Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I just hate people who ruines my plan.

Well, being tanned, not as tan as my cousin brother and the other fellow workers in sg siput, i think i look ________ (for me to know; for you to just catch a glimpse out of it)

I know what you guys think about the pictures taken above, lan si ma the face, like liu gao da like that ma is it? think of it, you've been working from 7am to 7pm, and then you rush down to KL and you reach at 1130pm, went to starbucks at 1230 and sat till 2am, sing k from 230am to 5am. and there you go, lan si because i'm quite stonned..

2008 resolutions of the cousins, no smoking allowed inside the K room, no smoking when we're on an outing with cousins, work hard, play even harder. one thing that my dad in 2008, there was no rejection in anything that i wanted to do after i've worked for him. i said i want to go penang, he suggested me to go back to kl, but if i were to insist on going there, he did allowed me to go.

okay, one funny thing is that when my dad asked me to go back kl to see my mom, and then i was like, ya wor.. really long time didnt see my mom and my grandparents liao, so yea, now i am in pj at the momment, was back home in cheras last night when i was like, okay, so my dad asked me to come home to see my mom ('s new car)... lame.. lol..

i now, officially, own, 9, the, satria, wahahahahahaaha... ever since the years in taylors.. finally i get that car.. gonna pimp it with ma cash.. but deng.. 40 cents of petrol ar.. i think i take bus better.. lol.. can save that money to buy something i like for myself.. need to treat myself better is one of my 2008 resolutions, now i would like to blame the petrol for taking away parts of my money and that i would have spent on food..

just joking.. lol.. another new resolution, stop blamming others if that's my own fault..

one last question to my readers, why i can't put the blame on others? do i have to sing that akon song, blame it on me? do i?


going to low yat now to check out the latest tech toys..

bye bye..

good day and goodnight..

Happy New Year

little tipsy.. going home when we discovered the funny mirror in the k room.. lol

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