Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog 0.25

Mood swings lar people.. when people tell you what not to do, you will always go and do it.. bro 4 told me, 500ml water impossible u go and pour 600ml water in that bottle one right?

the title was about writing a blog that is unfinished.. therefore i put it as blog a quater.. i always think that i wanna blog about this and that tonight, but by the evening, my mind was like blanked when i was taking my bath.. maybe it's the cold shower that pours on the head.. relaxing ur senses.. making you wanna take a rest..

the time is so limited when you're in a cyber cafe.. i just feel that i wanna have my own laptop.. i put everything into it when i have that feel.. that inspiration doesn't come like you want to have it.. it takes the feeling, the pressure, the mood of the environment, the things you eat, the way you speak.. and all those little things that make your day..


so what is this post all about?

i had a discussion with my cousin, 4 siew

4th:" you should buy your own clothings lar since you have money now.."
me:" well yeah, but i don't think i can and want to do it at the moment, i just want to enjoy spending family time, with my dad's money now when i have the time, but of course if i want that thing so much i will have to pay the price myself la."
4th:" waaa... mm dim one wor like that.. i don't use my dad's money now cause i'm working"
me:" yala.. i know.. but how long will he still buy you those clothes man? they're already aging.. why not spend your family time with them, he spends the money because he wants it as much as he wants you people to go out together, enjoy the family time"
4th:" ........ " (ask him if u want to know more)
me:" you scare next time when you're working you still use his money is it?"

so, feel free to discuss the topic today..

(family time vs money spent)


if mom you are reading this blog, i am sure all my readers wanna know what do you think.. lol..

Good day and Goodnight

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