Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunset Glow

When the sun sets, it is time....

5p3 Gathering 2009 - Yaw Fu the organizer, Seow Hui, and Mun Fei.

The aunties play mahjong, haha.. Poh Chee, Mong Ru, Ai Hooi, and Li Moon. From left black clock wise.

Yeap, squatting down you have ying siew, on the seat is yaw fu and lit fai. Leaning on the chairs from left is Ai Hooi, Yoke Peng, Seow Huei, Poh Chee, Mong Ru. Standing behind the chair from right is Melisa Lai, Mak Gor, Shao Leong, Mun Fei, and Li Moon.

And Yeap, poppy after that with the lamers.


So I bought a Helmet. Not bad eh the color. ^^

And loaded my bike onto the Avanza.

Jeremy and his girlfriend and the friend testing his bike. Actually already repacking wanting to go home already after the mountain biking.

During the break, picture time - Mat

Jeremy pik chik already cause we can't seem to find the off road trail. 1st time there in sg buloh actually.

Paul beh tahan already.

Good day, Goodnight

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