Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's been a freaking long day..

My goodness.. yes.. again.. my favourite line.. my goodness.. guess what time did i woke up today.. if your answer is 630, you're wrong.. lol.. just jk.. i woke up around 640.. then headed to gerik (the place where my family factory is located FYI), which i was staying at sungai siput, somewhere 30 minutes drive from ipoh, where it's also the place where samy value was borned and grown up..

it's again a very tiring but challenging day.. i get to do more now, didn't know why.. but my father seem to start giving me stuffs that i use to tought it was for adults and not kids like me.. skipped the port (the place where they call and where they store the logs before uploading them into the trailers)

i just finished work at 930pm.. whao.. it was really very tiring after i took my warm bath.. didnt feel the hunger in my stomach because i was so busy concerntrating on the work.. you've got to be fast and accurate.. it's the feeling where the olden days where they say :"free to die but not free to fall sick" a cantonese quote..


i'm sleepy now people.. goodnight and goodday..

to the heirs of the business.. may we succeed in bringing this business to sky high limits..

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