Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LP123 WOW Day ^^

Well People,

If you have nothing better to do and you're here now at my blog reading what am i going to bring you these days before chinese new year, please click on this link below.

But of course, this link will have 3 colors and if you have seizure, please do not click. But most of it all, it is crazy. haha... I would reconmend to crazy people who wants to test their own limits. ^^

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Be the change you want to be. 平等,他所说的平等是什么?我现在也不明白。没有舌那有得?



Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunset Glow

When the sun sets, it is time....

5p3 Gathering 2009 - Yaw Fu the organizer, Seow Hui, and Mun Fei.

The aunties play mahjong, haha.. Poh Chee, Mong Ru, Ai Hooi, and Li Moon. From left black clock wise.

Yeap, squatting down you have ying siew, on the seat is yaw fu and lit fai. Leaning on the chairs from left is Ai Hooi, Yoke Peng, Seow Huei, Poh Chee, Mong Ru. Standing behind the chair from right is Melisa Lai, Mak Gor, Shao Leong, Mun Fei, and Li Moon.

And Yeap, poppy after that with the lamers.


So I bought a Helmet. Not bad eh the color. ^^

And loaded my bike onto the Avanza.

Jeremy and his girlfriend and the friend testing his bike. Actually already repacking wanting to go home already after the mountain biking.

During the break, picture time - Mat

Jeremy pik chik already cause we can't seem to find the off road trail. 1st time there in sg buloh actually.

Paul beh tahan already.

Good day, Goodnight

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thoughts, Senses & Emotions

The 3 main core items one has.

If one lets he thoughts control, he would have not been able to feel what others feel, and therefore he did not care about other people's feelings.

If one lets the senses control, he would have not been able to think logically and make assesment that would control one's doing.

If one lets the feelings control, he would have not been able to judge and sense what is happening around, all he is, is only clouded.

Embracing that you are not your thoughts, senses and emotions, but you are just you, you are departed from these 3 main core items, that is when you know what I am talking about. Try it, tell yourself that you are not your thoughts, your senses, and your feelings.

I would like to hear what you want me to listen. It's fun! ^^

Saturday, January 03, 2009

People.... Let's Us Talk About..... LUST~~~~

Interesting topic, for those who are horny, corny, monkey, donkey.... Lust.. is a very strong word... When the word lust comes out of someone's mouth, shallow it may seem to be sex and all that desire..
But lust can represent lust to everything, it has another meaning which meant desire. Sexual desire - lust. What about the
desire for materials?
desires for money?
desire for power?
desire for fame?
Lust in fact is a word which represents the greed in mankind.
Why monks are monks? They have overseen what the normal mankind sees in the flesh of a normal human eye. Which is to eliminate lust for everything.
They eat only the simplest food.
Wear only the simplest clothing.
Live only in the simplest house.
The humbleness in them inspires me to zen, but on the other end of the extreme, lust for everything. That leaves me only to my greatest enemy, which is me, myself and I. To conquer, in fact is surrendering even before the war; but surrendering is and has been conquering the war.

Good Day, Goodnight.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

4 Movies in 2 Days

The spirit, is a movie which I can say that I have a lamometer, which is rate it 10 out of 10, a solid 10 out of 10. But then again, the chics are seriously sizzling hot. And the movie and costumes are quite cool (according to my senior dani of course about the costumes). Funny if you would get what do they mean.

The Bad Chic

The Doctor with uniform

One of the Spirit, sexy devil look spirit.

The Policewoman
Enough said, GO watch it.
Disney's BedTime Story, Bugsy the BIG EYES HAMSTER! lol, just catches everyone's attention. And of course Adam Sandler the classic. Never fail to ammuse people. This movie reminds me of my own childhood, where the times you are so free to imagine and to think and to be inspired by so many things in life.
Unlike grown ups, life has been such a small box, where things were being differentiated, to me it shuts away what is possible, what is there to dream of. Being realistic is a must, but it doesn't mean that you stop to dream. So bedtime story, it's not a sleepy movie of course. Learn the meaning behind the movie, and enjoy it. =)

Adam Sandler with Bugsy.

Raining GumBalls.


I, Chihuahua. The 1st thing that got me was that Chihuahuas are from Mexico. New thing learned. HAHA. Different kinds of dogs, and you can see that in parts of the world people have different points of view towards animals.

In China, Korea, Vietnam, dogs meant food to these people in some places. And in parts of the world like Mexico, and parts of the country has dog fighting gambling. But in places like the United states of America, people treat dogs like fashion dolls. But anyway, have a humble heart towards every being, they didnt' owe u anything.

Oh ya, if you own a pet, do remember that they only have one friend, and that is you, (one of the promises from the movie 10 promises to my dog)


I watched twilight, and now reading the 2nd book new moon. Cause my cousin sister Olivia was saying how good the movie and the book is. Of course as the cousin brother, I would also want to share her interest and favourites, and yeap, indeed, cool movie, interesting book.


If you haven't watched Ip Man, (pronounced as Yip Man), and you're greatgrand parents are from China, damn, you're going to be loving this movie. Cause you know why? This is the only chinese guy who survived the japanese occupation who knows kung fu and fights in the public and all that. And ran all the way to Hong Kong and yeap, the children and grandchildren of his decendants are still there.

The grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun. Ip Man

Donnie Yen as Ip Man.

Just go watch it.

Happy New Year!