Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Plan

Baby Mafia

The time when I saw this little boy running around the house, I was also chasing after him when I saw him with these sunglasses and that pacifier. Lol. It does look cool doesn't it, remember the time when you're a kid and people are laughing at you at what you thought it was cool? Maybe it just reminds them of themselves when they were young. I do remember the times when I was this age, I like be whatever I want, No Boundaries, No Worries.


May and the ressistor. Don't know why such a friendly lady got resistor one meh? haha.. really looking funny as May wants to take picture with this buddy Yoong. People do feel great when they look great. I stand tall when I feel that my face is clean on that day, infact, I feel refresh after taking a bath. What more to say going out and sweating and all that, that confidence level is like:"don't come near me, I bite".


Rumah Nur Salam

Well, what they say about kids is that they do not see the image of you, which is the scary image you tend to let other people see, for instance, you will look fierce to an adult which adults will recognize the face and they will not come and disturb you. But these kids, my goodness, no matter how scary you may look, they can see what's inside of you. That loving and caring part of you.

So the same thing goes around, in this house, over hundred kids come to have their dinner and their meals. They buka puasa together at the same time, corporates sponsor food everyday to insure that the kids have their meals. It's nothing much but that is the least I could help out yesterday.

When I got there, these children they came and greeted me. Salam. I feel ashamed that how come we as adults would have forgotten the way we should respect each other human beings. These simple hello at least to a stranger, they just came out from the kid. Thankful they are, they pray for the food they had. Blessings came from the Gods.

As they were waiting for Buka Puasa Time, disciplined and well behave.


So at night, it was the lamers again, 930pm. Eat eat eat, the middle person is like eating but always getting skinnier each time we meet up for tea. =\

haha... till then..

good day and goodnight

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Life is just really simple.

Go, Stop and Look.

Go, Stop and Look.

Simple I meant by just a simple keying in data into the computer in my family's office, tallying all the stockes, on the number pad I used all the numbers of course. I was moving really fast, typing and all that, within 1 second I would have finished up 6 box each consist of a single digit. Yeah, very fast as I was typing, but that speed can either get you where you want to go very fast, or it can sabotage you as to slow you down or maybe to make you look at what you have typed so far.

Moving at a fast pace beyond your capacity is really exciting, why not think of moving at a consistent speed which you will be on your way towards your end result rather than to move at a speed that will always get you into trouble?

My point is that I can type fast.




Go, Stop and Look.

It not about the speed, but it is also about accuracy and consistency.

And they say marketing is common sense.


It is common sense of course, it is in fact also social science.


To my brothers, great companion, great partners, great players. Nicholas and Meng is missing in the picture. =)

My grandparents, all I have for the both of you is my time. I will always be with you as you two have always been there for me throughout my 21 years of life. I am and I will bring my best to the people around me, to share all my love and equality so that everyone in this world is a winner. You two have thaught me well, and I thank God that I was given such pride to be your grandson.

Good day, and Goodnight.

Friday, September 12, 2008

1 Week After

Sometimes life really sucks when you try to confront your problems, and looking up at it and facing up was the worst thing you would do and it is that one place in this world that you wouldn't want to look at it and you wouldn't want to dig it out from your deep memories.

Sometimes life is just like a roller coaster, you can't get out and you would have to face the ups and downs, it is still a roller coaster, nothing is too comfortable during the journey, yes, once you've think that there wouldn't be any more turning and twist and twirls, the next minute you knew it you're facing that 360 degrees turning.

At times it was so long that you would want it to stop, and what more sometimes other people jump off the ride and then sabotages themselves and end their lifes. Looking life like fear and always hiding and closing your eyes during the roller coaster ride did some people live life like that.

Why not take that opputurnity to enjoy the ride, it is your once in a lifetime ride. Choosing it to live with fear, saying that oh:" the government was to be blamed, the petrol price has increased, I do not have enough time to do this thing, da di da di da..." or would you like to look at life like, :"I would be the next person to change the course of my own roller coaster ride."


You think that you're not riding a roller coaster now? Think of it again.


Good day and Goodnight.