Monday, December 17, 2007

Nice game played!!

arsenal and chealsea definitely are professional footballers.. unlike man u and liverpool, this game is more organized, more strategically played.. the goal scored by arsenal is worth the point.. well.. although man u and liverpool played their game, i think they're like a swarm of bees.. or flies.. lol.. all gathering around at one spot.. the balls flies in every direction.. and it's like theres a few kung fu kicks in the match.. lol..

well.. not all my family members didnt know i broke up with ms till now, everyone was really shocked! even my dad says :" no! that's impossible.." lol.. then i told my 2nd uncle the whole story, he was too shocked! well.. that's the story la.. i told my 2nd aunt too.. she says:" don't lie to my low hui chuan.. that's impossible.." lol.. hey people, what's impossible? there's no such word in my dictionary..

anyway, it has been a week after the break up, i'm doing fine here in ipoh, enjoying my time in penang, working my way to the foot steps of taking over the company in the future.. this break up definitely opens up my possible ways to success, yeah that's right, without money, i can't live. that also means that i can't live without money.. i find myself happier now, alone.


nite people..

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