Sunday, February 24, 2008

From Richard For Angeline


my goodness.. was suppose to send Angeline's flight.. the brain was like.. resting so peacefully.. until 10am.. woke up and we all saw that message that she is already waiting to board.. we're seriously going to miss her alot again.. as in super alot..
yeah.. super fast eh? Develine's back, the next thing you know I'm blogging about her departure back to Australia.. T.T well this is just great timing.. she leaves and I'll also be heading back to uni tmrw morning.. 8Am's class.. my goodness.. gan jong ar!!!!!!!
3 months didn't touch those text.. and now.. gan jong gan jong.. i hope i do not forget how to do my revisions.. enjoyed myself for 3 full months.. satisfying gao gao.. it was full freedom year but we did not run away from the nagging.. we don't hate the nagging, we're just frustrated sometimes.. lol..


When i was back from sg snail.. day 2.. we were at the curve red box.. i think their song system was not bad, they have their uniqueness while neway has theirs.. if compared to the prices, i think that you should make ur priorities right before making judgements on the prices..

Then it was the sleeping mahjong.. We just brought the mahjong for 250rm, isn't that cheap for quality mahjong? okay yeah, you guys will say what the fuck, i can do more for that 250rm; but here again i should say i strongly encourage family time, and therefore, mahjong brings excitement to the folks and if we (the no pangkats) kiddos play with them, we learn alot from them too.. lol..


This was McDonald's breakfast at 年三十晚, after we 守夜, it was 4am, and yeap.. McDonald's Cannaught.. haha.. straight till 530am..

And I think sis you will never forget this picture.. lol.. the effects of not enough sleep.. haha.. sure kong like hell.. and yeah, 年初一 you guys were like sleeping in the car, whenever you get in the car you guys start to sleep, not even a single 5 minutes trip you guys will let go of that sleep.. haha..

4 小姐 is sleeping at the cushion.. lol..

Yeah, 年初一, paying visit to the relatives in SS15..

Not missing a single moment of every single day, the picture below was when we were trying to go murni on nian chu yi.. lol.. as if it were to be a 24/7 mamak la.. lol.. then we were suppose to end up at section 14 Starbucks, but next to Starbucks it was Old Town Kopitiam.. so okay lor, cheaper and there is food there for us to munch.. =)


Well, 年初二, vegetarian dinner @ hartamas, i don't know why George always wanna "kill" her, look at that.. i think it's a chopstick.. lol..



Go where?? go where to eat ar.. hungry... very hungry~~~ still deciding... okay la.. murni again!! yeah!! (says Angeline) then okay lor, 2 cars, small convoy.. =) then again lar.. didn't open wor.. (deng~~~~~)


Massaging 1st (Ah Phing's Turn), what's on TV, yeap, lord of the rings III, the ending.. no wonder so gan jong la.. haha..

RAMY~~ while i was enjoying my Jack Daniels with my all time favourite mixer (COKE!!~~!!)
I know.. that's my leg..

Seriously, this is after a few cups.. lol.. trying to open my eyes to smile for the camera.. haha..
still awake..

red indian; that was the game we played that night.. lol.. all lies.. you don't have to be a liar to lie.. you can just lie for fun, but I strongly discourage anyone to tell lies.. Not even white lies.. A lie is still a lie.. ok.. this lie thing is starting my fire again.. continue bloggin..~~

I was only singing K with the lamers on 元宵节, and yeap, the next day i was with the cousins.. haha.. 2 days straight in a row, Cheras Plaza Neway, you know what? i think their sound system got abit problem one wor.. don't know why.. abit kek kek dei one..

BIBI 姐's wedding dinner.. now i see that ah jie and jie fu was also in the picture.. only a little far away.. haha.. great shot by ah lu.. =) she has potential of being a professional camera girl..


Summing everything up, i think i'll mail you a 4gb pendrive with loaded songs okay Angeline? to at least make it up for not going to the airport for McDonald's breakfast.. Take Care!

GoOd DaY and GoOdNight

signing off richardlow

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