Saturday, December 08, 2007

Flying without Wings..

they are there and they have wings.. they do not buzz like the sounds of a bee.. they just irritate you with that.. bzzzzz...bzzzz... my goodness.. guess what are they.. they are flies..

one fly is nothing.. but flies.. and when they're many of them.. and even when you eat your lunch there, they tend to do nothing but enjoy the meal with you.. it was an eye opening for me because i have never in my life seen so many flies gathering around.. except in the movies of course..


it's somehow funny when u hear the "smack sound.."


so i have recorded a video of the flies i've worked with.. irritating me as i walked around.. worked around..

my cousin brother gave the stick a name..

guess what.. he calls it "satay lalat"..

1. Stick of any length ur choice
2. Glue e.g. uhu glue or super glue

i hope this stick does not spoil your meal when you eat satay next time.. lol


on the way back to kl from gerik.. the weather is cold.. very cold.. it's not cool.. it's cold i say again.. the rain enables me to get back to kl for my grandma's bd.. or else i'll be stickin with the flies and the sun.. lol..

not a day to waste in kl..

Goodday to everyone.. and Goodnight to late readers.. =)

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