Saturday, January 03, 2009

People.... Let's Us Talk About..... LUST~~~~

Interesting topic, for those who are horny, corny, monkey, donkey.... Lust.. is a very strong word... When the word lust comes out of someone's mouth, shallow it may seem to be sex and all that desire..
But lust can represent lust to everything, it has another meaning which meant desire. Sexual desire - lust. What about the
desire for materials?
desires for money?
desire for power?
desire for fame?
Lust in fact is a word which represents the greed in mankind.
Why monks are monks? They have overseen what the normal mankind sees in the flesh of a normal human eye. Which is to eliminate lust for everything.
They eat only the simplest food.
Wear only the simplest clothing.
Live only in the simplest house.
The humbleness in them inspires me to zen, but on the other end of the extreme, lust for everything. That leaves me only to my greatest enemy, which is me, myself and I. To conquer, in fact is surrendering even before the war; but surrendering is and has been conquering the war.

Good Day, Goodnight.

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Jan said...

i'm interested further details in ur "LUST" post...haha~~