Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, everything in this life is about responsibility, blaming on other things (like what i used to do) was a very immature thing to do.. i guess i might sometimes put the blame on other things, well, if fault is really not at my side..

but then, if you're about to be a guarantor for a person let's say to guarantee that the person pays the loan shark or worse.. the bank his money.. that responsibility is well.. depends on the amount lar.. thank god, but the guarantor thing is somehow less nowadays.. although it isn't all vanquished yet..

this Chinese word 负担, not everyone is able to handle it, the more you handle one's 负担, the more weight you carry, as time goes by, the weight is more on you rather than on the other's shoulder, therefore, you're being pulled down under, trying to reach for a outer space from the 负担.

well, carrying someones 负担 is sometimes, a good thing if you're really helping them, but it is a bad thing because they run away from their responsibilities if you're carrying their weight for too long. like my dad, who well, has been behind our backs all the time, a dad like him i want to be. and better.

for what i believe now is that parents plays a seriously important role model to their children, what they want their children to become of 1st they will have to be what they are themselves. the children will eventually learn, copy things that their parents do. a child is just like a blank piece of paper (yes, this is what people use to say), but a blank piece of paper that has the ability of copy catting people. the mind moves the fastest, no rights or wrongs, everything is new to them..

the easiest way to learn things is to clear your mind from everything you have, do not assume 1st, listen. as well nowadays the cousins always remind George to listen then speak, it is a very important skill in today's business world, social world.

bla bla bla.. so cheh man this morning.. 邪.. hou choi chap gor mei over liao..


this Chinese new year, 15 days full of activities..
i here wish everyone again, a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and happy 2008 ahead.

Everything -步步高升
Business - 生意兴隆
Studies - 学业进步
Health - 龙马精神

good day and goodnight

signing off.. richardlow

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