Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Toy

what's in the house today, a new laptop, well, rich kids call it their new toy, but i shall call it my asset. sometimes i wonder why things that come easily people do not appreciate it until they worked hard for it, hard like shit only that thing or somtimes the thing of their dreams doesn't appear before them.. no one but you know why it happens..

new dell xps M1530, cool one, nice specifications.. well.. it's just out in the market i think 1 month? so yea.. it's selling hot la in the shop.. i think i did stonned that fella in the shop, he sure thought i was just like those other fellas that are quiet wan kat one lar, go in there, ask ask ask, 30 minutes liao lor.. write on a few notes about the laptop, then say okay lar, let me think 1st..

well, i was like, what will you give me? the lowest price and stuff.. then he say if you buy then i'll give u this this and this.. so yeah.. i answered him okay when he was telling me this this and this.. lol.. then he was like har!?!~?? while paying using the credit card that time the fella was like sat wan like that, he charged 400 bucks less than the normal price, and i was like, yo dude, isn't the price this this and this?

i know la, call me don't know how to take advantage, but sorry lor, the 400 bucks may mean alot to that person, so why not be honest and just do your thing, let the person live a better life and try not to take advantage or to ruin his life.. in the end still thanks to my dad lar, half of the price for that laptop, i also pain lar, since he is giving half, so i choose a better one lor.. that's it lar..


got to go for family dinner now.. see you people..

good day, good night and Gong Xi Fa Cai

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