Sunday, December 06, 2009

November Replacement

I just looked at my blog and noticed that I have not update my blog for november. It is because I did not allocate the time to blog, what to say, facebook is making life easier. Well, the status updating has taken away my blogging time. And what more to say the pictures being uploaded into facebook has become so much easier, with 200 pictures being able to be uploaded with one click compared to blogging with 5 pictures everytime only.

Blogger should really do some stuff about this thing if they still want to keep their customers with them in the long run. From what I see, everyone is facebooking, and I have hardly hear my friends talk about blogs nowadays. It's so college years. LOL

Well, November was hectic, and it passed just like that. I was rushing for assignments for the early November, then came the final exams, 3 exams in 2 consecutive days. It was a record for me. Even though the results aren't out yet, but I am quite sure I gave all my best in it. It was really though but I make sure to follow the right instructions and of course to answer the questions correctly. Well, it's up to the administration to decide who to pass and who to fail now.

Then it was Korea trip with my mom, brother and my sister. My dad couldn't go with us although he really wanted to. But he chose to stay back because my second uncle is still sick and he has to take care of the family business on his behalf. Korea is beautiful, and I'm sure my dad will love it.

I believe that things can be done if you want it to be done, call it naive or simple minded, but I too believe that not complicating things and staying focus will get you the results you have wanted all these while.

I saw myself changed for the better, and I know that I still have my old bad habits with me, like always wanting things to go my way and I do not like to waste time doing nothing. With great power comes great responsibilities.

Signing out,
Richard Low.

Good Day & Goodnight.