Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Business System

Consists of the:

1. The Entrepreneur
2. The Army
3. The Props
4. The Resources
5. The Family
6. The Fun
7. The Health
8. The Field
9. The System
10. The Trust
11. The Fate

1. The Entrepreneur a.k.a the boss, is the person with ideas, ideology, philosophy, leadership, ethics, moral codes, rules and regulations, empathy, empowerment-ship and most of all the creator of a business system.

2. The Army a.k.a the troops, be it the lieutenants, generals, field workers, entertainers, supervisors, managers, clerks, accountants, marketers. The troops consists of all human kind who they works together in the system of the entrepreneur.

3. The Props a.k.a the machines, the tanks, the guns, the paper, the pen, the staplers, the photocopying machine, the straps, the hammers, the saws, the lights, the fans, the air-conditioning, the things that was given a life by the entrepreneur and the army.

4. The Resources a.k.a capital that starts up, the procurement of raw materials, the cash, the credit, the debit, the hedging, the banks, the family support, the partnership, the joint ventures.

5. The Family a.k.a the people behind the entrepreneur and the army. What matters the most and be it the driver of marriage, relationships, friendship, cousins,, grandparents, parents, siblings.

6. The Fun a.k.a the entertainment after work and during work. The seriousness of the work, the discipline, the priorities, the sports, the laughs, and all the drivers for the army and the entrepreneur to stay at work. Without having to feel neglected, or mistreated.

7. The Health a.k.a the benefits behind a health care, the ideology that every human being has a mother that takes good care of the offspring's health. He or she be it the mental health or physical health, should always be given priority to.

8. The Field a.k.a the environment at work, that macro and micro environment where as well the environment of stay for the workers near the field. Questions of whether does the field provides a safe standard for a human being to survive, to live, and to be well.

9. The System a.k.a the system that runs for itself. Empowerment was given, a duty of care should be given, improvised. The system that runs the business. It is a routine to success. Refer Restaurant City in Facebook.

10. The Trust a.k.a the benefit to believe, the thing that should allow all human beings to be at its best when given a duty. The allowable credit.

11. The Fate a.k.a if you get to read this article, well, the whole world wide web is there, but why this blog? Nice meeting you again.


Good day and Goodnight People

Monday, July 05, 2010

Strength & Weakness

By coincidence or was it a chain of happenings that things happens for a reason. Class cancelled today and I got home, finding out that my grandpa has a big blister on his toe, lucky I was home so I can bring him to consult the doctor. My cousin brother told me to spend everything wisely, only use when necessary and on the other hand, my mom forwarded an email to me on how Warren Buffet view things as well, it is the same concept.

And when I got in the car, bfm was having an interview that tells me how important it is to focus on your strengths and how important it is to be authentic and not to be an impostor. It feels so good just to be yourself when you are with your friends and family. Why fake when the true you is better?


Anyhow, Learn.
Anyway, Learn.
However, Learn.
Whatever, Learn.
Whoever, Learn.
Whenever, Learn.
Wherever, Learn.
All the time, Just Learn.

Learn all the time, adapt to the environment, not letting the environment adapting to you. That should be the easy way. When the environment adapts to you, it is either you're the universe or the another being more superior than you.


These conversation I speak to myself, and questions myself, shows to some certain people that I doubt their ability to do things, but in fact, the power to question myself comes with a cause which is a delay time of maybe 5 seconds.

Stages of conscious:
1. You don't know what you don't know.
2. You know what you don't know.
3. You know what you know.
4. You don't know what you know.

Guess which is the best stage to be in? Well, it depends on what would you like to become at the moment, or all the time.

Stage 1
You don't know what you don't know. The stage where I call it the super ignorant stage, this is the stage where I can say you don't give a **** to anything because you don't even know that you don't know. For example, you would not have known about anything about the cultures of a different society in another continent in the world other than your own. Therefore your knowledge of a certain matter is 0.

Stage 2
The 2nd stage, the you know what you don't know stage. The stage where you finally come to know of what other things you do not know. Simple, you find out what are the things you don't know, then it's the stage when you know those things that you don't know.

Stage 3
The 3rd stage where you know what you know. It is in your conscious mind that you know the things that you know. For example, while playing badminton, you keep in mind the skills that you know for example a smash. And you focus on the skill to smash. That's when you know what you know.

Stage 4
The 4th stage, this is the ultimate stage where things, skills, ideas, concepts, philosophies, creativity, 6th sense, reactions, have been implanted into the body and acted as a subconscious behavior and doing. Or it can also be some bad habits that keeps repeating itself.


Good Day & Good Night people

Thursday, May 20, 2010


No one likes to lose, neither do I.

Compromising, one will only do when one is satisfy with their own lives. Sometimes I do not understand, the utilitarian point of view, for the greater good we all should care for. But what about the minorities? In America, the minorities are well taken care of now, that's what I can see, but there are some that are being left out.

In Bangkok, protesters want the former prime minister back again, but why? In Malaysia, Mahathir was a good prime minister, but he stepped down to give chances to other people who would further enhance the future of Malaysians.

In Baghdad, war between terrorism happens, around the world there are terrorisms happening. There must be a reason why people retaliate. It is not because of fear that controls someone, it is because of respect. The respect for another human being to respect another is the key. Some define respect as you bow down to me, that's called respect. If that is so, I think we would have gone back to the Chinese dynasties.

Social issues have been raised, gender issues have been raised. Voices are being heard of now, changes are being made. But why do you want to resolve in war? Are you too full that you have nothing to do to get yourself into war? Social media is one of the ways that's getting the news over without boundaries, as that is what I know in Malaysia.

There's a voice from malaysiakini that speaks of the issues that were somehow, not disclosed by the government throughly, but how true is the news? How true are the news you hear from the media? Even the financial news there's this hidden corporate management until there's whistle blowing from one of the loyal employees that wants to be heard.

North and South Korea? For the greater good of its people...

Good day, God bless planet earth. If aliens invade earth, everyone will be fucked up by then.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Business Ethics

"I am absolutely convinced that no wealth in the world can help humanity forward, even in the hands of the most devoted worker in this cause. The example of great and pure characters is the only thing that can product fine ideas and noble deeds. Money only appeals to selfishness and always tempts its owners irresistibly to abuse it.

Can anyone imagine Moses, Jesus , or Gandhi armed with them money-bags of Carnegie?"
(Einstein, 1949)

I just handed in my 1st business ethics assignment, and to my surprise, this subject is very philosophical, which is something I like, or to say I have found something that really interests me, although sometimes it bores me.. With the searches over the Internet, looking through books, I came over this quote by Albert Einstein.

Everything happens for a reason, doesn't it? I was suppose to be choosing International Law but instead the timetable clashed and therefore I chose business ethics, and surprisingly, my Law lecturer from year 1 was commencing the class. The topics discussed by her are so philosophical and it does take someone who reads and who has experienced or someone wanting and allowing the knowledge of philosophy to flow in. Crazy class, one of the mind blasting classes I've come acrossed.


Judging someone too quickly without having to understand what is the person's intention.

What I mean by the statement above is that, sometimes you will tend to judge everyone by the cover. Eventhough you know the person well, you have already implanted the judgement of that person in you, no matter what situation comes across, you will already have the judgement in you.

Dangerously, if you judge someone too quickly.

That judgement you may have might produce an anti trust for you. In which it is dangerously because every moment you have already put the person on guard. Sometimes, you might unintentionally hurt the person. Hope this person you find is not your love ones. Because dangerously, you might have hurt his or her feelings.


Signing off, damn it's a Friday night and I'm at home.
This is so not productive, I find that is. ^^

Good day people, and have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Letting Go

I've listened to some of the great podcast this morning while on my way to Klang, I notice something, I couldn't take excuses from people easily, as in people telling me why it can't be done, and this person who was being interviewed, he is telling his listeners why the obstacles of not able to acquire angel investors is so impossible, that people do not believe in his games creations. In the end, I switched radio channels.

I believe in energy, as in when you're with people who has the positive energy, you'll be attracted to it. Positive energy I defined it as the good, happy and everything possible energy. While on the opposite of the positive being negative energies, it is the excuses like what can't be done, why it always can't be done, there's damn alot of obstacles kinda excuse. I couldn't tolerate with these energies.


But with these energies, you know you have got them both. You have gotta realize where you are, what you're doing at the point in time. It's easier said than done, therefore it all comes to these words: believe & vision what you've always wanted.


Letting Go, is about improving yourself. That time when I switched channel, there's a short interview with Tony Leung.

The interviewer asked Tony: "Do you like working with Andy Lau? Are you afraid that you will lose to him in terms of acting and other things?"
Tony's reply to the interviewer: "I love working with Andy, and I love to share goodness of stuffs with him, this is because if Andy is better than me, I will work myself up to be better than him, it's always a healthy competition which it also ends up being better for me."


Last Friday when I was driving to Klang, there was an interview with a business entrepreneur. He said that letting go is like a pyramid, when you have reached the peak above, you cannot go further and your profit will stay stagnate. The only way to a higher peak is to build another base, a larger base. For example, allowing other people to work for you, so that you will be able to reach higher peaks with a stronger base. Yes, some people might pull out from supporting you, it is also a must to go down from the peak to understand your base from time to time. Checking on these pillars that supports your growth. Imagine a pyramid, and you'll know what I am talking about.


The traditional people will save all the skills he have to himself, because he is scared that other people will tend to overtake him. But then again, what is life without competition, competition is only a way of improvement. You wont work yourself if you're at the top, but with competition, life is much interesting.

The reason is simple, because you know you're not alone, your competitors are your best friend. Because they know you, and they're always concerned about you. They too want to keep up with you. Life's a cycle, when you view your competitors as your friend, it's a positive energy, it's gonna be a healthy competition. Vice-versa.

Signing off
Richard Low

Good day and Goodnight.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Backfired - Omem

The memo post below could be of great help if used correctly, but it will somehow backfire if it is used on sins like, gambling, sex, theft & robbery, alcoholism, lusts, dishonesty.

Standing from the sins point of view

If one does all the sin above or one of it, imagine applying it to all the 5 aspects.
It's like:
1. supporting the person who gambles to gamble more - hello?
2. love the alcohol the person that drinks and drink more - wtf?
3. start your day by saying that today you'll be succeeding in theft and robbery - are u nuts?
4. love your sins, not accepting what others people tell you about your doing is wrong - come back to earth please...
5. follow your heart, live your philosophy BUT also be aware of what you're thinking

Standing from another point of view which may deem acceptable socially
1. Friends support each other, stay by their side, telling them what is the right thing to do and what is not right to do, sometimes and most of the time happens for a reason, it doesn't matter if you think they're not smarter than you, or it doesn't matter if you think they're not wiser than you, once you thought you're always right, it just happens you are already wrong.

Explaination - When you think the whole world is wrong and they're not on your side, it's serious shit time that you come back to us. The probability of you surviving out there, is lower than what you think it is.

2. Everyone has their own 24 hours to do their own things, today you have wasted your hours doing nothing but just stonning, you say it's only a day, but of course, some other people have utilized the day which you have just wasted into doing something great, something wise, something which have contributed to the society.

Explaination - Listening to some other people's story about their life and what they think about life will help you in compensating the time you have just lost. Listening to your family members will prepare you for what you do not want happening to your own future family. FAMILY FIRST!

3. I'm going to own this day, today in fact will be one of my best days in life. I will make things happen instead is what i'm going to tell myself.

What kills? - time, procrastination, later.
What doesn't fall into your plan? you, you and you.

The good news

What saves lives? - saving time, not procrastination, & now.
What falls into your plan? you, you and you.

4. Your weakness is your strength, make use of it. Examples of weaknesses being too kind, having a strong ego, strong headed & etc.

5. Be aware of what you're thinking. Follow your heart & live your philosophy. Be aware of what you're thinking.


Going to marketing research class now. Enjoy people.
Good day & Goodnight

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Hurts

Does it? Love is bigger than anything as well at the same time.

The love of mother & father
The love of friendship
The love of your partner
The love of your siblings
The love of your family members

People once say, your life will be complete with this 4 people,

1. Yourself
2. The person you love
3. The person that loves you
4. The person that would walk with you throughout your life

The True You
Have you found yourself? The real you, as in, the person you would really want to be in front of your friends. For example, to some people it might be the kid in you, the fun, loving and wanting to trust anyone you come across with, that real you. Have you lost him/her? It's time to find yourself again, make it a new year's resolution.

The Person You Love
This second person, have you found him/her? You know, that burning fire when you see him/her? Like that kind of lust when you see him/her you just want to feel like holding that person so tight in your arms? That you melt when you see his/her smile? Have you found him/her? Be sure to find the true you before proceeding to this stage.

The Person That Loves You
Already found this 3rd person? Trust me, there is someone out there that loves you, just that you do not know already. You might not know who this person is, because at that 2nd stage, this person might not tell you due to some reasons, like he/she doesn't know what you're thinking, and only afraid he/she might get rejected by you. Have you found him/her? Open up to possibilities, and you will learn the people that loves you in this stage.

The Person That Would Walk With You Throughout Your Whole Life

Yea, the person that would walk with you throughout your whole life, but are you willing to walk with this person? Do you know that this person could be your friend, lover, family, sibling, or your neighbor? And do you know that this person could be your so called enemy? This person is someone who would keep you company till you die, make your life interesting. And who knows, it might be this blogger that would be with you till he dies, giving you more mind cracking posts over your lifetime. Reminding you and reminding himself what is important in life.

Have you met these people? If you have all 4, congratulations, stay with him/her. If you have not, don't give up, and don't rush, come what may is all you have to tell yourself for the moment. Person 2, 3 & 4 might be the same person, it may also be a different human being. For more information, please refer to Sun Tze's Art of War & to post below Memo.

Goodnight & Good Day People
Signing off Richard Low

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Naming this post memo,

dedicated to the people around me with originality from Richard Low.

1. Love the people around you no matter what kind of shit they do, you know they have already done some shit, and they have nothing to fall back on except you, when you pull that bridge away from the person, yeap, indeed the person is dead, nothing is greater than the power to forgive.

2. Love the shit you do, the shit you do probably would be something shitty to you, but it is some sort of gold to other people. You know why I say this? everyone has the same 24 hours to do their own shit, but you choose to do the shit you do best, in which i think no other people would walk the way you walk, talk the way you talk, do the way you do.

3. Love to love, it's okay to love, and always love to love because when u love to hate, you hate to love. With love comes hate but with hate, it will only generate anger thus giving you tons of shit. Start your day by saying it's gonna be your day, you're gonna own this, and surprisingly, you will notice you have already come to the end of the day with ownage.

4. Love your so called weakness, and you will know what strengths you can do with your weakness, and then you will understand all your weakness is just a mere perception of what some minority people telling you that you can't do great with what you're doing.

5. Follow your heart. Live your philosophy. Be aware of what you're thinking.


Well, I think this should be a good post to start the year.
It has come to the 3rd day of 2010, and I am happy with what I have achieved so far.

Good day, and Goodnight People.