Thursday, January 31, 2008

I just can't wait to be home

westlife ~ Home


it has been 3 weeks, many things changed during these few weeks, my life has been a complete mess, still very confused, even ym sounded me, i'm glad that they're always there for me when i need them. they and i mean kam, way, reg and ym. and not to exclude my cousins who are always supporting what i've been doing, no matter how stupid they think i am and how naive i'm been. they're there.

i blog because this will be the few last days that i'll be here for my own semester break. going outstation is definitely much fun. i just can't wait to go sydney to stay with my cousin sisters, just hope to be everywhere where there are chinese. and i always believe that i can survive no matter where you throw me.

and i am going to go for the army when i'm back from australia. well, that is part of my dream la that is.


okay, back to the life in sg snail:" it was like, every morning i wake up at 6am, the longer the time passes by, i wake up earlier than before, 1st it was 615, then 610, then 605, 6, 555, and then 550. it was definitely automatic timing when it's 2230 at night, my biological clock adjusts to this healthy lifestyle. glad about it.

then we head for breakfast at this kopitiam, everyday, everyday wan tan mee, and now i'm like.. "eh richard, let's go eat wan tan mee lor!" i will say please read my blog, cause i'm going to say tooooooooooot off please" it is so ew man, until i'm like, "auntie! siew min bao 5 slices! milo GALA 1!" or else i'll just eat vegetarian nasi lemak, not bad actually..

well, we did eat vegetarian food on chor 1 and chor 15 when i was here.. it's definitely healthier la.. no offense to those who eat meat always. i always wonder, is help business department that boring? when i see help students' playing basketball and all the sports in the sports carnival, i was like, okay, they're logo is all about "MYOB"

minding your own business.. no wonder help business department is boring.. haha.. true true.. you only talk when you feel like doing business.. or else everyone's like, hey, mind your own business..

you don't see people like going everywhere saying :" oi, it says do not smoke in the university compound, it's forbiden!" that's why i say la, minding your own business lor..


then it will always be lunch time around 11 - 1pm, it depends on whether is the work done before lunch break. hmm.. it's again most of the time economy rice from the same place where we have our breakfast.. even now the auntie there also like damn "cooked" (sok) already.. or else it would be chicken rice.. haha..


then dinner time.. the 1st month was like we went to ipoh, my cousin's house for dinner, but as time moved on, we learnt that sometime you've just got to learn to be on your own, so 4 siew and i was like, okay, let's bring the bike up from kl to cycle, it is healthy and it definitely helps the company to save petrol..

dinner was much like.. dai yu dai yok, sometimes when without any occasion we will be sitting there at the dai chao drinking a bottle of carslberg, but i still prefer my 1st beer, tiger beer, and i remember it was in the pangkor's stupid disco, where the DJ is SOOOOOOOOOOO LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!! plays those hong kong canto shake head song.. so damn lame, reg, ms and ym was there too, and damn, i'm sure everyone agrees that the dj is mm dim for that night.


Reply to Ym's Blog:

and i can't wait to go back for chinese new year, it's about the gambling, but of course, with a little ang paos to sponsor the gambling and that gambling that brings the family together! haha..


good day and goodnight people.. going back to sg snail from ipoh infinity cafe now, kinta city jusco.. well.. the ipoh chiqs are back for CNY.. too bad i'm gonna go back to the dead city of KL.. damn.. ciao..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Human Beings Vs Money

hello again readers of all ages, this post, imma gonna talka abouta peoplea anda moneya.

"It's really hard for someone who always sits at home and expects to find the love of their life. Yeah, what the hell are you thinking about when you're 24/7 sitting at home, doing nothing but sleeping. And what, you expect to get laid? Ya right, in your dreams."

The paragraph above is to wake people up who talks but no action. Lol.. Very 乱 right? What's that got to do with money? So yea, the only place where you meet people of the opposite sex is to go out! Spend some money, don't just keep all the cash to yourself, it doesn't work that way.

So again, we've meet some chiqs in ipoh, lol, they're not bad, very friendly and outgoing. Cute as well. :-) ipoh girls, really are 与众不同。

Nevermind what girls i'm talking about. I went shopping today, ar har! My dad gave me some cash to shop on my own after, er, 20 years. Lol.. Cool.. Seriously, freedom at the age of 21. Sweet!

I think i finally bought my 1st nike, as in, ori one la, i know some of you might think i have one, but i think that one is like, fake one. Ym, remember that time i show you the shoe on my lousy webcam? And you and your mom is like laughing there.. = =

Okay, price shall not be disclosed. Bought about 6 items from pdi, 四少 as well. So we spend in total above 1k. Not bad for 1st timers. The feeling is really shiok! Now i know how you feel ym when you shop. Haha! :-)

I asked my mom to buy a pen for my dad, 100rm budget. Hehehe.. Just wanna wait for the reaction from his face. Richardlow just likes to see people stunned. Burrowstrike for dota players.

George failed on the road while the night before he says he has confident on the road. Mm dim. 勿轻视,必失之。I was like that, that's why i lost something that was very priceless to me. This 八少 thought on the road was easy.

Goodday and goodnight.
Tiring day. Oh did i mention that 四少以有目标了!and that chiq is definitely a cutey. Congrats bro, you finally learn something this 2 months.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog 0.25

Mood swings lar people.. when people tell you what not to do, you will always go and do it.. bro 4 told me, 500ml water impossible u go and pour 600ml water in that bottle one right?

the title was about writing a blog that is unfinished.. therefore i put it as blog a quater.. i always think that i wanna blog about this and that tonight, but by the evening, my mind was like blanked when i was taking my bath.. maybe it's the cold shower that pours on the head.. relaxing ur senses.. making you wanna take a rest..

the time is so limited when you're in a cyber cafe.. i just feel that i wanna have my own laptop.. i put everything into it when i have that feel.. that inspiration doesn't come like you want to have it.. it takes the feeling, the pressure, the mood of the environment, the things you eat, the way you speak.. and all those little things that make your day..


so what is this post all about?

i had a discussion with my cousin, 4 siew

4th:" you should buy your own clothings lar since you have money now.."
me:" well yeah, but i don't think i can and want to do it at the moment, i just want to enjoy spending family time, with my dad's money now when i have the time, but of course if i want that thing so much i will have to pay the price myself la."
4th:" waaa... mm dim one wor like that.. i don't use my dad's money now cause i'm working"
me:" yala.. i know.. but how long will he still buy you those clothes man? they're already aging.. why not spend your family time with them, he spends the money because he wants it as much as he wants you people to go out together, enjoy the family time"
4th:" ........ " (ask him if u want to know more)
me:" you scare next time when you're working you still use his money is it?"

so, feel free to discuss the topic today..

(family time vs money spent)


if mom you are reading this blog, i am sure all my readers wanna know what do you think.. lol..

Good day and Goodnight

Monday, January 21, 2008


(1640 hours)

it ain't any other ordinary monday man today.. Well.. We, bro 4 and i went to the cafe till like 11 something, i was downloading songs, chatting, watching music videos and surfing blogs while bro 4 was doing almost the same thing but was also gaming at that time. Woke up about 6am feeling energetic. A good way to start the day, finished cleaning up then went for breakfast at about 645, ordered a vegetarian noodle thinking that today was 15 in the chinese lunar calendar. Finished drinking the milo then rush to work.

But then, reach the port liao only realize that the clamper already cookoo.. So okay lo.. Do our usual stuff. Everything was going very well, but at almost end of the day, a buyer came to claim his clamper, and therefore the rented clamper is being sent away. Thought that there will be not enough clamper to rush tmrw's work, my dad called and say one clamper will be sent to the port the next morning. Okay, that's fast.

(1900 hours)

One thing solved la that is.. And freaking tiring.. We worked till 8pm. Until the sun is down.. Was dark man.. Until we have to do this.. okay.. after that.. we were rushing home.. all the company with the agents.. the manager was the 1st one.. then he saw a black shadow dashed from the opposite lane to the left lane.. and later that guess what he saw..

(2000 hours)

yes.. a cow.. and then all of us stopped.. there we saw a malay lady, knocking down the cow, i mean, the cow knocked her down her motorcycle.. when we got down, she was screaming sakit.. sakit.. we moved her motorcycle away from her leg.. thank god there is another malay couple, the lady and our housemate helped the malay girl up the manager's hilux, bro 4 and i help with her stuffs, and then she was being sent to the hospital..

well.. according to my cousin brother, the partner's boss didnt spend anyone of them for dinner ever since the work started.. but then again today.. we had free dinner!! lol.. i can feel their happiness.. wahahah...

and when we got home.. it was already 930pm.. damn we're freaking tired.. that's why i stopped blogging yesterday night and said i would continue the following blog tonight.. so.. enjoy the videos..

i'm gonna ciao for now.. getting late liao.. feeling sleepy.. gonna work during thaipussam.. i don't care, as long as i get to enjoy my CNY!! everything is also okay!! wahahahahahahahahahaha....

(2200 hours)


just about clippers.. not clampers.. and what i was wearing that day.. lol

take a look at what the dog does.. video below:

the dog says what the fuck you want in the end!


good day and good night people! sheng is still smoking by the way.. somebody smack him

Friday, January 18, 2008

official announcement.

I have been naive, been too irresponsible, immature, been too lazy.

People who know me always think that my ideas are crazy and it can't be done (my closest friends). But to a some other people, it is always something new. I'm sorry if i can't join the crowd because i have my own way, i make my own way, i do not follow, and therefore i don't like to be a follower.

Well, i know why people think i'm crazy, because crazy people only talk, they do not do. In cantonese this is call fan jin, or chi sin. I'm fine with it. Even my parents say that i'm dreaming. Well it's okay, because i know whatever i say i will do it. Sooner or later.

I made my 1st move. Which is to stop my studies, to feel the society, the work pressure, the hard work that people go through by working because they want that 2 bucks to feed their children. I want to feel what it is like to use my own money to survive.

2nd, i want to solve my relationship problem with ms, but i don't think it went well. I'm sorry because i think i have let her down. Indeed i did. Thinking back about the problems we're going through, i see that girls are damn cha bou, they will tell you nothing and they expect you to know. I'm sorry but i'm only human, i can only give you my heart but i can't read your thoughts.

3rd, coming up to sg snail definitely strengthen my relationship with my cousins. I hope it will bring us prosperity in the future and definitely a more harmonious family. It has been really a year since we talk like we use to, i'm sorry i wasn't there for you guys. I'm here now.

4th, paying up my debts. Yes, i'm very used to using my grandparent's money to buy stuffs. E.g. Handphones. I bought the 2nd n95 by borrowing money from my grandpa. I have to somehow pay up the debt so i can enjoy my life again as it is. Now i did.

5th, making my parents proud. I'm very happy to see them smiling again for 1 year 8 months and 3 days later. They smile because they know that richard has proved himself useful. My dad even congratulated me for making the right decision.

6th, making my way into the working world. I see that now my textbook really thought me some useful stuff to be used in life. Well, it's the marketing stuff. Getting back to my books while working broadens my scope.

7th, i learn things myself. The hard way, i don't think i would prefer to be fed by the silver spoon. Why? I don't like to be spoon fed, only if i'm too lazy or if i want to enjoy the ways of being spoon fed.

Anyway, i just want you all to know that this relationship problem has nothing to do with ms. Yes, she fell for another guy but it is because i can't prove myself. We're only 20 and yes we do have the liberty to make choices.

I choose to make my life a better place for myself and maybe my future wife. Too bad that we can't walk side by side together but i wish that you will be treated better. Hopefully karma wont happen on . Good luck. Thanks for the knock on the head, it's painful but i learn.

It's my fault all these has happened. I'm sorry.

Mungkin nanti kita akan bertemu lagi.


Good day and goodnight

Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's a Sunday!

(the saturday night)
it rained today in sg siput, but i was back during thursday so 4 siew and i decided not to go back for the weekend.. we went to kuala kangsar, the place where all king's relatives lives.. the palace is there, quite cool la, nice, and duh~ it's of course very big.. i dont have the usb port with me now so i can't really show you the pictures of that palace.. went to the bridge that was built for the sultan in kangsar.. where it's quite dead because it's not holiday so no one visits that place..

we went into the jungle when it was 1am.. lol.. well.. i wasn't that scary because we're in the hilux, imagine cycling in there.. my goodness.. you can't even look at your fingers, that is how dark is it.. before going into the jungle, we were having an online conversation with the cousins as well, really glad that it is a guy talk.. so it's called the brother's meeting.. oh and did i say it was raining seriously heavily but we still decided to go into the jungle and have a look for ourselves..

and yeah, before going online for the meeting, before going to kuala kangsar, we went shopping!!!! damn it's seriously cheap.. 4 siew brought a wallet, a pouch, a bag, and a pair of boots.. well.. i bought 2 bags and a pair of boots.. guess what are the boots for? it's for the rainy weather of course.. =)


okay today, this morning 3am, we were back at sg siput, because we know there will be no work the next morning.. well.. in the morning, we pimped our bikes, and yes, we bring our bicycles down to sg siput.. hehehe.. decided to do some exercise in this town.. fresh air in the evening.. =)

later that we decide to tour manong, somewhere further than kangsar, to do research on timber, we did eventually go into the jungle again where there are waterfalls and streams that looks very clear.. but i wont go for streams in the jungle.. i don't like leeches.. i hear stories about them going into a person's ass or the girl's v and then gives birth inside the stomach.. and then someone will eventually thought that you're pregnant.. ew..

okay after that jungle ride on that double sitter 4x4 hilux, we went down to ipoh, brother's car accesorries shop.. hehehe.. i so wanna get my car pimped! and then all of you will eventually know that car who's boom boom boom from far.. lala car... kam mou chai! wahahaha..

half an hour later, we went to eat shusi at Sushi East, a japanese restaurant next to ER (emergency room cafe) 50 bucks for 2.. not bad.. no pictures of the food but it's much better than sushi king.. but i still prefer the miso soup li mm cooks for us when we're in ipoh..

oh and by the way, deviline's back! that lamer!

good day and goodnight..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Love You

1 years, 8 months and 3 days.. did we ended or should i say i was the one who asked for the break up, and i thought you would have rejected it, and you accepted it. i am fine with it because i would really love to see you be loved, cherish and respected in life. i would be very happy for you if someone would take good care better than i do, and i'm sure you have found your new love.

During the times together, i am really happy because i enjoy stonning with you at home although doing nothing, just hugging you beside me would be the nicest thing that i've ever own in my whole life. your warmth keeps me appreciated, no one sees me like you do, no one knows me well like you do.

kissing you has been the sweetest chocolate that i've ever taste in my life, you're my 1st and and you're my true love, althought i'm not your 1st love, but you showed me how is it like to be loved by the girl of my dreams.. i would have not walked the 1 year 8 months and 3 days with these kind of feelings alone..

holding your hands has always been in my dreams even before we were together, i wonder how is it like to hold a girl's hand, not any girl, but the girl in my dreams.. i wake up thinking that i am already yours back then.. my hands were numb, and when i hold the numbed hand with my other, how i wish that hand were yours..

waking you up every morning is a must for me because it was like you would need the hot water to melt the milo, and yes, you did melt my heart every morning, your sleepy voice has been the fluid to start my day during the times in taylors..

seeing you online has always been my past time, waiting for that green icon to turn green, and then to click on that name, no matter is it "hi", "yo" or "apa atas", i know we are going to chat till you finish work..

and when you're on the way back home, i would call you and you would always tell me how many traffic police officers are there and when you look at the traffic police officer and when he looks at you..

the times when we sip that coke in mcdonalds, the times when we shop together for groceries, the times when we were in the car going to kajang, the times when you hold my hand in the dark, the times when you would hug me in the dark when we were in the car at night while uncle chong was driving, the times when you would kiss my lips out of a sudden, the times when we sit at the swing in pj, the times when we listen to hitz and then laughing at the gotchaS, the tea sessions with the lamers, the times when you would ask me to stay longer when i would have to go, the times when i send you home and i long for that goodbye kiss, till the time when i leave your place, going home waiting for you to call asking me if i were home now, till the time when we would go anywhere together, till the time when people know us as one but not a different entity..

i love you ming shiu.

take care.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The 3rd Day; 2008

Introducing today's topic, "I can't get stones on the beach but this is what i think god gave me, something similar to the stone you gave me, the heart which you asked me to keep it for you, it is still with me now, although i don't wear it on me, but it has always been on my mind.. a sign from god.."

Please people, if you want to use the picture above, do give me credit and citation.. lol..


A picture where i got that D&G from shanghai, not bad eh.. the material is definitely nice, or was it Penang, Batu Ferinngi.. ^^
And there you have, the cousins, year 2006 ah ma's birthday.. where all of us are really happy to see each other.. to go out together..
to drink (starbucks to hard liquor..)
to smoke, shh... no more now..
to eat supper always (chicken wings taman mutiara),
to game (ever since dota 5.84 till today's version; we're still together),
to work together (family business, always happy to work together),
to sleep (all cramping in ah mm's house mostly during chinese new year, from young!!)
to travel (all family trips to other countries, other states, and it never stops)
to share (every moment, experience together)
to complaint and blame (all the naggings from our parents together)

lol.. it'll be sooner than later we realize how fast we grew up, George failed his undang once, but not the second time, and later he'll be fetching xin dee to tuitions, YES! finally some air to breathe.. =) but i'm still happy to fetch u 2 idiots, no worries, i'm still and always ur idiotic brother.. hahaha..


2007 Hair Cut; GC Hair Salon

2008 Head, Ipoh, why are you married with ur 1st child.. come out yam cha la.. yor...


$292, 混一色

¥2536; 清一色 平湖


good day and goodnight..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I just hate people who ruines my plan.

Well, being tanned, not as tan as my cousin brother and the other fellow workers in sg siput, i think i look ________ (for me to know; for you to just catch a glimpse out of it)

I know what you guys think about the pictures taken above, lan si ma the face, like liu gao da like that ma is it? think of it, you've been working from 7am to 7pm, and then you rush down to KL and you reach at 1130pm, went to starbucks at 1230 and sat till 2am, sing k from 230am to 5am. and there you go, lan si because i'm quite stonned..

2008 resolutions of the cousins, no smoking allowed inside the K room, no smoking when we're on an outing with cousins, work hard, play even harder. one thing that my dad in 2008, there was no rejection in anything that i wanted to do after i've worked for him. i said i want to go penang, he suggested me to go back to kl, but if i were to insist on going there, he did allowed me to go.

okay, one funny thing is that when my dad asked me to go back kl to see my mom, and then i was like, ya wor.. really long time didnt see my mom and my grandparents liao, so yea, now i am in pj at the momment, was back home in cheras last night when i was like, okay, so my dad asked me to come home to see my mom ('s new car)... lame.. lol..

i now, officially, own, 9, the, satria, wahahahahahaaha... ever since the years in taylors.. finally i get that car.. gonna pimp it with ma cash.. but deng.. 40 cents of petrol ar.. i think i take bus better.. lol.. can save that money to buy something i like for myself.. need to treat myself better is one of my 2008 resolutions, now i would like to blame the petrol for taking away parts of my money and that i would have spent on food..

just joking.. lol.. another new resolution, stop blamming others if that's my own fault..

one last question to my readers, why i can't put the blame on others? do i have to sing that akon song, blame it on me? do i?


going to low yat now to check out the latest tech toys..

bye bye..

good day and goodnight..

Happy New Year

little tipsy.. going home when we discovered the funny mirror in the k room.. lol