Saturday, December 15, 2007


This Blog Post will be edited from time to time during these few days.. so.. it wont be a complete version as there are still lots of things missing out from this post..

mm dim.. pai seh pai seh.. today ym's mom asked for me and my cousin brother's name card.. mm dim.. pai seh.. the company didn't prepare one for us.. so from Monday onwards.. it's a proposal to the company, which is very important, a thing that i have learned when i was up in Ipoh, Gerik, and Penang.

people people.. this is life.. this is my life.. this is really fun.. although it's only 6 hours tour in Penang.. but that's enough.. but then we we're like.. going to a few places just for food within 4 hours.. okay.. lol..

okay.. 1st.. we were suppose to be heading for the food fest in penang.. but then.. when we reach the food fest.. as in when we reach the convention hall.. it aint food fair.. it was career fair.. lol.. zha dou.. we're like very hungry already.. then when we walked in.. er.. where's the food??

infront of cititel.. you have..

along the way, looking for our 1st place to eat.. here we are.. passing by a hak dim! Hak Dim [a cantonese word which means black shop; direct translation, this name actually mean all the vices human beings have in the shop which includes: gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, and all those bad things which you can think of]

the picture above loooks gay; he is my 4th brother..! always backing up each other.. all the way up to penang from gerik, thanks bro!

i know all of you can't see the sea from the car.. sorry lar.. the light is too bright.. didn't adjust it.. hehe.. okay, this girl here.. is YM! a very close friend, who stays in kl but her hometown is in Penang, well, in Butterworth.. that means it's not on the island.. who does not go to the island often.. only sticks at her grandparent's place in Butterworth.. yesterday morning, which is Saturday morning.. i have planned to go up to Penang, which by luck, i caught her who happened to be back Penang to visit her grandma.. lol.. with my cousin brother and her cousin brothers, we went out for like 4 hours.. lol.. now meet the families.. thanks to Pei Yi.. who drove us around, to find the best food, the best Laksa, the best Chendul, the best Oh Zian.. my goodness.. it is damn nice seriously.. then we went to buy "tau sar bia" (chinese aroma biscuit) [without this biscuit, you have not visit Penang, therefore, it is a must, the social prove, that you have made it there]

satu orang satu packet tau sar pia.. =)


picture above.. well.. i think i read it somewhere that this is some kind of tourist attraction.. not bad of a idea.. it's cooler than those Japanese restaurants where they let u sit on the bamboo thing on the floor har?
on the way to the second Chendul.. we saw this.. lol.. ym was like.. :"WTH!! ni kan ta men zai zuo she me!!"


the 1st place.. a kopitiam.. it all looks the same but it is the one next to the new world restaurant.. the laksa is damn umph!! mou dak deng.. the other food there..

okok only.. the 2nd place.. we went to the roadside stall in like er.. don't know where.. i think it's near the KOMTAR complex.. the Chendul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UMPH!!!! the 1st sip of the Chendul.. walao eh.. cannot be compared to the rest i have drank in my life... the ss15 one can only come in second.. lol..

ending the trip with a 4 person hap jiu! ym's cousin brother drove us for 4 hours.. straight.. he's good in "directions" and places to eat (well.. ym says places to eat, i agree too.. lol.. directions failed abit.. hehe.. pai seh pai seh..) well.. looking forward to go to club in Penang.. something like the KL heritage row.. it looks cool.. lol.. when you're back in kl and you want to go Genting, call me, lol.. but book me 1st lar.. =)

inside the ferry, man, it's been 10 years since i last land foot on the ferry, now it has a double decker version.. cool.. =) and by the way, the Peugeot is definitely cool.. an MPV to transport us around.. comfortable..


all pictures above are taken on my nokia N95, 4gb micro sd card.
photographers, the 4 of us.. lol..

videos to cure the boredom.. =)

candid shot.. hehehe... 4 stonners..


yinmei said...

i need to comment badly,

1st- is pei yi not peh yih my cousin's name!

2nd- is KOMTAR not kamtar

3rd- we passed by th blacked shop when we're heading to CHENDOL LA>

oh my, see how bad ur memory is!

RichardLow said...

okay.. lol.. cause too full already mar.. lol.. until the food also went up to me brain.. hehehe