Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Backfired - Omem

The memo post below could be of great help if used correctly, but it will somehow backfire if it is used on sins like, gambling, sex, theft & robbery, alcoholism, lusts, dishonesty.

Standing from the sins point of view

If one does all the sin above or one of it, imagine applying it to all the 5 aspects.
It's like:
1. supporting the person who gambles to gamble more - hello?
2. love the alcohol the person that drinks and drink more - wtf?
3. start your day by saying that today you'll be succeeding in theft and robbery - are u nuts?
4. love your sins, not accepting what others people tell you about your doing is wrong - come back to earth please...
5. follow your heart, live your philosophy BUT also be aware of what you're thinking

Standing from another point of view which may deem acceptable socially
1. Friends support each other, stay by their side, telling them what is the right thing to do and what is not right to do, sometimes and most of the time happens for a reason, it doesn't matter if you think they're not smarter than you, or it doesn't matter if you think they're not wiser than you, once you thought you're always right, it just happens you are already wrong.

Explaination - When you think the whole world is wrong and they're not on your side, it's serious shit time that you come back to us. The probability of you surviving out there, is lower than what you think it is.

2. Everyone has their own 24 hours to do their own things, today you have wasted your hours doing nothing but just stonning, you say it's only a day, but of course, some other people have utilized the day which you have just wasted into doing something great, something wise, something which have contributed to the society.

Explaination - Listening to some other people's story about their life and what they think about life will help you in compensating the time you have just lost. Listening to your family members will prepare you for what you do not want happening to your own future family. FAMILY FIRST!

3. I'm going to own this day, today in fact will be one of my best days in life. I will make things happen instead is what i'm going to tell myself.

What kills? - time, procrastination, later.
What doesn't fall into your plan? you, you and you.

The good news

What saves lives? - saving time, not procrastination, & now.
What falls into your plan? you, you and you.

4. Your weakness is your strength, make use of it. Examples of weaknesses being too kind, having a strong ego, strong headed & etc.

5. Be aware of what you're thinking. Follow your heart & live your philosophy. Be aware of what you're thinking.


Going to marketing research class now. Enjoy people.
Good day & Goodnight


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