Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why should you choose blogspot?

Let's not get to the point yet, why people get to have great pictures and i'm still looking for what I see not, achieving something, it's there but not there yet. Is it so? Why am i writing like some philosopher? Why did not I take up the philosophy degree in university of queensland? was it my fate or did it so happened that i'm just too lazy to go and discover around? It's your choice. You only have one life, it's how you paint it.


I started out with friendster's blog, back in taylors, only those who are close know that i blog there, it wasn't that much of a blog anyway, it's plain, ugly, and dull. and if you want to customize ur friendster blog, you've got to pay don't know how much extra this and that.

then ms introduced livejournal to me, okay lar, better than friendster, the pictures are bigger, and you can upload videos too! =) but the part comes in where you are looking for that add html/javascript button, it isn't there, why other blogspot users and xanga users can have such a nice blog, full with colors and their own decorations? and why i only have this dull lame template, change here change there still the same, or maybe i do not know how to use lar.

i mean, seriously, livejournal, really looks like journals lar, it's not a blogging site. lol.. no offense, this is just what i think. then i came to blogspot, finally after 3 years loafing around, trying out blogsites, i've found blogspot. a place where i think i can play around with internet html codes, upload videos, upload songs, have a chatroom, have people leaving comments.

easier templates and easier for you to customize your blog, well, i'm not advertising for but i just feel that they're cool, and should be given credits, still most of all, IT's FREE!!


Last Post for May 2008, good bye May and welcome June.
sorry that i will have to leave you for about a week not blogging, it's time to go back to my studies and revision. it's study week, and study week is for studying.
Study, Work, or Be a Monk. (only ym knows what i'm talking about here)

Goodday and Goodnight People

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's New With HandPhones?

Heres what.. Under 18s and those that have an innocent brain please do not scroll down anymore. thanks

Yea, you've read the title of the software right. It's a vibrator program that turns ur handphone into a i don't know and i can't imagine how a square or rectangle object can be used for masturbation.
This post is so wrong, lol, well anyway, they really do have this software, abit sot one these people nowadays. lol.
Good day and goodnight

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


this post is for ms, thanks for the stuffs you gave back to me and a million thanks for the contract, which i had an agreement with you. lol

flashbacks of me and ms were in my dreams last night, maybe it's because i read something on the internet that made me dreamt, stupid it was, i was back with her, and of course, how could i have cheated on my wife right?

so it was only a dream, a mere dream that, i see myself in that dream as s, trying to take away ms from me, i was like, what the fuck, but the dream kept on playing, whoa, i'm like eating my own medicine, this is shit, yeah, what you have done will haunt you for life.

well, if it's not you it's me, hey people, i'm just trying to write down what i've dreamt of. nothing should be taken seriously in this blog.

then, maybe la, this is what i think, i've got to write this down for me myself to remember. and i need my friends to remind me of what mistake i've made, but of course in the end, it's still back to ground zero.

people forget and lost their path in the middle of the road. and i wonder, am i really getting old? becoming ah pek liao? or i forget really fast? the good comes with the bad, yea, getting over it was easy as forgetting is really easy for me, but it wasn't good with the exams.

but at times, even though the exams have passed a long time ago, that memory sometimes pops up in my mind, i was like, what the hell was that? that formula just popped out of my brains or that idea just happened to rewind itself?

what the hell am i writing?


i am faithful to you my new wife. as i am as loving as caring i can be to you.


the post above was only for entertainment purposes, the characters are classified as the names were only there to protect the innocent.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Different Sunday

Please Use Potrait Mode, as in, turn ur screen around.

The Escorts - A.K.A en daos. lol

The most beautiful women of the evening.

Zhao Zhao and Wor Wor.

姐夫 - The most en daos of them all.

Front Line, Well Prepared with the Laptop. Cool~

Cutest, Cutest and the most very the super cutest (in the normal english vocab there weren't anything like what i've typed - "most very the super cutest")

They were also happening, I'll tell you what these 2 fellas did this evening. Haha..


Shot of the evening.

They even had their own cd album. ^^


My best wishes for the both of you.

I did enjoyed myself alot tonight. It's priceless. Money can buy everything, but not memories created by you yourself. Treasure every moment you have, let it be the happy memories that engraved in your hearts and your brains.

A little kid didn't know the meaning of family, but he realize how important it is.


Good Day and Goodnight

Angline Sama Crystal II

He's Here.

With His Bunch of Racer Heng Dais

The Ji Muis were there earlier, with their weapons they stand hold the front line.

"Torturing" the Heng Dais

He has to fling the banana over the string.

And there they were at the 2nd front line, negotiating with the toll rate.

He got her.

They're off.


Angeline Low Sama Crystal Low

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thank GOD [Post dedicated to 四少爷]

4 siew, if you all have been following my blog you all would have known who the hell is this fella. He, a very caring brother, always taking care of your needs, looking after you no matter how much or how not you need them. He was the one that took care of me when i was in ipoh working.

Guiding me and providing me feedbacks on the working environment, the possibilities, the dos and the don'ts. He was a good cousin brother and he still is of course. To him, family is the most important thing in life, no matter how far he is, he would try his very best, even though it was only for a day, 18 hours, he would travel from ipoh back to kl to see his family.


He got into an accident, thank god nothing much happened to him, only got himself 8 stiches. Ouch, what cause that accident, here goes, the road, being next to the palm oil estate, he was moving at approximate 80km per hour, according to him, before he reaches the cornering he already lost control of his hilux.

causing him to have drift from right to left, in the end the hilux overturned. Thank God again, it was his back that was the result that hurt. nothing much, saved his laptop, saved his n95, saved his glasses, all of that saved, but most of all was his life. His mother must have worried sick, well, everyone worried of course.

Accidents do happen people, drive safe, be alert. Think what the other drivers might do and not only think what the law protects you from. The insurance company will only compensate money but not a second chance to life. Maybe if you could argue with me that the medical bill will save your life but come on, what if you do not reach the medical room on time? What IFS.

Remember your close ones before you step on the pedal, do not tail gate, always have a distance with the car infront of you. You wouldn't know what the other fellas in the cars around you would do. He might be texting messages, She might be calling her hubby, He might be munching on his zhap fan, She might be looking for coins beofre reaching the toll.

You just wouldn't know.

Think of your love ones, drive safe. you'll still get there.
[That's also telling myself]


To Wife, Don't Sudden Brake.
To Kam, Don't Drift in the carpark.
To Way, Don't Sms in the car.
To MS, Don't tailgate.
To Ym, Don't drive too slow.
To Alex, Don't tailgate.

To everyone, Think of your loved ones.


Good day and goodnight. God Bless.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glory~ Glory~ Man United~

Moscow 2008 =)


While waiting for the game, this 2 pictures above remind me of chen moh primary 6 trip to singapore, where everyone was holding their nintendo gameboy color and gameboy light, keep blasting that pokemon, leveling gao gao.

It was a crazy morning, indeed, xiao xun and this samuel kam does have class from 8am to 630pm later, but kam wanted to watch, of course i wanted to cheer for man utd as well, my favourite football team for the English Premier Leauge. Super crazy morning, 245am, but we're at jx's place at 12am on thursday morning.

xiao xun is so pik chik because he regret that he wanted to join me, kam, way, jx, liang and ys for the football.. lol... the whole night the 4, which is jx liang ys and way was playing their psp, well, it was really cool to have a psp, and you can have a multiplayer gaming for 4 and more people i think?

anyway, back to ball, it was really worth our time watching, the attacking and defending were really superb. one thing i dulan is that on the 44th minute of the 1st half, thining that chelsea wont score, i went to the toilet. when i was peeing that time, goal!!!!! chelsea got that equalizer. 1-1

waaaa... so pik chik man.. lampard scored the equalizer, and way keep telling me to go to the toilet because he was supporting chelsea for the night, liverpool fan he was, he wanted chelsea to win. lol..

more pik chik is when ronaldo lan si when he was taking the penalty, waaaa... he had that stupid kick when in my memory that style of taking the ball:"satu pun tak boleh masuk" why? he did that pause thing, and that the keeper knew where he was kicking. ma hem.. but the crossing was superb and that ronaldo took that header with style.

pik chik fellas.. xiao xun supports the grass.

Good day and goodnight [going out to yam cha now]

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A picture might even tell a different story from a 3rd person's point of view. To ms, maybe it's because i've been driving too fast in her memory that she thought i would have been taking this picture while i was driving. well, yes, i was driving but i took this picture because it's too boring to get caught in the jam in canaught highway.

Then, I just took my n95 out to try to take some shots of a night potrait and the fast moving cars on the other side of the road. I didn't get the effect I wanted but well, everything has their story to tell. Every picture, it's only for you to wonder into each picture that was taken. Sometimes a picture might be beautiful in someone's eye, but when it was being explained too much, that beautifulness in the person's eye might fade away.

I just watched forbidden kingdom, thanks to alex, but of course, the movie, i think it's damn lame lar, mou la kang one, but on the other hand also, i really fok those people who would invest in these movies, they're really daring of course. People watch that movie because it was a show by the 2 greatest hollywood kung fu masters, Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

One saying that always go with martial arts is that if you knew too much about all sorts of things, you learn harder. The easiest way to learn is to learn it from scratch. It would be installed in your mind quicker. We can tell by just using the computer as an example. Isn't it faster than it was back then when you bought your laptop?

I think i'm just like some insect, i'm attracted to the lights, lol..


Green Bananas Edward, lol, macro shots must be taken at close range mode okay people, lol.. it never does really look macro-ish when you use zoom. Or maybe it'll make another kind of effect. It is really fun to play with the camera doesn't it? So people, don't waste your camera or that camera phone you have, you'll never know when you've got a great shot.



It was a mess, non-stop marathon with my xps, all night all alone with her, sorry wife, don't get jealous over my laptop okay? hahaha.. it's my way to communicate with you only.. XD

A million thanks to my friends who have not given up on me and helped me pull through my assignments. I was about to be dead when you guys came along and pull me up. I told myself:"how could I give up on myself when others are not giving up on me?" That was the thing that kept me all night and all morning, working with it.


My 1st attempt with 3 assignments dued on one day, the craziest thing that happened so far in academic studies life. Next, finals in 2 weeks. 3 days in a row marathon. All morning papers. My goodness, this is uni life. THIS IS LIFE!!!


baby baby baby baby baby~~~!!~!~!@$#!#@$#^&$*()(^*&^%$#@!

3 assignments due on the 20th... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......

done all, done!!!!!!