Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Silence; The Peace

When you see that the water isn't moving at the surface, does that mean nothing is moving beneath it? Some creatures are just lurking underneath the calm waters, people with a good heart jumps into the water and tries to swim in it.. When others just tell that person the water is dangerous, do not jump in it, the person just jumps into it because he took the "not" away from the "do not jump in it" sentence..

And yes, when the person swam into the middle of the waters, the creature swims up from beneath and drags that person down under, devouring it inside it's stomach, the good hearted person just screams from in within the stomach, he thought that he could get away from that stomach easily, he thinks that he could have just sliced that creature's stomach open with his knife, but without knowing it, he forgot that he left his knife at the side of the waters, with the clan..

after devouring half way, the good hearted person, the creature feels that this person is salty and that creature does not favour the taste in within this person's flesh.. from the stomach full of slime and saliva, the creature spits the good hearted guy out of it back to the norm, the good hearted person had survive this monstrous incident..

then the good hearted guy joins the clan again, the clan 1st rejects the smell of the monster's slime and saliva, that is all over this guy, that odour, those scars that cuts the skin near to the heart reminds the villages of the incident.. of all the things people have is the heart made of flesh, the heart that is forgiving and accepting, this is what God has created human beings as, as forgiving as God can be, the humans do the same thing, all over and over again..


okay people, you guys must be wondering... :"what the hell orh richardlow.." so suddenly this guy likes to tell stories.. like children's story like that.. " well.. i just typed that out myself.. it is 12am at night now, the silence; the peace..

gOoD Day and GoOdniGhT

Monday, February 25, 2008

Year 2 Sem 1 Day 1

okay, back to reality, woke up alive, no scratch, still here, grateful that i live another day. i can still see, i can still hear, i can still feel ***********, i can still taste. then i think, it wasn't so bad afterall, life is so meaningful, i can't wait to go taiwan, and i still have many places that i want to go.

BUT!!!! it's the 1st day of year 2!! DAMN FREAKING GAN JONG WOR!!

it does feel kinda weird.. walking back into this place.. but the feel is still the same, nothing has change that much during the past 3 months, i see the same people in my sem going into year 2, I'm seriously damn excited of going into Queensland, but their requirements are you've got to get at least a 2.5/4 cgpa.. why didn't i study harder?

the question that should be asked when i 1st step foot into this college.. but now i'm already asking it.. it's okay though if i get my year 2 subjects into a better great.. that is at least a C, no C-, it should be a C at least. or else i would have to retake the subject in UQ or over here..

i thought i was having about 5 - 6 C-s, phew.. it ain't.. only 1 C- (thanks again to the easy financial accounting1) and one stupid D (thanks to macroeconomics and my 轻敌 skills), now i push myself to the edge la.. damn.. if i can't go to UQ, why not go Sydney with my cousins? not a bad idea also har.. maybe i get to meet their girl friends.. kekeke....

see la richardlow.. always 轻敌, now u see what you get, yeah, 你得到的是一个吉. sitting down here in help using my new laptop.. chillin.. no need to rush home.. lol.. feels kinda.. i don't' know.. it's all about the computer now.. my new girlfriend.. dell xps.. such beauty.. haha..


i don't understand why only when i come back, and then it's study time already ler hor.. then only i get sore throat.. and when I'm working that time, i was so afraid that i would fall sick, but thank goodness i did not.. feel so grateful to have survive the 2 months of work.

i think i have a dreaming disease, which is how i often drift away from what the lecturer is saying, the concentration part is so hard when i analyse what the teacher is saying infront, and i was surprise to have gone so far out of the topic into something else.. i often "slapped" myself back to the topic and when i am back, everything is like so different.


gotta seriously use the N95 voice recorder in the class.. hopefully it does help.. and it is at least a backup for myself when i intend to drift away from what the teacher is saying.. sitting down here.. waiting for time to pass.. planning what should i be doing, looking at the course outline.. planning ahead.. how many A to score this sem.. argh..~~~ pressure..

You're NEXT!

goodday and goodnight..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

From Richard For Angeline


my goodness.. was suppose to send Angeline's flight.. the brain was like.. resting so peacefully.. until 10am.. woke up and we all saw that message that she is already waiting to board.. we're seriously going to miss her alot again.. as in super alot..
yeah.. super fast eh? Develine's back, the next thing you know I'm blogging about her departure back to Australia.. T.T well this is just great timing.. she leaves and I'll also be heading back to uni tmrw morning.. 8Am's class.. my goodness.. gan jong ar!!!!!!!
3 months didn't touch those text.. and now.. gan jong gan jong.. i hope i do not forget how to do my revisions.. enjoyed myself for 3 full months.. satisfying gao gao.. it was full freedom year but we did not run away from the nagging.. we don't hate the nagging, we're just frustrated sometimes.. lol..


When i was back from sg snail.. day 2.. we were at the curve red box.. i think their song system was not bad, they have their uniqueness while neway has theirs.. if compared to the prices, i think that you should make ur priorities right before making judgements on the prices..

Then it was the sleeping mahjong.. We just brought the mahjong for 250rm, isn't that cheap for quality mahjong? okay yeah, you guys will say what the fuck, i can do more for that 250rm; but here again i should say i strongly encourage family time, and therefore, mahjong brings excitement to the folks and if we (the no pangkats) kiddos play with them, we learn alot from them too.. lol..


This was McDonald's breakfast at 年三十晚, after we 守夜, it was 4am, and yeap.. McDonald's Cannaught.. haha.. straight till 530am..

And I think sis you will never forget this picture.. lol.. the effects of not enough sleep.. haha.. sure kong like hell.. and yeah, 年初一 you guys were like sleeping in the car, whenever you get in the car you guys start to sleep, not even a single 5 minutes trip you guys will let go of that sleep.. haha..

4 小姐 is sleeping at the cushion.. lol..

Yeah, 年初一, paying visit to the relatives in SS15..

Not missing a single moment of every single day, the picture below was when we were trying to go murni on nian chu yi.. lol.. as if it were to be a 24/7 mamak la.. lol.. then we were suppose to end up at section 14 Starbucks, but next to Starbucks it was Old Town Kopitiam.. so okay lor, cheaper and there is food there for us to munch.. =)


Well, 年初二, vegetarian dinner @ hartamas, i don't know why George always wanna "kill" her, look at that.. i think it's a chopstick.. lol..



Go where?? go where to eat ar.. hungry... very hungry~~~ still deciding... okay la.. murni again!! yeah!! (says Angeline) then okay lor, 2 cars, small convoy.. =) then again lar.. didn't open wor.. (deng~~~~~)


Massaging 1st (Ah Phing's Turn), what's on TV, yeap, lord of the rings III, the ending.. no wonder so gan jong la.. haha..

RAMY~~ while i was enjoying my Jack Daniels with my all time favourite mixer (COKE!!~~!!)
I know.. that's my leg..

Seriously, this is after a few cups.. lol.. trying to open my eyes to smile for the camera.. haha..
still awake..

red indian; that was the game we played that night.. lol.. all lies.. you don't have to be a liar to lie.. you can just lie for fun, but I strongly discourage anyone to tell lies.. Not even white lies.. A lie is still a lie.. ok.. this lie thing is starting my fire again.. continue bloggin..~~

I was only singing K with the lamers on 元宵节, and yeap, the next day i was with the cousins.. haha.. 2 days straight in a row, Cheras Plaza Neway, you know what? i think their sound system got abit problem one wor.. don't know why.. abit kek kek dei one..

BIBI 姐's wedding dinner.. now i see that ah jie and jie fu was also in the picture.. only a little far away.. haha.. great shot by ah lu.. =) she has potential of being a professional camera girl..


Summing everything up, i think i'll mail you a 4gb pendrive with loaded songs okay Angeline? to at least make it up for not going to the airport for McDonald's breakfast.. Take Care!

GoOd DaY and GoOdNight

signing off richardlow

Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, everything in this life is about responsibility, blaming on other things (like what i used to do) was a very immature thing to do.. i guess i might sometimes put the blame on other things, well, if fault is really not at my side..

but then, if you're about to be a guarantor for a person let's say to guarantee that the person pays the loan shark or worse.. the bank his money.. that responsibility is well.. depends on the amount lar.. thank god, but the guarantor thing is somehow less nowadays.. although it isn't all vanquished yet..

this Chinese word 负担, not everyone is able to handle it, the more you handle one's 负担, the more weight you carry, as time goes by, the weight is more on you rather than on the other's shoulder, therefore, you're being pulled down under, trying to reach for a outer space from the 负担.

well, carrying someones 负担 is sometimes, a good thing if you're really helping them, but it is a bad thing because they run away from their responsibilities if you're carrying their weight for too long. like my dad, who well, has been behind our backs all the time, a dad like him i want to be. and better.

for what i believe now is that parents plays a seriously important role model to their children, what they want their children to become of 1st they will have to be what they are themselves. the children will eventually learn, copy things that their parents do. a child is just like a blank piece of paper (yes, this is what people use to say), but a blank piece of paper that has the ability of copy catting people. the mind moves the fastest, no rights or wrongs, everything is new to them..

the easiest way to learn things is to clear your mind from everything you have, do not assume 1st, listen. as well nowadays the cousins always remind George to listen then speak, it is a very important skill in today's business world, social world.

bla bla bla.. so cheh man this morning.. 邪.. hou choi chap gor mei over liao..


this Chinese new year, 15 days full of activities..
i here wish everyone again, a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and happy 2008 ahead.

Everything -步步高升
Business - 生意兴隆
Studies - 学业进步
Health - 龙马精神

good day and goodnight

signing off.. richardlow

Monday, February 18, 2008

Back to Classes

Everything happened so fast..

so fast until i wanna recall what i've been doing for my semester break also i can't imagine what the hell.. it was like.. november back then..and now it's febuary, people don't believe people, people began to trust people, people began to get closer to other people, people tend to seperate from other people, people tend to work together with people, people then go back to the people........

everything is full of ups and downs, it's like the 360 pirate ship in sunway lagoon, it's going up, in the end it will still end up at the same place, which is where you start.. sigh.. too bad lar.. it's always like that.. how you get that thing is how you will appreciate it..

too much metaphors to strat this blog.. lol..


one thing i discovered today, well, another new metaphor, going down the 50 degree slope.. you do not step on full brakes.. but instead you accelerate with it.. go with the pace.. and then i linked this thing to the market's economy downfall..

okay.. i know if i continue writing this thing i'll be writing a thesis for my masters.. lol..


i don't know why lar.. but i think following my dad ar.. going around places ar.. is seriously damn fun lor.. all you need is energy to survive the road.. yeah man.. all my cousins well, the few of us cousins + george also agrees that we get the best food we could ever enjoy..

we went for seafood poridge today, nice nice.. but then the lala was not so good lar... don't like the taste..
BUT!!! then AGAIN!! curry fish head.. yummy yummy.. the curry was then served with a little steam man tao.. i tell you, when the curry reached my mouth it was so bloddy mouthwatering.. and that man tao.. damn warm in your mouth.. the feeling is like.. you never want it to stop there.. you want another.. and another.. yeah man.. everything in your mind was like damn.. this is seriously nice!!


later in the evening we went for fish in sauk.. the usual.. lol.. it was like a contract with the restaurant owner.. everytime my dad used the road there he sure will stop there for lunch or dinner.. depends.. okay, the usual, fish again, all my dad and my cousin brothers favourite.. i don't know why.. but i think i just like rice.. haha.. noob me eh..

about sweet and a little sour and a little garlic to spice up the chili "yu lum" mm~~ hmm~~ you will definitely ask for more.. it's never dissapointing everytime we went there.. it has been like.. for years.. the taste has been the same..


okay.. bye bye people.. time to attack pearl harbor with the cousins..
ahahahahaha.. nice game..

good day and goodnight..

signing off richardlow.. your friendly neighbourhood lamer..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

MahJong GanJong

cannot man.. already my ah jie sit down at the table keep asking me to play.. her aura is like damn strong.. the sat hei.. already gan jong.. the 1st round.. she win.. feels like no mood to play already cause might have a heart attack, but then my beh gor come over to teach me how to play, well, she did open my eyes to the various possibility of making the tiles, making the right choice, it's not like how the cousins play when we don't have the cash,

okay, cousins' game:"4 kaki, make the most beautiful tiles and then let us see that it is possible."
but, adults gamble:"3 kaki, fast, no mercy, you win or the guy opposite or next to you wins."
seriously, mahjong ganjong.


the 1st game, brothers versus ah jie scenario:
got lar, me and george are like making the tiles for each other.. lol.. cooperation, but then we still eat each other's money, not to say eat lar, cause in cantonese it's called "sek".. you've got to win man, we are damn afraid of "bao wu" 10 points, each point costs about **cents, and not to forget the "feis (flies) and that fei ju yok (fats from the pork)"

then 2nd game, brothers versus ah jie's future husband scenario:
okay lar, too bad our jie fu only won one round when he sits down, if it's not george it will be my turn to win.. lol.. "quen tong zi (all numbers)" for 2 rounds, still thanks to my beh gor lar this round to open my eyes to these possibilities.. it aint cheating, cause it was already my idea to make these tiles, only rearranging it and eating early was my beh gor's guidance.

final round, 3rd round, brother versus ah jie's future husband versus me dad:
no need to say liao lor, final round always gan jong one mar, mahjong pro sit down also must geng 3 points, what more to say he's my dad, another 2 points, so 5 points.. (just counting in cantonese) he sit down that time already like "9 fan", by the time my "jie fu" win this round, my dad was like 10 fan, bao already. cannot tahan liao, i stand up and let my pro aunt play.. haha..


end game, good game.. =)
time to take my bath, time to bai tin gong.
good day and goodnight.

The world is screwed nowadays

don't know what to blog about now..

lol.. it's like i don't feel any feelings in me now except those happy thought when i'm with my crazy cousins.. everyone of them is well, sort of an adult now, all the same channel, but sometimes george can't tune in lar.. cannot blame him also.. 18 years old also haven't reach.. but one thing about him is that he is very capable of doing things responsibily.

everything happened so fast.. the same thing repeats itself, history repeats itself, always, but sometimes the leaders make changes, sometimes things just have got to change.. this is how life should be, i changed for the good. my parents wished that i concentrate in my studies 1st, only after studying i will have my freedom to choose.

hey people, i get to go to taiwan!!!!!!!! yeah!~!~!!!
any suggestions where and what should i do on my free day trip??


on monday, me and kam went to ym's place, gong hei fat choi ym's mum lor, thought no one was at home.. lol.. ym's mommy used the same scene to welcome kam and i to her house.. lol.. act like no one was at home, then after about 5 minutes she suddenly say something from upstairs.. then i was like.. :"ym, i thought u say ur mum went out already? why's she still upstairs.." haha..
later that we went to mcdonalds.. great suggestion by ym because yeah, eveyrone's still in new year's mood, the shops wont open and by that time we go looking for the shops, we're all already hungry and frustrated.


not long after (probably 16 hours later), the cousins were like all went to jusco, cheras selatan to watch "meet the spartans", i don't know lar, but i don't like the movie lor.. wasted my money there, but the time spent with the cousins are definitely priceless, this is because 1 hour after the movie we're like in low yat, 4 siew bought an Asus, i can see that he really like it, alot. that's the only entertainment he has in sg snail. and hopefully the neighbour turns on his/her wireless network everytime har..


it's like a cyber cafe now in ah ma's place, owning, i just finished Age of Empires III, 4 players versus the computers.. not bad lar, we learn from each other without having to play the training programs.. lol.. the graphics are seriously damn real lor.. can't wait for starcraft 2, so again we look for the older starcraft.. bou dou mei lou lar we all.. haha.. still can own the computers.. but then if wanna play strategy with people must again train liao lor.. but now hor.. not enough time.. so own computer can liao lar.. haha..


i did tell u guys i bought the mahjong for 4 people right? 250rm, george 100; i 150, but i think we only played for like 3 days, that's it. nin chor 1, 2 & 3.. haha.. mm dim.. then now it's the adults that are enjoying the tiles.. not bad not bad.. learnt a few skills from them i suppose that george.. he knows how to count the money already man.. but not pro yet lar.. still consider geng.. playing taiwan version of mahjong i think can go taiwan mahjong house and see how the pros really play laio.. lol.. (too much kung fu mahjong)


okay lar, good day and goodnight people..
lamers gathering this saturday night.. 10pm..
RSVP -richardlow-

Monday, February 11, 2008

Half a Blog

If i'm not mistaken, this photo was taken on nin 29.. the picture above.. and by the way, who says you need a table to play mahjong, everywhere is a table to us.. lol.. as long as it can fit all those mahjongs tiles lar.. lol


then ar.. this picture was taken at ah mm's place, where all of us are so into mahjong.. lol.. angeline calls this position the sleeping buddha, playing mahjong.. ahahahah..


nah, george is very yeng la on nin chor yat.. angeline's defense for george when other people ask why wear until so yeng, :"if george doesn't make himself look yeng now or else wait until when he is 30 or 40 only dress up like that meh.. like that i think scary liao lor that time.. er hehehehe(immitating angeline's laughter)"


vegetarian dinner during nin chor 2 in hartamas, well, this restaurant has a leng lui lar, tauke's girl, so everyone was like, :"ah 4 siew, not bad wei, she's hardworking and we think that she's also very loving towards her parents lar, nin chor 2 also got work, we ask what's her name and her telephone number for u lar, lol.."

and then this 4 siew was like nononononononono.. like any chinese that will say noooooo.. the longest noooooooooooo you'll ever hear... lol.. (just jk; exxagerating only)


morning breakfast, the usual typical chinese timing, always late, so next time we should really always put an hour ealier then the time planned.. nelly curry house before heading to sunway lagooon.. indo mee is definitely damn nice to eat lor.. THE BEST GON LOU MEE!


dai yu dai yoke.. but then everyone was so hungry till all the things on the dishes were finished.. this year this dinner, it is all the cousins only, no adults, no children.. just nice.. everyone enjoyed their meal here, and thanks 4 siew for this meaningful gathering meal. i'm very sure everyone did enjoyed it..


always that develine, take picture take nicely lar, always make that chu face.. lol.. mm dim..


this whisky is very nice.. seriously.. but i was only wondering how much is the malaysian tax for alcohol drinks.. cause duty free was only about 85rm +-, so yeah.. imma gonna go taiwan, and then sapu this hot drink back.. yummy yummy.. taste like coffee with milk.. seriously.. try it..

although my head having a little headache, i too can feel the beat of my heart, aint that cool.. lol.. yalar, red like guan gong lor my face, so what right?


okay lar, lots more to post.. read ju 1st lar..

goodday and goodnight..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Toy

what's in the house today, a new laptop, well, rich kids call it their new toy, but i shall call it my asset. sometimes i wonder why things that come easily people do not appreciate it until they worked hard for it, hard like shit only that thing or somtimes the thing of their dreams doesn't appear before them.. no one but you know why it happens..

new dell xps M1530, cool one, nice specifications.. well.. it's just out in the market i think 1 month? so yea.. it's selling hot la in the shop.. i think i did stonned that fella in the shop, he sure thought i was just like those other fellas that are quiet wan kat one lar, go in there, ask ask ask, 30 minutes liao lor.. write on a few notes about the laptop, then say okay lar, let me think 1st..

well, i was like, what will you give me? the lowest price and stuff.. then he say if you buy then i'll give u this this and this.. so yeah.. i answered him okay when he was telling me this this and this.. lol.. then he was like har!?!~?? while paying using the credit card that time the fella was like sat wan like that, he charged 400 bucks less than the normal price, and i was like, yo dude, isn't the price this this and this?

i know la, call me don't know how to take advantage, but sorry lor, the 400 bucks may mean alot to that person, so why not be honest and just do your thing, let the person live a better life and try not to take advantage or to ruin his life.. in the end still thanks to my dad lar, half of the price for that laptop, i also pain lar, since he is giving half, so i choose a better one lor.. that's it lar..


got to go for family dinner now.. see you people..

good day, good night and Gong Xi Fa Cai

Monday, February 04, 2008

Japanese Car only mar..

yin mei: why u choose the stria instead or iswara?

yin mei: den ur mum?

yin mei: hilux r?

Richard: my mom drive toyota er

Richard: i dont know what's that name

yin mei: toyota hilux ?

Richard: city i think

Richard: hilux is my dad's one la ym

Richard: lame


Richard: lol

yin mei: city is honda ar

Richard: haha

Richard: hahahahhahahaha

yin mei: NUMBBBB

Richard: i dont know what the hell is it man

Richard: it's not numbbbb

Richard: u should be shouting NOOBB!!!

Richard: lol

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The video says it all

Just Watch, I've Said what i've been doing in the video.

I'm back in KL. Good Day and Goodnight.. Going out to meet the cousins.. =)