Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's New With HandPhones?

Heres what.. Under 18s and those that have an innocent brain please do not scroll down anymore. thanks

Yea, you've read the title of the software right. It's a vibrator program that turns ur handphone into a i don't know and i can't imagine how a square or rectangle object can be used for masturbation.
This post is so wrong, lol, well anyway, they really do have this software, abit sot one these people nowadays. lol.
Good day and goodnight


winnie said...

Errrr...really sot la these people...=.=

Jade said...

i think im more curious how the phone change into the square or rectangular thing.

richard, just one question...wat's the hello kitty doing there?

RichardLow said...

lol.. yeap winnie, too free already these people.. haha..

jade, i dont know, lol, the phone is already a square or a rectangular shape piece of device mar.. haha..

sokteng said...

ppl is brilliant la..not sot

NicholasZx said...

they really sot jor