Monday, December 31, 2007


On new year's eve, i've decided to go into the jungle for a ride with my dad.. And man, the hill roads are 45 degrees and approximately about 50 degrees.. The N95 accelerometer tells me the degrees.. that's why i know..

A view inside the forest, picture taken on a toyota hilux 4x4 with an N95..

When i'm out of the car, i've decided to take a shot from a human's view..
Where the trees are seriously freaking tall..
And there you have, a trackter to clear up the roads.. Machines are definitely powerful..

That darker orange vehicle has only one hand, and mind you, it can handle the timbers with ease.. The lighter one transports the logs to the port (the place where i'm working at currently)

Bald Lands, waiting for replantation of new trees, a more organised way as the hills are devided into parts, and i think we're gonna plant palm oil trees.. $$$

End of slides.. time to sing some K!!
Bye bye.. pssss... i'm in KL now.. hehe.. just for one day.. reached at 1130pm
Good day, Goodnight and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 29, 2007

6 Days

this 6 days, was really tiring, but then, i enjoyed myself, working really keeps my thoughts to myself, seriously, i think without work, i would be crazy and thinking myself to tanjong rambutan, one thing ar, my n95 saved my life, to the max.. haha.. training for mahjong now, who want to challenge me during CNY, come to my house, show me the money.. hahahahaha...

清一色 对对糊
not bad eh.. finally i showed the computers some color..


man, it was definitely cloudy on tuesday and wednesday, but it was really fucking hot on thursday, friday and saturday.. i dressed myself up in long sleeves, working gloves, long pants, a straw hat and a towel to cover my face from the dust.. it was really hot in there.. psss..... lol.. but then yeah, it keeps me from dehydrating myself if i were to expose myself to the sun..

it doesn't matter how much water you drink when you expose urself to the sun, you'll eventually get dehyedrated by the end of the day and then follow up my a fever and so on.. well, just to let you guys know why the desert fellas wrapped themselves up like they should be wrapping themselves up in that clothing during winter..


good day and goodnight people..

hopefully, it rains tonight.. hahaha..

Monday, December 24, 2007

自欺欺人 - 方力申/傅颖 (Theresa@Cookies)

守得了秘密还不安心 原谅我
不懂得再怎么扮幸运 原谅我
知感情完了 扮未发生

想开口又沉默 想分手 又难受
终于都 欺骗你欺骗我感受
还道歉 说我会补救
对你说谎 表演够不够?

每一次 都装出我好意
担心得我一个 呆坐到六时
别妄想你都讲过 别懒惰 要说清楚
看 我们正对峙
懦弱地逃避了事 敷衍都算关注

不想等是时候 不想拖是时候
真不想 欺骗你欺骗我感受
诚实说 我爱你不够

我想试 始终不敢乱试
担心得你一个 呆坐到六时
别懒惰 要说清楚
看 我们正对峙 
懦弱地逃避了事 敷衍都算关注 

这次 我曾发誓对你好
愿做你好友 减低一点内疚
真心话 我跟你无谓再逗留
别懒惰 要说清楚
既决定了告辞 别冒昧来电救治

又再诈骗 不要 
不要 留下次处置

Sunday, December 23, 2007


他妈的!is what i just have got to say.. Slept at 2am, woke up at 5am, very unwilling to wake up but i just have got to. To meet my parent's expectation and all my relative's expectation, i strive myself to be my best, to be responsible, and most of all, to be rich ard. Lol..




Thursday, December 20, 2007

Building Sand Castles

well.. what do i mean by that title har..
you see, it's a metaphor, building a sand castle,
a sand castle is very weak and is prone to the waves, therefore, it must be supported by many things in life..

a sand castle is like a relationship, therefore, it's how you build it, what props do you use? spannars or spades? do you build from scratch? do you build it with your love one? or do you infiltrate other people's castle? crush them up and intend to build it up again with the snatched? do you build 2 sand castles at one go? or a few at a go?

the most steadied sand castle is built from scratch, where there are machines, friends, family, and other items to beautify the castle, to make it steady, it's how you control and how you manage your castle.. isn't it true? flowers are there to decorate the castle..


gifts are there to make up the space, and there is always place for more.. there is no such thing as enough or full.. friends and family help you build the castle, they can make it happen.. they help you by pilling up more sand, or they too help you build barriers to defend the waves..

the more homework you do with your sand castle the more steady it'll stay, it might fall one day but it'll be then for you to decide whether to bring this castle into a new stage, which is to build a concrete house..

like they say, without homework and without the neccessary materials, even the concrete house will fall, vulnerable to the sounds of the wind, falls just like a pile of wooden sticks.. the process of building sand castle sometimes requires experience and knowledge from other people, but the end result is still yours..

sometimes it is and it is not for you to decide on how strong will the castle stand.. well.. a crushed castle can't be replaced by using super glue.. why? it'll fall again one day, other people know where are the weaknesses to that castle..

guarding the sand castle isn't as easy as it seems, the beautier the castle is, the jealousy and greed leads other beings to the castle, thess are why there are war in the 1st place.. leaving the castle long enough will then eventually be washed away by the waves, following the water into the ocean, mixing up just like another pile of sand, not standing out from the other sand.. in which i call it the sands of time..


to you people who know and who dont know what the sand castle meant? imagine abit.. =) it's fun to know what the metaphor means.. good luck have fun reading..

good day and good night..


Monday, December 17, 2007

Tired Shit

it's cool today.. dragged the cousins out for some life.. not to stick infront of the computer for long.. even their mom sounded them.. chased them out of the house.. as in.. asked them to follow me and 4 siew out.. lol.. and we went to lost world of tambun..

at 1st.. we were happy because we say.. finally.. not just facing the idiot box anymore.. lol

but in the end.. we were like.. very stone ar.. okay.. 1st of all.. it was just the river.. u know the one like in sunway lagoon.. where it's a long stretch.. u need to rent the 2 sitter float for 10 bucks .. i say:" fark it.., let's forget about it.." but then we reached the slides.. where you go up the hill.. and then u rushed down.. that one is free.. there's only 2 types of the slide.. well.. that was fun.. but it's only 2!!!!

tickets RM22.90 adult
locker Rm6.00 all day locker
video recording RMxx.xx
the fun with cousins Priceless
the memory of the lost world.. chicken rice!

the dog's name is angel..

Nice game played!!

arsenal and chealsea definitely are professional footballers.. unlike man u and liverpool, this game is more organized, more strategically played.. the goal scored by arsenal is worth the point.. well.. although man u and liverpool played their game, i think they're like a swarm of bees.. or flies.. lol.. all gathering around at one spot.. the balls flies in every direction.. and it's like theres a few kung fu kicks in the match.. lol..

well.. not all my family members didnt know i broke up with ms till now, everyone was really shocked! even my dad says :" no! that's impossible.." lol.. then i told my 2nd uncle the whole story, he was too shocked! well.. that's the story la.. i told my 2nd aunt too.. she says:" don't lie to my low hui chuan.. that's impossible.." lol.. hey people, what's impossible? there's no such word in my dictionary..

anyway, it has been a week after the break up, i'm doing fine here in ipoh, enjoying my time in penang, working my way to the foot steps of taking over the company in the future.. this break up definitely opens up my possible ways to success, yeah that's right, without money, i can't live. that also means that i can't live without money.. i find myself happier now, alone.


nite people..

Saturday, December 15, 2007


This Blog Post will be edited from time to time during these few days.. so.. it wont be a complete version as there are still lots of things missing out from this post..

mm dim.. pai seh pai seh.. today ym's mom asked for me and my cousin brother's name card.. mm dim.. pai seh.. the company didn't prepare one for us.. so from Monday onwards.. it's a proposal to the company, which is very important, a thing that i have learned when i was up in Ipoh, Gerik, and Penang.

people people.. this is life.. this is my life.. this is really fun.. although it's only 6 hours tour in Penang.. but that's enough.. but then we we're like.. going to a few places just for food within 4 hours.. okay.. lol..

okay.. 1st.. we were suppose to be heading for the food fest in penang.. but then.. when we reach the food fest.. as in when we reach the convention hall.. it aint food fair.. it was career fair.. lol.. zha dou.. we're like very hungry already.. then when we walked in.. er.. where's the food??

infront of cititel.. you have..

along the way, looking for our 1st place to eat.. here we are.. passing by a hak dim! Hak Dim [a cantonese word which means black shop; direct translation, this name actually mean all the vices human beings have in the shop which includes: gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, and all those bad things which you can think of]

the picture above loooks gay; he is my 4th brother..! always backing up each other.. all the way up to penang from gerik, thanks bro!

i know all of you can't see the sea from the car.. sorry lar.. the light is too bright.. didn't adjust it.. hehe.. okay, this girl here.. is YM! a very close friend, who stays in kl but her hometown is in Penang, well, in Butterworth.. that means it's not on the island.. who does not go to the island often.. only sticks at her grandparent's place in Butterworth.. yesterday morning, which is Saturday morning.. i have planned to go up to Penang, which by luck, i caught her who happened to be back Penang to visit her grandma.. lol.. with my cousin brother and her cousin brothers, we went out for like 4 hours.. lol.. now meet the families.. thanks to Pei Yi.. who drove us around, to find the best food, the best Laksa, the best Chendul, the best Oh Zian.. my goodness.. it is damn nice seriously.. then we went to buy "tau sar bia" (chinese aroma biscuit) [without this biscuit, you have not visit Penang, therefore, it is a must, the social prove, that you have made it there]

satu orang satu packet tau sar pia.. =)


picture above.. well.. i think i read it somewhere that this is some kind of tourist attraction.. not bad of a idea.. it's cooler than those Japanese restaurants where they let u sit on the bamboo thing on the floor har?
on the way to the second Chendul.. we saw this.. lol.. ym was like.. :"WTH!! ni kan ta men zai zuo she me!!"


the 1st place.. a kopitiam.. it all looks the same but it is the one next to the new world restaurant.. the laksa is damn umph!! mou dak deng.. the other food there..

okok only.. the 2nd place.. we went to the roadside stall in like er.. don't know where.. i think it's near the KOMTAR complex.. the Chendul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UMPH!!!! the 1st sip of the Chendul.. walao eh.. cannot be compared to the rest i have drank in my life... the ss15 one can only come in second.. lol..

ending the trip with a 4 person hap jiu! ym's cousin brother drove us for 4 hours.. straight.. he's good in "directions" and places to eat (well.. ym says places to eat, i agree too.. lol.. directions failed abit.. hehe.. pai seh pai seh..) well.. looking forward to go to club in Penang.. something like the KL heritage row.. it looks cool.. lol.. when you're back in kl and you want to go Genting, call me, lol.. but book me 1st lar.. =)

inside the ferry, man, it's been 10 years since i last land foot on the ferry, now it has a double decker version.. cool.. =) and by the way, the Peugeot is definitely cool.. an MPV to transport us around.. comfortable..


all pictures above are taken on my nokia N95, 4gb micro sd card.
photographers, the 4 of us.. lol..

videos to cure the boredom.. =)

candid shot.. hehehe... 4 stonners..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's been a freaking long day..

My goodness.. yes.. again.. my favourite line.. my goodness.. guess what time did i woke up today.. if your answer is 630, you're wrong.. lol.. just jk.. i woke up around 640.. then headed to gerik (the place where my family factory is located FYI), which i was staying at sungai siput, somewhere 30 minutes drive from ipoh, where it's also the place where samy value was borned and grown up..

it's again a very tiring but challenging day.. i get to do more now, didn't know why.. but my father seem to start giving me stuffs that i use to tought it was for adults and not kids like me.. skipped the port (the place where they call and where they store the logs before uploading them into the trailers)

i just finished work at 930pm.. whao.. it was really very tiring after i took my warm bath.. didnt feel the hunger in my stomach because i was so busy concerntrating on the work.. you've got to be fast and accurate.. it's the feeling where the olden days where they say :"free to die but not free to fall sick" a cantonese quote..


i'm sleepy now people.. goodnight and goodday..

to the heirs of the business.. may we succeed in bringing this business to sky high limits..


hey, everyone was stoned when i told them i had a breakup.. lol.. yeah.. duh~
but hey, it's always like that.. so no fear people.. i'm fine.. thank you all for being there for me whenever i'm in need..


okay.. back to the flies.. damn.. they're seriously annoying.. and damn again... look for yourself la.. damn.. disgusting right.. but i know they like the heat from the car.. that's why they stick on to it..


for more about my life.. give me a call.. let's go out and have tea my friends.. =)
okay.. my brother bought wow (world of warcraft original cd); it cost him 300 bucks.. guess what.. i've told him.. only rich kids play this game.. and then his answer was.. :"i'm rich, so i play, you don't play.." that's what he told me.. total sweat for all my cousins who hear this remark.. lol.. oh ya.. if you're married and you're having a 3 year old child.. read this book.. money doesn't grow on trees.. my Neale S. Godfrey.. it's nice..

looking forward to cross the borders, Bali, Korea and Australia's trip.. damn.. i'm gonna shop.. till there's nothing more i need to buy.. okay for now.. i'm going to sleep..

good day and goodnight people.

Monday, December 10, 2007


the journey together with you has been great, and i thank you for all the things you've done for me.. all the best in your studies and remember what I've told you.. including all the small little things that may seem less important or not important to you as well..

good day and goodnight.. heading to ipoh now..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

What a day in KL..

2 hot chiqs.. when one is ms and the other one is Caphy.. if i spell your name wrongly please correct me.. lol..

well.. i was at ms's place in the morning.. ate my favourite curry mee.. loved the si ham.. and the chicken.. what more to say i love the taufu pok.. added with my favourite kuay teow.. yummy... =) satisfying..

later that i went back to pj to fetch my sis.. then went back down to cheras.. fetched her to kumon.. sat down and blogged the last 2 posts.. and then i watched rich kids.. the rich and famous lifestyle "some" of the rich kids spend their money, their time and their life.. it's full of drugs.. sex.. clubs.. money.. and what more to say about alcohol and ciggarates..

later that.. i went out with my cousins..

cheers~ it has been a long time since we've sit down in a bunch of people and talk.. feast.. and blow water.. haha.. not blowing water actually.. it's just jokes.. and life experiences from different perspective of our lives.. although diversified.. but we're all under one surname, the Low..

and guess what again.. i've bought a 4gb micro SD card, high speed class 4 for RM142 in today's pc fair.. viewnet's the company name.. and then.. it has a lifetime warranty plus it's the cheapest i've found in PC hair.. remember.. it's high speed.. so.. i'm happy now.. 30 dramas and movies can be uploaded into my phone.. yeah..~~ no more boring ipoh.. lol.. my expected price was like 200 bucks.. so.. saved about alot..


and then i went down to bukit jalil.. i was tired so i did not really enjoy the cars.. but i like their basses.. very ummph.. makes my heart thumping.. all cars are very cool.. even the oldest car.. they are also able to pimp it.. i hope i will do something like that to my grandpa's volks.. lol..


the girls there.. are.. sexy.. the cars there are superb.. how i wish i will have the cash to pimp my own car.. but then.. i will then allocate my cash to assets.. not liabilities if you business people know what i'm talking about.. lol.. my target is the lamborghini..

model search.. which is.. they're like dancing.. in a club.. when they're being watched.. credits to their courage.. skirts and skimpy clothes..

out of those 5 pictues.. i prefer the last one.. lol.. don't know why.. i'm so into their VIP cars.. very luxurious.. and the promoters of the luxury cars has those classy style..


I just love those BMWs and those Super Cars.. they look very glamorous.. stylish.. and most of them all.. luxurious.. real leather by LV for the side of the cars.. surround sound systems of the best quality sound with PS3 install in the car, a dashboard for you to put your laptop and a mini bar where you can prepare your own drinks.. chandelliers of the most beautiful hanging from above the interior car lighting..


time to sleep.. good day and good night.. =)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Flying without Wings..

they are there and they have wings.. they do not buzz like the sounds of a bee.. they just irritate you with that.. bzzzzz...bzzzz... my goodness.. guess what are they.. they are flies..

one fly is nothing.. but flies.. and when they're many of them.. and even when you eat your lunch there, they tend to do nothing but enjoy the meal with you.. it was an eye opening for me because i have never in my life seen so many flies gathering around.. except in the movies of course..


it's somehow funny when u hear the "smack sound.."


so i have recorded a video of the flies i've worked with.. irritating me as i walked around.. worked around..

my cousin brother gave the stick a name..

guess what.. he calls it "satay lalat"..

1. Stick of any length ur choice
2. Glue e.g. uhu glue or super glue

i hope this stick does not spoil your meal when you eat satay next time.. lol


on the way back to kl from gerik.. the weather is cold.. very cold.. it's not cool.. it's cold i say again.. the rain enables me to get back to kl for my grandma's bd.. or else i'll be stickin with the flies and the sun.. lol..

not a day to waste in kl..

Goodday to everyone.. and Goodnight to late readers.. =)

stupid me

Don't pretend you're sorry
I know you're not
You know you got the power
To make me weak inside
Girl you leave me breathless
But it's okay 'cause
You are my survival
Now hear me say
I can't imagine life
Without your love
Even forever don't seem
Like long enough

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

Maybe I'm a drifter
Maybe not
'Cause I have known the safety
Of floating freely
In your arms
I don't need another lifeline
It's not for me
'Cause only you can save me
Oh can't you see
I can't imagine life
Without your love
And even forever don't seem
Like long enough

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

Go on and pull me under
Cover me with dreams, yeah
Love me mouth to mouth now
You know I can't resist
'Cause you're the air
That I breathe

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
And baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning your love

Baby I can't help it
Keep me drowning
In your love
I keep drowning
In your love
Baby I can't help it
Can't help it no, no

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

never been so happy to..

see my dad.. Yes.. If my close friends who know me well, they will know some parts of the story.. But yes.. My dad came up to sg siput today.. It's like you're seeing the king and you're that peasant..

We really had a long chat and i know he really likes me to get involve in the timber industry.. And he talks about the wood like i talk about symbian phones.. Lol..

Then i tell him.. If i want to reach his stage of professionalism.. I'll have to learn about 10 years.. And after that it's still learning.. Duh~ (learning about symbian is not like i'll stop at n95 right?)


Boring section:

Today's working hour.. Wake up 6am, work until 1130am, eat for 15 minutes, continue to work, work until 6pm, dinner until 830pm, caught up with tmrw's news till 9pm, blog and check mail..


Time to sleep.. Goodnight malaysia.. Tmrw's another new day!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

saved by the neighbour's wireless network

people people.. Tuning into richard's ipoh fm.. Life here is definitely more chill.. Calm.. Serenity.. And i think not anyone can handle this like me, lol.. Not everyone can survive without a computer, except ah kam, well.. He didn't have a choice that time, but now i have, i can choose to go back to my comfort zone, where i take everything, now i feel the pain where i can't take money when i'm zero.

Well.. At some point it's really hard because i can get money when i want. Not alot of them but money to keep me survive. Here in ipoh, i have to support every meal on my own, even when you go to the cyber cafe you'll have to think twice.. BUT! ONE THING'S FOR SURE.. The food here.. Own the utar economic rice, 4 dish for 2.80(student price). Here.. I get 2.80 also.. But the dish are definitely cheaper.. And it's to everyone..


Okok.. Yea yea.. The cost of living in kl is higher.. How can i not know right? So.. One of my plans is to move to the east coast.. Where timber license are given out at 10s of thousand hectors.. Not like ipoh.. They're only thousand.. So noob.. Lol..

And my other plan.. To develop the lands after the trees are trimmed from the grounds.. Lol again.. Haha..


Okay.. So now i miss my baby until i've dreamt of her.. People say you wont appreciate things until they're gone.. So true.. So guys and girls.. Treasure your parents when they're here.. Not only your parents la of course.. Your family members..

What i've learnt from my parents is that siblings are the backbone of the company.. 10 chopsticks are not easy to be broken if not one.. You get what i mean don't you? It's what that keeps the family running.. Although i can feel that ah ma is really and super important to all of us. Duh~


Wireless network disconnected.. Good day to early birds.. goodnight to sleepless birds.. Goodluck to exam birds..
goodbye to kl..

Monday, December 03, 2007


wasssup people..

wanna know what's life in ipoh?
well.. last few years it was not very developed.. can't go out look for stuffs to do and to eat and stuffs.. lol.. and i still haven't acquire my license to drive.. but now.. 3 years after i've got my license to drive.. it has been the time that i live out alone.. although not completely alone but it is considered alone as well.. not having any guardians around me for like.. it's going to be a week..

yeah.. so what? i'm like that too isn't it when i'm in kl? i don't think so.. although i'm here with my cousin brother, i still feel like i'm not at home.. not my grandparents, not my parents.. i have to wash my own clothes.. lol.. with the help of the washing machine of course.. gonna eat out.. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. so i now er.. kinda feel what it's like to be out of kl.. and i hope during this period of time, i will learn to be more independant..


TBC.. gonna go back to hang my clothes.. ciao

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Definition of Gan Jongness!

1 day before going to gerik!!

Gan Jong!! what do i need now.. and what do i want now..

what is gan jong? credits to the creator of gan jong, (KJX).
gan jong is actually a cantonese word which means nervous, and the correct pronounciation is "gan jiong". According to my memory (lol..), they took away the "i" because it's actually very time wasting.. imagine how many "I s" have you type because of the word gan jiong.. even your fingers are like.. so kek.. want to turn from the "o" to the "i"
-stories have been remixed to protect the innocent-


1. SunBlock Lotions
2. Long Sleeves
3. Long Pants
4. Loads of Socks
5. Loads of Pictures to pass time
6. Loads of games in my N95 to kill time
7. Loads of movies in my N95
8. and.. TBC

1. a 4gb micro sd card
2. to know whether is marketing or accounting or finance i'm to be in
3. to get rich
4. a lamborghini
5. to look for himself
6. to have time-off holidays
7. to go to UQ
8. to travel around the globe to everywhere there are human beings
9. still growing.. TBC

well well well.. so richard is not going to be in KL for 3 months.. woohoo~~ celebration.. anyway, i'm off to a journey to grow! thinking and to enter the Social University and have a taste of the hardwork which is always outside of my life..

money is not easy for a businessman.. and i'm very sure that's true.. developing a future with PTC.. well.. i don't know man.. my dreams are often stopped at some point, but they will not stop me from growing even bigger ones..

"one should never stop dreaming"

MAFIA INC (Catholic High), back then, i dreamt of getting this inc worldwide no matter how many years it take.. well.. no one has the vision i had, so it's no point going there alone, it takes time, money, and effort to develop a great project.


Ms's friend leonard, although he looks noob at the 1st impression (i didnt say that k), but he has been doing something which inspires me, a charity project under the name
Pack the Floor for 24. do check it out, at least if you're not going for the event, donate for the kids, it's Rm35 per ticket, so.. if you've have not been doing some charity work.. or you've been lazy to get out of your house, helping other people, i would suggest you do yourself and other people some good..


contact : for more information


i'm so going to chop down the trees.. wahahahahahaha..
end of the post in pj for the week, might be blogging with my hp..
dont stop from returning to this blog people.. =)

end of the post, goodday to you people and goodnight!

Saturday, December 01, 2007



1st of all.. STUPID ADP!! nono.. STUPID HELP!!
if you want the students to bring the dockets into the exam hall.. can you all like please.. make it everytime you check the dockets and not once in a blue moon.. that is so lame..

so what's it's my own fault that i didnt bring the docket? i blame myself but i freaking wanna blame you too.. system cha! system zha! system mm dak ding ar! sao pei.. mm dim.. staff dont know how to use fax machine.. my goodness!! and you charge me 2 bucks for that stupid paper.. but it didnt stop there..

i went all the way to main block.. luckily there's a girl who parked the car infront of HP parking.. or else.. i sure GG u HELP! want to make me fail is it? want to earn my 1.1k is it? next century please!


well.. cut the anger.. it's not worth it anyway.. haha.. and luckily your mc100 is easy.. and thanks to the tips by chee horn.. credits to him because he was the one that pass me the tips.. =)

well well well.. i didn't study until this morning.. haha... 5 hours before exam.. wahahahaha... still laughing now.. lol.. heng dek.. what i need now is holiday.. 1 year of stress.. well.. not so stress.. like the lls101 says, "nothing to do or doing lesser than the usual is as stressful as having alot to do.."

totally true dont you people agree?


things i did one day before MC100
WARNING: [it's boring unless you really want to find out what did i do in this section of the post]

1. Wake up in the morning (friday 30th of November 2007)
2. Walk
3. Sit
4. Walk...... lol... just jk..

okay here goes.. woke up at 11am, stone around, read one page of the chapter 18 notes, loaf around in my grandpa's house, watch george play dota [naix], wait for ms to reach, took my bath, send ms down to cheras for job interview in leisure mall starbucks, went to bread story, bought 5 bucks worth of bread.

went to starbucks, sat down, didnt order anything to drink, checked out the movie screening time alone, went back to starbucks sat down again, turn on msn messenger on my N95 [yes, i'm able to go online on my phone FYI], wait for ms and then went to bought tickets to enchanted,

went back to pj at 7pm, ate crab with bread and rice.. damn nice.. yummy yummy!! =) finished my dinner at 830.. studied for half an hour.. went downstairs to join my brother's party at 9pm, drink skol, sit until 11pm, went out to ms's place because george say his friends were like staying over.. okay.. and then i fell asleep..

woke up at 550.. went home started studying.. lol.. and that's how i came to the revision part anyway..


anyway.. enchanted is really nice.. reminds me of the disney cartoons i use to watch when i was a little kid.. having to understand more on what it means when i grew up.. it's all full of metaphors and similies.. well about enchanted.. i like when the girl sings.. lol.. arrrrhahahahahaha.... lol.. damn zha dou when they're like all those drainage rats, pigeons, cockroaches and flies.. lol.. well yeah.. these pests are what we dislike in our everyday lifes..

it's true that the movie projects what's the not happy ending in the real world..

you know sony erricson's or sony's shakin' thing and then it'll change tracks right??

and yes.. if you've been following my posts.. you'll know what i'm talking about by now...

THE N95 is able to shake and change the music man!!!!!!!!!! it's so.. like.... argh!!! all in one.. wahahahahahahahahahahha

i'll end here..
goodday to everyone and goodnight.. =)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

End of Macro

the end of macroeconomics.. it's a end of the gan jongness..

not too bad actually.. feel i did quite well as i've managed to finished the questions before hand and i've managed to double check them..

well.. ms told me about substance abuse.. some pyschology subject.. which is all about abusing drugs and all those stuffs..


so.. caffine.. is consider as a drug.. and it's so for nicotine..

for long term usage of these drugs they are depressent.. which of course.. they make u sad.. down.. and all those negative feelings would come after you.. haunt after you.. making you unable to fall asleep.. turning ur brain on and therefore triggers your thoughts..

in which of course again.. makes you sleepless..

well.. i do not take caffine as hard as ms.. lol.. but i smoke..

not a smoker and i'm too not a social smoker.. i just smoke when i feel like and i quit when i like.. so.. what i'm trying to say here is that i've experienced that just one stick of ciggarate will make you feel down, triggers your thoughts..

the 2nd one sucks the oxygen out of your brain, thus making you feel "high", if you don't believe me, the reason for ur "highness" is because you are not breathing in oxygen, try breathing smoothly again and there you can regain your conciousness.. lol..

the 3rd stick in 30 minutes for a non-smoker will definitely... ...


so now.. i'm back home.. sitting there with my N95.. yes.. again.. surfing those sites that i've missed out ever since is gone.. still don't know what happened to them (might be lawsuits or else facing termination due to unable to pay the bandwith[bytes they store on their website;e.g.the files and photos they have])

hereinafter (thanks to macro writing until now i also thus, hence.. and bla bla...) i've found another discovery on the n95..

the n95 yes.. is able to act as a remote control through infrared.. well.. yes you've heard of that..

the n95 is able to act as a remote control to your powerpoint presentation slides.. "whao.. so new.." it's old actually..

the n95 is able to rotate without touching anything on the phone.. for example you twitch and turn the phone to control your music player, your racing games, your snake.. bla bla.. that's like yesterday.. (cause i've found something new lar.. lol)

so now.. the n95 is able to control a remote control car..

HOW~? well.. i think lar.. that's what i think.. the n95 uses the radio wave signals.. oo.. something new har.. lol.. okay.. ShakerRacer that's the name.. you can view it in youtube..


so now my brother's back home.. he just finished his spm and yeah.. what's the 1st thing you'll do after spm? well.. william dyed his hair.. yin mei went home to sleep.. ah kam me and way went to cc and play gao gao.. ms.. i dont know what she do.. lol.. maybe go out yam cha gua that time.. not so close with her.. haha..

or maybe i'm wrong.. i should say all the 5p3s were like.. went home, and then went to restaurant telipon.. dulan.. never.. ever.. go to that place.. imagine what it's like 5 people can kena food poisoning the next day.. lol.. ym, me, zhi xin, wan wen.. and i think liangko also kena..

okay.. back to my brother's hair.. it's gold.. pure gold.. i can trim it and i can sell it.. lol..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

30 reasons Malaysia is better than Singapore

1. Malaysia has royal families who get benefits.
2. Malaysians have the "roti" men to bring us bread.
3. Malaysian drivers are infinitely more x-treme than any other country's drivers (especially Singaporean drivers)
4. Malaysian drivers are allowed to U-turn anywhere, even when there is a "No U-turn" sign.
5. Malaysia has about 10,000 times more daredevil motorcyclists than The Entire World.
6. Food is cheaper and nicer in Malaysia.
7. Malaysia has the "old newspaper" guys.
8. Malaysia has the "tilam lama" guys.
9. Roti canai is nicer in Malaysia than in Singapore and other places.
10. Malaysian cencorship rules ensure healthy uncorrupt youth.
11. Trying to get a taxi is infinitely more exciting in Malaysia because of their unpredictability.
12. Malaysians are nicer than Singaporeans.
13. Malaysia is made up of two land masses, while Singapore has only one.
14. Malaysia is bigger than Singapore.
15. Malaysia has "Akademi Fantasi...".
16. In Malaysia, the Parkson store is permanently in "The Grand Sale" mode.
17. "Rendang" is easy to find in Malaysia.
18. "Rendang" cheap in Malaysia.
19. Malaysian taxi drivers have a 1 in 3 chance of having very interesting and/or provocative views on life.
20. Malaysian weather is the best in the world.
21. The Malaysian "Ringgit" is totally original, not like Singapore's dollar.
22. Malaysian mamak give you good food for good price! (without any of that "hygene-guarentee" nonsense)
23. Malaysia airlines is very nice.
24. Malaysia has a car named after a mousedeer (its a small car!).
25. Driving in general is more exciting in Malaysia because of the unpredictable appearances of motorcyclists.
26. Malaysia has three of the tallest towers in the world.
27. Singapore buys water from Malaysia.
28. Pak Lah is cooler than Lee Kuan Yew.
29. If you count the colour frequency of the Malaysian flags in order backwards, it spells BEST IN THE WORLD.
30. I live in Malaysia.

Lol.. was browsing through adam's garden, then i found this.. lol.. true true..

One Week from Now

What others promise to give you, I might not give it to you now but I'll do what it takes to get it.
You've seen it, but you've doubted it.
You're clear, but you choose to confuse yourself.
I'm always there for you, but you told others that i'm the one that always want to be sticky.
Worrying about things that you do might be stupid meant being too jealous, over protected for you.
If that's what you want, you can have it.
Promises sounds so sweet when you hear it, but it's a C4, waiting to explode.
Criticisms may look like a knife pushing you towards the edge, but the edge meant a new start of a new way to life.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What are the Distances?

Google Image Above


Nokia N95, 610pm, 22nd November 2007, Way's FrontYard

The "Chicken Head" (Prescribed by my lil sis) & my sexy girl..

What are your dreams?

What are your ambitions?

Who are your friends?

What is your purpose?


Nokia N95, November 22nd 2007, 69 point 7pm.


Nokia N95, Night Portrait Mode, Nov 22nd 2007, 725pm.


Nokia N95, Self Timer Mode, November 22nd 2007, 655pm.

Lamers once again.. So happy.. hehehe..

Snap!!! by MS.. Nokia N95, 22nd November 07,

discussion.. guess what.. it's about my hair.. lol.. most of you who know me would definitely question me.. what the hell did u do with ur hair.. haha.. you're not suitable for a bad boy look okay.. my answer to that question is :" blame the hairstylist for reconmending that i'll look fine when the hair grows longer.." so.. as a business student.. i take it as an investment.. again

Nokia N95, my own flash light flash me back!!!

Frowning.. not feeling well.. sore throat.. lol.. drink carrot milk ice.. damn chillin'

conclusion ar.. maybe the clouds cover the whole view liao ler.. potong lor.. then i can say is that.. i give it a 3.25 out of a 5 scale for the view lar.. thought it would take a really long time to go up there, but reached very fast liao.. maybe we're all yippy yapping in the car.. lol.. no feel..

still.. not cold enough for me to enjoy the view.. or maybe i just don't like to look at city lights.. still prefer nature.. anyway.. we missed out the sunset.. thanks to the clouds.. but it's definitely another exprience with the lamers.. hahaha...


Thursday, November 22, 2007


Shit.. One more week left before the big day..
screw it anyway.. i'll just have to pass the macro and that's it..
but if i fail it this time.. you guys hear me,
i'm going to stop studying and i'll start looking for a job, screw uni life and i'll go out and get rich asap (as if..)
well okay, i know u guys will tell me to stop whinning here and start reading the text book..

man.. i'm freaking sick now.. my presentation yesterday i was like having fever, stomach ache, headache, sore throat, cough and flu the night before.. (was actually afraid that i can't get up and present).. thank god i'm a little better after a good night sleep and i was able to present..
today is the last day for Leadership and Life Skills and Macroeconomics.. well.. that's the end of my year one short semester.. oh ya.. i've cut my hair.. and my grandma was like.. when she sees me walking pass her everytime, for 8 times, she keeps telling me:" ah chuan.. why you want to cut your hair until like that.. scholars where got cut their hair until like that one.. (all in hokkien)"

and mind you people, 8 times.. in 4 hours.. my mom was chill anyway.. lol.. the next one is my dad.. this weekend.. i think i'll run out of the house again.. lol.. okay.. my plans for the weekend is.. "69 point", gym, fetch my baby to astro.. and.. BAI GUAN STUDY!
then michael from CPU asks:" what get's wet without water? gets bleeding withouth getting injurred and is able to make things hard without bones?" (answers will be in the next post)


When Ah kam was taking a picture of his own because of the succesful hair cut at GC hair studio in leisure mall, KA BOOM!! the tree fell on the kancil.. blocking the whole road.. to the kancil.. my condolences..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What are those?

It has been this crazy ever since then.. the title of this picture was "what are those.."
Nokia 6600, 1.3MP, Year 2005

My School Shoes back in Catholic High, End of SPM. Year 2004
Lumix Panasonic, 6 MP, Year 2004

1, 2, 3, and the award goes to.. SAMMY KAM!! Jx please give out the prizes..
Nokia 6600, 1.3MP, Year 2005


Love is still in the air..
Nokia 6600, 1.3MP: SE K750i, 2MP, Year 2004, 2005, 2006


Leaving the country with Style.. Shanghai 2005

Nokia 6600, 1.3MP, Year 2005