Saturday, March 29, 2008

Suddenly! Like got Feel [Continue with Post]

It was then in Taiwan, pausing at that moment,

while I was taking that scenary, I asked myself a question:

"am I still in Love with ms....."

"will she be the one who would want to hold my hand?"

"would she cross that swinging bridge full with doubts and fear with me?"

"why are the leaves blocking your view to the world beyond?" I asked myself.

"why is it that the leaves you take and not the scenary beyond?"

"for it is this road seem too long to walk alone"

If it wasn't for the them, my brothers and my parents

who has been preventing me from falling

down under the cliffs, I would not have completed the

journey to the end of this road.

To the path that lead me to the lights which I hope everything

done today was the right choice

I've taken. This life is too short to make the same mistake twice.


[A New Day]

The days will never be the same like those days when I'm with ms,

I have to take this picture by myself while driving 130kmh

with my satria on the 50 cent toll highway.


The pictures Below Cannot be compared with the pictures above and the last one below. Why?

I used 2 different cameras, Panasonic Lumix 6 megapixels. With Sepia and Black and White

mode. I got the pictures from above Taipei 101 tower. Thanks to ms for her photography ideas.

[Click For Larger Preview]

Well, the Sepia Picture Reminds me of Independence Day. It's like total wipe out of the city.

[After Wipe Out]

And this Black and White effect, it makes the city looks dead.


[Blanky Over our Heads]

While I was on my way to class, coming down from the Mid Valley flyover into Bangsar, the

lights just caught my attention. Now I think the camera phone is still a camera phone. Can't be

compared to the pictures taken by a Lumix.


Good Day and Goodnight

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