Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today whole day damn bei la
go to class at 8
went back home at 10
because some stupid car blocked gao me
then i call gao the fella
damn gao pik chik
waited for 20 minutes
then i send gao him a message
what gave you the right to waste my time?
then went home wanted to on9
xps couldn't turn on
then use n95 to go on9 to look for the number
the bloddy website so damn gao alot of things,
also dont know where to find the number
then found
transfer to 3 places
okay, after that go back to college at 2
and it started raining, what a great day
went there, lecture starts at 230
ends at 4pm
without any tips given
going back home that time, rain again
phone no battery
didnt get to talk to
more pik chik

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mid & End of October 2009 Edits

How's the song? The picture above are those who came for my birthday party, 22nd one. Yea, it was really pretty simple, what do you expect for a student? It was a real last minute work again, it did not rain that day, and my grandma cooked, my friends loved her food. And I'm seriously proud of having her as my grandma. My grandpa did some little sponsor for the beer.. hehehe.. it was just carlsberg though, it was more than enough for what they have done for me for all these years.

My 2nd uncle and my dad having breakfast in Bangsar Nature's Cafe. Vegetarian Dim sum with my grandma as well. Life it is at their mid point check. To reach the mid point, one must keep it up from the start. You guys are my inspiration.

The naughty one, creative, intelligent, but mischievous. Sometimes whatever he is doing in PJ reminds me of what I have been doing when I was small. Many ideas, but was often stopped by alot of people from achieving it.

The tea break during the Saturday meeting.

Good day and Goodnight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Write

because it has been so many years I've been asking myself this question, what is my purpose here in this earth? and what do I serve as a human being, well, not a human being though, the people around me, what and how am I to serve these people. 1st degree friends, 2nd degree and so on, then my family members, what role do I play in this family, in this big family, in this community, in Malaysia, in SouthEast Asia, in Asia, in this world.

I know I am somebody, and I am bigger than this person who I see in myself. For whatever is given in front of me, and is being prepared for me, I shall bring these things of great use, to contribute to whatever challenges that lies ahead of me. In this "I Write" post, I know life isn't that complicated but life is also full of surprises.


One of my close friend reminded me, 3 of my close friends reminded me as well, 2 of my family members reminded me on the other hand as well. Reminding me to look into myself, there were not answers given by them but questions for me to ask myself. And it was of great help, all I need was not answers but questions.

One will succeed if he keeps questioning himself and not explaining the answers of the questions himself which is by justifying the words in his lines. As every seconds past, I travel from PJ to Cheras, giving me enough time to think again after for so long, what is my purpose here.

Good day and Goodnight People

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Year 2009's October 7th

Actually, no matter where you are in the world ar. A Lamer, will always be a Lamer. What I actually want to say is well, it can be done no matter the distance. ANYWAY!! Check out the VIDEO on facebook if you see this post at 12am on the 7th of October 2009.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

(I Do Not Want To Name This Post)

Well.. Well..

October's 1st post.. starting today with a post after I have finished my assignment on Internet Marketing. Woke up 4am in the morning because of the effect of sleeping at 730pm last night, just right after Malaysia had an earthquake. Although I did not hear it, but it was all over facebook. I think it's because like what MS would say, these people have status update anxiety, so does blogging mean status update anxiety?


I think blogging is something more like writing your diary, but it's a diary that everyone could read, no need hiding it in the drawer though. Guess what, your future employers might be reading your blog right now though. Well, it's October, my month, and a month for a few of my close friends and family, I have 2 cousins borned in the month of October, so 3 libras in the family. But wait again, my big brother's wife, my dai sou, borned on the same day like mine as well, October. And of course, my mom, one day before mine.


What's all these birthdays about? Celebrating you yourself finishing another year just like that. My family doesn't really bother about birthdays you know? LOL, so it doesn't really have an effect on me, but then again, it was the lamers that celebrated with me ever since form 5 eh? Although yeah, sometimes I do get some birthday cakes from my mom and of course, a brand new Pilot Pen. I prefer those pens with all in one where you get all sorts of colors in one pen. It never fails to amaze me.


The month of the libra. Talking about personalities, I would actually judge myself as a calm person, but as for these few days, the lamers commented me on being a controller, always wanting things to be on my way. I somehow do agree to that extent, maybe part of it. Even wanting to control the results I want for the personality test. LOL.


What will life be in front of me. Whatever then, going to end the post right here. It's freaking hot outside, well, global warming is on its way. Whatever it is, just be prepared for the worst. God bless everyone.

Good day and Goodnight.