Monday, July 05, 2010

Strength & Weakness

By coincidence or was it a chain of happenings that things happens for a reason. Class cancelled today and I got home, finding out that my grandpa has a big blister on his toe, lucky I was home so I can bring him to consult the doctor. My cousin brother told me to spend everything wisely, only use when necessary and on the other hand, my mom forwarded an email to me on how Warren Buffet view things as well, it is the same concept.

And when I got in the car, bfm was having an interview that tells me how important it is to focus on your strengths and how important it is to be authentic and not to be an impostor. It feels so good just to be yourself when you are with your friends and family. Why fake when the true you is better?


Anyhow, Learn.
Anyway, Learn.
However, Learn.
Whatever, Learn.
Whoever, Learn.
Whenever, Learn.
Wherever, Learn.
All the time, Just Learn.

Learn all the time, adapt to the environment, not letting the environment adapting to you. That should be the easy way. When the environment adapts to you, it is either you're the universe or the another being more superior than you.


These conversation I speak to myself, and questions myself, shows to some certain people that I doubt their ability to do things, but in fact, the power to question myself comes with a cause which is a delay time of maybe 5 seconds.

Stages of conscious:
1. You don't know what you don't know.
2. You know what you don't know.
3. You know what you know.
4. You don't know what you know.

Guess which is the best stage to be in? Well, it depends on what would you like to become at the moment, or all the time.

Stage 1
You don't know what you don't know. The stage where I call it the super ignorant stage, this is the stage where I can say you don't give a **** to anything because you don't even know that you don't know. For example, you would not have known about anything about the cultures of a different society in another continent in the world other than your own. Therefore your knowledge of a certain matter is 0.

Stage 2
The 2nd stage, the you know what you don't know stage. The stage where you finally come to know of what other things you do not know. Simple, you find out what are the things you don't know, then it's the stage when you know those things that you don't know.

Stage 3
The 3rd stage where you know what you know. It is in your conscious mind that you know the things that you know. For example, while playing badminton, you keep in mind the skills that you know for example a smash. And you focus on the skill to smash. That's when you know what you know.

Stage 4
The 4th stage, this is the ultimate stage where things, skills, ideas, concepts, philosophies, creativity, 6th sense, reactions, have been implanted into the body and acted as a subconscious behavior and doing. Or it can also be some bad habits that keeps repeating itself.


Good Day & Good Night people