Monday, December 17, 2007

Tired Shit

it's cool today.. dragged the cousins out for some life.. not to stick infront of the computer for long.. even their mom sounded them.. chased them out of the house.. as in.. asked them to follow me and 4 siew out.. lol.. and we went to lost world of tambun..

at 1st.. we were happy because we say.. finally.. not just facing the idiot box anymore.. lol

but in the end.. we were like.. very stone ar.. okay.. 1st of all.. it was just the river.. u know the one like in sunway lagoon.. where it's a long stretch.. u need to rent the 2 sitter float for 10 bucks .. i say:" fark it.., let's forget about it.." but then we reached the slides.. where you go up the hill.. and then u rushed down.. that one is free.. there's only 2 types of the slide.. well.. that was fun.. but it's only 2!!!!

tickets RM22.90 adult
locker Rm6.00 all day locker
video recording RMxx.xx
the fun with cousins Priceless
the memory of the lost world.. chicken rice!

the dog's name is angel..

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