Thursday, December 20, 2007

Building Sand Castles

well.. what do i mean by that title har..
you see, it's a metaphor, building a sand castle,
a sand castle is very weak and is prone to the waves, therefore, it must be supported by many things in life..

a sand castle is like a relationship, therefore, it's how you build it, what props do you use? spannars or spades? do you build from scratch? do you build it with your love one? or do you infiltrate other people's castle? crush them up and intend to build it up again with the snatched? do you build 2 sand castles at one go? or a few at a go?

the most steadied sand castle is built from scratch, where there are machines, friends, family, and other items to beautify the castle, to make it steady, it's how you control and how you manage your castle.. isn't it true? flowers are there to decorate the castle..


gifts are there to make up the space, and there is always place for more.. there is no such thing as enough or full.. friends and family help you build the castle, they can make it happen.. they help you by pilling up more sand, or they too help you build barriers to defend the waves..

the more homework you do with your sand castle the more steady it'll stay, it might fall one day but it'll be then for you to decide whether to bring this castle into a new stage, which is to build a concrete house..

like they say, without homework and without the neccessary materials, even the concrete house will fall, vulnerable to the sounds of the wind, falls just like a pile of wooden sticks.. the process of building sand castle sometimes requires experience and knowledge from other people, but the end result is still yours..

sometimes it is and it is not for you to decide on how strong will the castle stand.. well.. a crushed castle can't be replaced by using super glue.. why? it'll fall again one day, other people know where are the weaknesses to that castle..

guarding the sand castle isn't as easy as it seems, the beautier the castle is, the jealousy and greed leads other beings to the castle, thess are why there are war in the 1st place.. leaving the castle long enough will then eventually be washed away by the waves, following the water into the ocean, mixing up just like another pile of sand, not standing out from the other sand.. in which i call it the sands of time..


to you people who know and who dont know what the sand castle meant? imagine abit.. =) it's fun to know what the metaphor means.. good luck have fun reading..

good day and good night..



sheng said...

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sheng said...

ada typo!!!!


Abby Choke. said...

hey hey richard.
i get what you mean by this metaphore. An individual portrayed as a sandcastle? Whatever it is just don't plant your sandcastle too near the waves, you know the risks! haha.

haha what haps making you so philosophical?