Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last Sunday Afternoon

When I was asking alls how the hell am i suppose to describe this picture, I've already started to type, it was the evening when I was heading back to cheras. After work, after class, all that stress.. it all goes back into the highway. Jamming all the way back to their own destinations. Sigh.. Rat Race.. everything goes in a circle.. are you getting out of it? or are you enjoying what you're doing now?


Do you work because you just want to earn extra cash? or would you work because you love the job and you love rather spend time there doing your job? Even the hong kong government promotes "love your family" theme to all the hong kies. that is one thing that I've watched in the tvb drama.

I've told my dad before:"money isn't everything, you have money, but you didn't spend time with your family?" in the end also is a kat. so now i tend to see him bringing us out to dinner or lunch or breakfast every Sunday without fail.

George started inti and well, i did miss my pre u life when i was Taylor's.. i really really miss it.. =)

It was something different, porridge steamboat in federal hotel in kl "yi qi"(or was it something to do with qi). for the tea, it was rm5 per head. well, i choose guava juice since just a normal pu er cha was so expensive. the tea cup was indeed something different from others. i looks like the tea cover used to cover the tea cup.. haha.

before the food was served, i was already "drooling" when i saw this chilly.. yummy yummy.. pssss... looks like a hot love.. haha..

--Chinese cutlery's--

Fried tofu, you can feel the crunchiness when you munch on that fried tofu, and when you eat that meat within, you feel the softness that gives you the satisfaction of dining there. umm umm~

All time favourite, siao long pao. slurping the soup inside the pao, tasting that delicious sweet soup, even though it is just one sip, you would start looking for the 2nd one on the table. the ginger was to make the siao long pao a little more tasty. it just reminds me of Shanghai's siao long pao. delicious..........!!

the final dish for the lunch was that the porridge was being served, well, it was something different, all those things mixed up, i still want to eat that porridge the federal hotel serves during dim sum. argh...


good day and goodnight.

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