I've said, it is a very sunny Sunday. The sun is up, the weather is hot. The brothers went for umbrella hunting, lol.. We keep our eyes open as we pay attention to the people leaving the place already.

And there you go, 四少 and George running back with the umbrella. Hurry! and we manage to get ourselves 3 freaking big umbrellas.

Erm, yea, the money papers for the dead. Colorful though, those people who create these kind of papers really have that idea of how to make it look more cheerful.

And yea~ Hell Notes... lol.. Looking Cool with it eh brothers... hahaha..

The 富贵花 macro shot by the N95...

When we're on the way back, we passed by a cemetery inside the jungle, where the grass are taller than it seems, i took this picture because i saw an ice-cream man on a motorbike, selling ice-cream in front of the cemetery.

AND!! he is using the bell, making those sounds of cling cling cling [you know when what's 僵尸right? and the ice-cream man is like the 道士]~~~~ lol..

End of 清明节 trip to Nirvana Memorial Park


Dinner at night; Grandma's birthday @ Nobel House


Small Little Pond - The Fan and the Water makes the room temperature cooler.

Little gathering of friends and family members of my grandparents.

Sipping that red wine makes my bloodstream flowing smoothly, as I did not really feel the effect of alcohol this time compared to those whiskies I have drank during Chinese New Year.

Seriously, it's food again, I like those Chinese dishes when at 1st they would serve a mixture of chill and warm food. The best part of this dish is the little mini octopus and jellyfish. I'm sure it has been every one's favourite. Long time didn't go lok lok already, eat the octopus here also not bad actually. It's very tasty. Yummy yummy~~

Protect the sharks and their fins. Presenting to you the sharks fins soup served with seafood and crab minced meat. A little suggestion instead of using 醋 for the extra taste, try using a little red wine. Mix it up with the soup and you'll know what I'm trying to describe here. The taste of the soup is exquisite. Delicious-- =)

One of the best dishes of the evening, the chicken served with vegetables. Look and see for yourself as that chicken is already so appealing that you would want to grab that bite now! THIS time when you're reading this paragraph!! UMPH!! I can still remember how that chicken taste like~

Fish served with soy sauce. Those white meat of the fish, mixed with a little soy sauce, giam giam de taste, really, makes you feel like:"I want another piece of that fish"

寿面- The tastiest one I have ever tasted in my entire life. I do not know what they mix in it, but there are minced chicken and crab meat. Adding a little onions, that slurp of the mee was like, my goodness, is that all of that mee on the table?


Good day and Goodnight People

Saturday, March 29, 2008

So many things..

to blog about, everything looks like a topic to me.. to every blogger, what you see, is what you plan to blog about, it's all about using all your 6 senses.
Double Up that Rum Raisin with the sweet caramel and corn, the melting warm chocolate, that waffle with the crispy bite, which all that gets your saliva mixing up. Imagine when you have that sweet warm chocolate swimming through your taste buds. Chocolate has never been so seriously damn freaking mouth watering. Munching on that hot waffle with that icy cold bite of the Rum Raisin, I would have forgot how rum taste like. Baskin Robins 31 will never be the same again with BR cafe.


replying to Wan Wen's tagging from her blog:

I have these things inside my backpack which i bring to college:

It's just another Nike. Bought it from Taiwan.

My Girlfriend - My White Dell XPS

Her wiring, adapter,

My usb port adapter for my wife, my N95,

My Casio calculator fx-570ms,

My pencil casing [which I have, 3 highlighters, and a few combinations of pens(I think I have more pens than girls lor)],

& My little no brand mouse.

The Front Compartment: Introducing

My Wallet from Topshop (birthday present from Rahul - Taylorians)

My 256MB Pendrive and 4GB Scandisk thumb drive

My girlfriend's "ears", Creative Audio Sound Block Earphones (I use it with my N95 when I'm studying in my grandparent's house where the little kids are always running around me)

And the textbooks, notes and foolscap papers.


Good day and goodnight people

Tomorrow is "fai dit run up the hil day"

And I want my 笑谈广东话CD BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly! Like got Feel [Continue with Post]

It was then in Taiwan, pausing at that moment,

while I was taking that scenary, I asked myself a question:

"am I still in Love with ms....."

"will she be the one who would want to hold my hand?"

"would she cross that swinging bridge full with doubts and fear with me?"

"why are the leaves blocking your view to the world beyond?" I asked myself.

"why is it that the leaves you take and not the scenary beyond?"

"for it is this road seem too long to walk alone"

If it wasn't for the them, my brothers and my parents

who has been preventing me from falling

down under the cliffs, I would not have completed the

journey to the end of this road.

To the path that lead me to the lights which I hope everything

done today was the right choice

I've taken. This life is too short to make the same mistake twice.


[A New Day]

The days will never be the same like those days when I'm with ms,

I have to take this picture by myself while driving 130kmh

with my satria on the 50 cent toll highway.


The pictures Below Cannot be compared with the pictures above and the last one below. Why?

I used 2 different cameras, Panasonic Lumix 6 megapixels. With Sepia and Black and White

mode. I got the pictures from above Taipei 101 tower. Thanks to ms for her photography ideas.

[Click For Larger Preview]

Well, the Sepia Picture Reminds me of Independence Day. It's like total wipe out of the city.

[After Wipe Out]

And this Black and White effect, it makes the city looks dead.


[Blanky Over our Heads]

While I was on my way to class, coming down from the Mid Valley flyover into Bangsar, the

lights just caught my attention. Now I think the camera phone is still a camera phone. Can't be

compared to the pictures taken by a Lumix.


Good Day and Goodnight

Monday, March 24, 2008

~~FoOd~~ Taiwan Wedding Trip

~~STARBUCKS!!!!! ~~
-Don't leave me alone-


~~7 Eleven Taipei~~



~Arrival Dinner~
~Healthy Food!~

~Even 7 Elevens in Taiwan!~

~Lamb 十全排骨 Soup~

Excellent! Just what I'm looking forward to, lamb... mm~~ mm~~

~Pork 十全排骨 Soup~

Can compare with 肉骨茶, just the type of soup they use another kind of herbs. Must try if you're in Taipei.


The taste is crispy, the smell is, well, we're Malaysian, you eat durian, this is nothing for you.

Sometimes when you eat right, they tell you, 10 yuan, you'll be like, my god, so expensive, then again, you're brain turns abit the slow, it'll tell you:"Halo! You're in Taiwan mind you?!"


Below I present to you, the food served during my cousin sister's wedding lunch.

Behold the ice sculpture, I'm serious, it's a fish sculpt with Ice. Or should I say it's Ice sculpted with the shape of a fish.

-You guess it right, it's 炸汤圆-

~champagne served with chill fruits~

To tell the truth, I don't really like what the food the tour guide brings us to eat. Some! are really nice, but SOME!! ewww... mm dim... But of course, the pictures I show below taste really nice.

Even the watermelon also look more yeng!

Vegetarian Buffet, seriously, lots of dishes to choose from.




The Pizza Hut SUCKS in TAIWAN!!!
I don't have a choice because there are vegetarian members in my family, therefore we dine in and ordered one vegetarian pizza, one seafood pizza and one chicken peperoni pizza. All of them suck, but the worst of all is the seafood pizza, I can't taste anything but the Tabasco sauce, the cheese flakes and the chili powder.

Good Day and GoOdnight


Okay people, imagine anime, then imagine question marks of ??? ??? ??? all over their heads.

that's my thoughts and feelings now.. kam told me it's after shock syndrome.. lol.. i guess that is so also gua.. when you're sitting in front of the computer, trying to write down something that has been on your mind for the past few hours, you forgot what to write, or maybe, you do not know how to start off with it.

the mind just went blank.. it's like.. Dooot~~~~~~~~~ (infinity)


oh ya, if you guys haven't watch that old movie "the warlords" by Jet Li, Andy Lau and 金城武, go watch it, although i dulan the ending, and all those things the people do in there, but it's still nice la. rating, 3.3 out of 5

a wasted Sunday afternoon, woke up at 12pm, not a very healthy sign eh..

stupid roof, while i was gaming, it rained, so never mind la, let it rain, then my mom was like :" wei, you sure your room the ceiling not dripping with water ar? go and check la"

i was like:"aiya, nothing one la, (continuing with my zeus zapping the enemy shuang shuang with my cousins)" [then don't know why, suddenly i just went upstairs to check my room] !!!! HL~~~~!!~~!!

--after war--

gonna move to the next room, hopefully this time i shall have me own room.. muahahahahaha~~


that glass that caught my attention when i was in pavilion, i guess some of you might have been victims of that glass. why? because i saw 2 ladies, just standing in front of it, talking, and wondering :"why this automatic sliding door isn't opening??!~!! (cursing++*&&^^%)"

and then later they're like, no sensor, [diu - 中技]


blue martini in Tony Roma's, (taste really like cough medicine)

not bad la the food there, I've ordered grill pacific cod fish, yummy yummy~ although it's not fried or what, but when the juice from the meat melts in your tongue, you can't resists for another second bite, the side dishes are not bad as I've ordered rice and fresh vegetables.

some of you might think what kind of fella goes to for western food but orders rice and fresh vegetables.. like any other typical Chinese, maybe I've inherited the "must have rice for dinner" syndrome from my grandparents. =)

it's yellow rice and broccoli, just before the dish lands in front of me, i can smell the aroma coming from the rice one feet away, that is how nice the aroma of the rice, even before you reach it with your spoon, you can feel your saliva watering your mouth.


here comes the lamb, my family doesn't take beef, the lamers will always remember that i cheated on them with the beef 1901 Chicago beef hot dog, every time they remind me of that, i will surely be like.. ... ... ...

despite the slimy mint sauce, the lamb is exquisite~! yummy yummy~~ ^^



i will never understand why when i always wanted to start my revision in the morning i will have to blog 1st, now let's see, 45 minutes given to this post.

Good day people and Goodnight