Wednesday, May 28, 2008


this post is for ms, thanks for the stuffs you gave back to me and a million thanks for the contract, which i had an agreement with you. lol

flashbacks of me and ms were in my dreams last night, maybe it's because i read something on the internet that made me dreamt, stupid it was, i was back with her, and of course, how could i have cheated on my wife right?

so it was only a dream, a mere dream that, i see myself in that dream as s, trying to take away ms from me, i was like, what the fuck, but the dream kept on playing, whoa, i'm like eating my own medicine, this is shit, yeah, what you have done will haunt you for life.

well, if it's not you it's me, hey people, i'm just trying to write down what i've dreamt of. nothing should be taken seriously in this blog.

then, maybe la, this is what i think, i've got to write this down for me myself to remember. and i need my friends to remind me of what mistake i've made, but of course in the end, it's still back to ground zero.

people forget and lost their path in the middle of the road. and i wonder, am i really getting old? becoming ah pek liao? or i forget really fast? the good comes with the bad, yea, getting over it was easy as forgetting is really easy for me, but it wasn't good with the exams.

but at times, even though the exams have passed a long time ago, that memory sometimes pops up in my mind, i was like, what the hell was that? that formula just popped out of my brains or that idea just happened to rewind itself?

what the hell am i writing?


i am faithful to you my new wife. as i am as loving as caring i can be to you.


the post above was only for entertainment purposes, the characters are classified as the names were only there to protect the innocent.

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