Monday, October 12, 2009

I Write

because it has been so many years I've been asking myself this question, what is my purpose here in this earth? and what do I serve as a human being, well, not a human being though, the people around me, what and how am I to serve these people. 1st degree friends, 2nd degree and so on, then my family members, what role do I play in this family, in this big family, in this community, in Malaysia, in SouthEast Asia, in Asia, in this world.

I know I am somebody, and I am bigger than this person who I see in myself. For whatever is given in front of me, and is being prepared for me, I shall bring these things of great use, to contribute to whatever challenges that lies ahead of me. In this "I Write" post, I know life isn't that complicated but life is also full of surprises.


One of my close friend reminded me, 3 of my close friends reminded me as well, 2 of my family members reminded me on the other hand as well. Reminding me to look into myself, there were not answers given by them but questions for me to ask myself. And it was of great help, all I need was not answers but questions.

One will succeed if he keeps questioning himself and not explaining the answers of the questions himself which is by justifying the words in his lines. As every seconds past, I travel from PJ to Cheras, giving me enough time to think again after for so long, what is my purpose here.

Good day and Goodnight People

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