Thursday, November 29, 2007

End of Macro

the end of macroeconomics.. it's a end of the gan jongness..

not too bad actually.. feel i did quite well as i've managed to finished the questions before hand and i've managed to double check them..

well.. ms told me about substance abuse.. some pyschology subject.. which is all about abusing drugs and all those stuffs..


so.. caffine.. is consider as a drug.. and it's so for nicotine..

for long term usage of these drugs they are depressent.. which of course.. they make u sad.. down.. and all those negative feelings would come after you.. haunt after you.. making you unable to fall asleep.. turning ur brain on and therefore triggers your thoughts..

in which of course again.. makes you sleepless..

well.. i do not take caffine as hard as ms.. lol.. but i smoke..

not a smoker and i'm too not a social smoker.. i just smoke when i feel like and i quit when i like.. so.. what i'm trying to say here is that i've experienced that just one stick of ciggarate will make you feel down, triggers your thoughts..

the 2nd one sucks the oxygen out of your brain, thus making you feel "high", if you don't believe me, the reason for ur "highness" is because you are not breathing in oxygen, try breathing smoothly again and there you can regain your conciousness.. lol..

the 3rd stick in 30 minutes for a non-smoker will definitely... ...


so now.. i'm back home.. sitting there with my N95.. yes.. again.. surfing those sites that i've missed out ever since is gone.. still don't know what happened to them (might be lawsuits or else facing termination due to unable to pay the bandwith[bytes they store on their website;e.g.the files and photos they have])

hereinafter (thanks to macro writing until now i also thus, hence.. and bla bla...) i've found another discovery on the n95..

the n95 yes.. is able to act as a remote control through infrared.. well.. yes you've heard of that..

the n95 is able to act as a remote control to your powerpoint presentation slides.. "whao.. so new.." it's old actually..

the n95 is able to rotate without touching anything on the phone.. for example you twitch and turn the phone to control your music player, your racing games, your snake.. bla bla.. that's like yesterday.. (cause i've found something new lar.. lol)

so now.. the n95 is able to control a remote control car..

HOW~? well.. i think lar.. that's what i think.. the n95 uses the radio wave signals.. oo.. something new har.. lol.. okay.. ShakerRacer that's the name.. you can view it in youtube..


so now my brother's back home.. he just finished his spm and yeah.. what's the 1st thing you'll do after spm? well.. william dyed his hair.. yin mei went home to sleep.. ah kam me and way went to cc and play gao gao.. ms.. i dont know what she do.. lol.. maybe go out yam cha gua that time.. not so close with her.. haha..

or maybe i'm wrong.. i should say all the 5p3s were like.. went home, and then went to restaurant telipon.. dulan.. never.. ever.. go to that place.. imagine what it's like 5 people can kena food poisoning the next day.. lol.. ym, me, zhi xin, wan wen.. and i think liangko also kena..

okay.. back to my brother's hair.. it's gold.. pure gold.. i can trim it and i can sell it.. lol..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

30 reasons Malaysia is better than Singapore

1. Malaysia has royal families who get benefits.
2. Malaysians have the "roti" men to bring us bread.
3. Malaysian drivers are infinitely more x-treme than any other country's drivers (especially Singaporean drivers)
4. Malaysian drivers are allowed to U-turn anywhere, even when there is a "No U-turn" sign.
5. Malaysia has about 10,000 times more daredevil motorcyclists than The Entire World.
6. Food is cheaper and nicer in Malaysia.
7. Malaysia has the "old newspaper" guys.
8. Malaysia has the "tilam lama" guys.
9. Roti canai is nicer in Malaysia than in Singapore and other places.
10. Malaysian cencorship rules ensure healthy uncorrupt youth.
11. Trying to get a taxi is infinitely more exciting in Malaysia because of their unpredictability.
12. Malaysians are nicer than Singaporeans.
13. Malaysia is made up of two land masses, while Singapore has only one.
14. Malaysia is bigger than Singapore.
15. Malaysia has "Akademi Fantasi...".
16. In Malaysia, the Parkson store is permanently in "The Grand Sale" mode.
17. "Rendang" is easy to find in Malaysia.
18. "Rendang" cheap in Malaysia.
19. Malaysian taxi drivers have a 1 in 3 chance of having very interesting and/or provocative views on life.
20. Malaysian weather is the best in the world.
21. The Malaysian "Ringgit" is totally original, not like Singapore's dollar.
22. Malaysian mamak give you good food for good price! (without any of that "hygene-guarentee" nonsense)
23. Malaysia airlines is very nice.
24. Malaysia has a car named after a mousedeer (its a small car!).
25. Driving in general is more exciting in Malaysia because of the unpredictable appearances of motorcyclists.
26. Malaysia has three of the tallest towers in the world.
27. Singapore buys water from Malaysia.
28. Pak Lah is cooler than Lee Kuan Yew.
29. If you count the colour frequency of the Malaysian flags in order backwards, it spells BEST IN THE WORLD.
30. I live in Malaysia.

Lol.. was browsing through adam's garden, then i found this.. lol.. true true..

One Week from Now

What others promise to give you, I might not give it to you now but I'll do what it takes to get it.
You've seen it, but you've doubted it.
You're clear, but you choose to confuse yourself.
I'm always there for you, but you told others that i'm the one that always want to be sticky.
Worrying about things that you do might be stupid meant being too jealous, over protected for you.
If that's what you want, you can have it.
Promises sounds so sweet when you hear it, but it's a C4, waiting to explode.
Criticisms may look like a knife pushing you towards the edge, but the edge meant a new start of a new way to life.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What are the Distances?

Google Image Above


Nokia N95, 610pm, 22nd November 2007, Way's FrontYard

The "Chicken Head" (Prescribed by my lil sis) & my sexy girl..

What are your dreams?

What are your ambitions?

Who are your friends?

What is your purpose?


Nokia N95, November 22nd 2007, 69 point 7pm.


Nokia N95, Night Portrait Mode, Nov 22nd 2007, 725pm.


Nokia N95, Self Timer Mode, November 22nd 2007, 655pm.

Lamers once again.. So happy.. hehehe..

Snap!!! by MS.. Nokia N95, 22nd November 07,

discussion.. guess what.. it's about my hair.. lol.. most of you who know me would definitely question me.. what the hell did u do with ur hair.. haha.. you're not suitable for a bad boy look okay.. my answer to that question is :" blame the hairstylist for reconmending that i'll look fine when the hair grows longer.." so.. as a business student.. i take it as an investment.. again

Nokia N95, my own flash light flash me back!!!

Frowning.. not feeling well.. sore throat.. lol.. drink carrot milk ice.. damn chillin'

conclusion ar.. maybe the clouds cover the whole view liao ler.. potong lor.. then i can say is that.. i give it a 3.25 out of a 5 scale for the view lar.. thought it would take a really long time to go up there, but reached very fast liao.. maybe we're all yippy yapping in the car.. lol.. no feel..

still.. not cold enough for me to enjoy the view.. or maybe i just don't like to look at city lights.. still prefer nature.. anyway.. we missed out the sunset.. thanks to the clouds.. but it's definitely another exprience with the lamers.. hahaha...


Thursday, November 22, 2007


Shit.. One more week left before the big day..
screw it anyway.. i'll just have to pass the macro and that's it..
but if i fail it this time.. you guys hear me,
i'm going to stop studying and i'll start looking for a job, screw uni life and i'll go out and get rich asap (as if..)
well okay, i know u guys will tell me to stop whinning here and start reading the text book..

man.. i'm freaking sick now.. my presentation yesterday i was like having fever, stomach ache, headache, sore throat, cough and flu the night before.. (was actually afraid that i can't get up and present).. thank god i'm a little better after a good night sleep and i was able to present..
today is the last day for Leadership and Life Skills and Macroeconomics.. well.. that's the end of my year one short semester.. oh ya.. i've cut my hair.. and my grandma was like.. when she sees me walking pass her everytime, for 8 times, she keeps telling me:" ah chuan.. why you want to cut your hair until like that.. scholars where got cut their hair until like that one.. (all in hokkien)"

and mind you people, 8 times.. in 4 hours.. my mom was chill anyway.. lol.. the next one is my dad.. this weekend.. i think i'll run out of the house again.. lol.. okay.. my plans for the weekend is.. "69 point", gym, fetch my baby to astro.. and.. BAI GUAN STUDY!
then michael from CPU asks:" what get's wet without water? gets bleeding withouth getting injurred and is able to make things hard without bones?" (answers will be in the next post)


When Ah kam was taking a picture of his own because of the succesful hair cut at GC hair studio in leisure mall, KA BOOM!! the tree fell on the kancil.. blocking the whole road.. to the kancil.. my condolences..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What are those?

It has been this crazy ever since then.. the title of this picture was "what are those.."
Nokia 6600, 1.3MP, Year 2005

My School Shoes back in Catholic High, End of SPM. Year 2004
Lumix Panasonic, 6 MP, Year 2004

1, 2, 3, and the award goes to.. SAMMY KAM!! Jx please give out the prizes..
Nokia 6600, 1.3MP, Year 2005


Love is still in the air..
Nokia 6600, 1.3MP: SE K750i, 2MP, Year 2004, 2005, 2006


Leaving the country with Style.. Shanghai 2005

Nokia 6600, 1.3MP, Year 2005


The end of the day is the start of a new tomorrow

was suppose to be the last presenter.. well.. it's hard to get people's attention because if the people in front are boring.. anyway.. they're all good.. the 1st person david was actually very geng, put pressure on all of us.. fluent english with da hip hop style, one word :"cool"

then xiao xun's and zee wui's turn, both were with ties, one word, yeng, and zee wui said that he bought he's shirt and pants for about 30 bucks.. all of us were like wtf.. damn cheap.. but the material used were very presentable and yeng..

the clash of pyschology students and business students.. you get = BPYSC.. haha.. copyright from pyschology students.. sorry ar.. i cite u all 1st.. lol.. very interesting to get to know more about different courses.. and i'm sure the pyschology students were surprised to know some stuffs out of their fields.. =)

Friendster turned LiveJournal turned Blogspot

(Suck) (Okay) (Hoping for a better spot)

A picture viewed from the eyes of the heavens.
Nokia N95, Section 7 Petaling Jaya


Dressed up well for "my next career move" presentation.. =)

Nokia N95, By MS, Block E, Nov 21, 2007


The Picture that really made my day in the morning.

SE K810, 21st November 2007