Tuesday, June 30, 2009




22 years old already, don't so small gas.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tree Party 2009, WildAsia

Fruit I suppose
Purple wild flower ?

Yellow jungle flower ?


Some articles by WIldAsia.

The Jungle Trekking Route

Beii with her small group Escorted by 2 scouts.

Mary Kay Participating in the Tree Party

The props for tree planting.

These 2 Kids Looking for clues like true Malaysians.

Treasure Hunt Starting

I think these bunch of people... (Please Click to see what they are trying to say)

I think if this is not an art, it must be vandalism in the Islamic school.

I notice one thing, all these radio stations are from astro.

The Discovery House Team
Mid Valley Gardens - The Spade

Sneak Preview

The Finishing Business

Friday, June 19, 2009

Words are the most powerful tool you'll ever have

She reminded me of what I wrote, and reflected me to who am I. What you do something is actually what you do everything.

I typed this to the person on msn: "why not u come with me and do community service for that 30 hours? instead of starving there and doing nothing but to mourn for people who dont have food to eat?"

I actually used that word. Choice of word, and now im putting it up on my blog. Having to explain too much is actually a way of denying what you have done, but instead, all that woke me up was just a 5 minute silence, and that was what have me realized what random and emotional person I am.

And having thought that I am a very calm person at all times.


A pendelum swings to the very each side of a person, it's always the both ends that you will meet your worst nightmare, and that was for me. A calm person to be a person who does not think wisely and act according to my emotions.

To control this demon in within, I 1st have to acknowledge it, surrendering that I CAN be this person if I want to and I CAN not be this person if I also want to.

By reminding people that they always have a choice, I lost that quote in within myself. Forgotten that I have a choice to make a difference.


Instead of just complaining, why not just "surrender" and lend a helping hand to the people who needed the support.

What has the world fear you that the money landed in donations were gone to the corrupted so called "officials"?


Anyway, my point is,
Visit http://www.worldvision.com.my/famine2009/5_min_answer.html

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Exam Week

You still remember when u're a little kid and you don't know what to do with ur hair and when ur parents bring u to the barber or the salon to cut your hair, and when you're just only 5 or 6 years old and you're so anxious about why these people can cut our hair and we can't cut our own hair that kind of thing?

Now, this little cousin sister of mine, was just so anxious about why is chuan chuan gor gor's hair is always the chicken head or ultraman style, she just wants to touch and then make the hair come down, so she asked if she could put gel on my hair, which i said no because i just took my shower, thus, she went into her storeroom to look for her favourite comb, and there you have it, xin dee taking the picture of her combing my hair, which it'll always stay the same no matter how she combs it. LOL

So since it's after my finance exam, and the following 2 papers are my marketing subjects, therefore I choose to take pictures with my N95 again, exploring the features and utilizing the phone to the max before I get my very own 1st new camera which will be the Canon G10. And this was the effect of setting your camera into negative mode, which it actually turns the turn from the dark to white and white to dark.

Which I find it very interesting because it actually gives the effect of highlighting naturally in photos. And what more to say when it is shot on macro focus mode. Was actually bored of the sephia shots and I never got a good shot with this negative effect before. So now here it's my experiment 100, a success to what's the use of the negative mode in your camera woosh.

The underlines are red in color while the words are in black ink.

It actually also takes into account for the reflection, notice the pen, it is a white colored pen which has the glowing effect, and what more to say the words which are in blue and black color. And pai seh if you guys already know how to use this effect, but to me, it's an achievement. Another step forward towards mastery of the N95 camera phone.

Good day, Goodnight.