Thursday, November 22, 2007


Shit.. One more week left before the big day..
screw it anyway.. i'll just have to pass the macro and that's it..
but if i fail it this time.. you guys hear me,
i'm going to stop studying and i'll start looking for a job, screw uni life and i'll go out and get rich asap (as if..)
well okay, i know u guys will tell me to stop whinning here and start reading the text book..

man.. i'm freaking sick now.. my presentation yesterday i was like having fever, stomach ache, headache, sore throat, cough and flu the night before.. (was actually afraid that i can't get up and present).. thank god i'm a little better after a good night sleep and i was able to present..
today is the last day for Leadership and Life Skills and Macroeconomics.. well.. that's the end of my year one short semester.. oh ya.. i've cut my hair.. and my grandma was like.. when she sees me walking pass her everytime, for 8 times, she keeps telling me:" ah chuan.. why you want to cut your hair until like that.. scholars where got cut their hair until like that one.. (all in hokkien)"

and mind you people, 8 times.. in 4 hours.. my mom was chill anyway.. lol.. the next one is my dad.. this weekend.. i think i'll run out of the house again.. lol.. okay.. my plans for the weekend is.. "69 point", gym, fetch my baby to astro.. and.. BAI GUAN STUDY!
then michael from CPU asks:" what get's wet without water? gets bleeding withouth getting injurred and is able to make things hard without bones?" (answers will be in the next post)


When Ah kam was taking a picture of his own because of the succesful hair cut at GC hair studio in leisure mall, KA BOOM!! the tree fell on the kancil.. blocking the whole road.. to the kancil.. my condolences..

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