Thursday, December 13, 2007


hey, everyone was stoned when i told them i had a breakup.. lol.. yeah.. duh~
but hey, it's always like that.. so no fear people.. i'm fine.. thank you all for being there for me whenever i'm in need..


okay.. back to the flies.. damn.. they're seriously annoying.. and damn again... look for yourself la.. damn.. disgusting right.. but i know they like the heat from the car.. that's why they stick on to it..


for more about my life.. give me a call.. let's go out and have tea my friends.. =)
okay.. my brother bought wow (world of warcraft original cd); it cost him 300 bucks.. guess what.. i've told him.. only rich kids play this game.. and then his answer was.. :"i'm rich, so i play, you don't play.." that's what he told me.. total sweat for all my cousins who hear this remark.. lol.. oh ya.. if you're married and you're having a 3 year old child.. read this book.. money doesn't grow on trees.. my Neale S. Godfrey.. it's nice..

looking forward to cross the borders, Bali, Korea and Australia's trip.. damn.. i'm gonna shop.. till there's nothing more i need to buy.. okay for now.. i'm going to sleep..

good day and goodnight people.

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