Sunday, February 22, 2009


yeap, i know i have been in denial, but then now it isn't the time too to declare that i love her. Too much denial just paralyzes me. And so it did.

If there are blog readers of mine, i will declare that i will only blog once a week. Unless necessary. If you people have been through what i'm going through now, glad that it's over for you. For you guys who don't know what i'm talking about...

Never, ever let a chance go. Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. You fucked up once, you're forgiven. You fucked us twice, maybe there's still another chance. You fucked up the 3rd time, i really don't know what to say. You fucked up the 4th time, you can die already. You fucked up the 5th time, don't ever come and talk to me.

That's the story. And when you do know the person so well and you listen to the 小人s, you're doomed. Making a stand for the person you love, is more than enough than to stick with destroyers.

In life, there are people who mend, there are people who break. There are people who do nothing, there are people who create things.

If you know people who tell you no wrong no right, and at the other hand they say there is only pregnant and no pregnant, ask them don't lppl

There is always a right and always a wrong, unless you don't create anything out of something, or if you do not even create nothing out of something. Then that time there is no right and no wrong, there will only be maybe pregnant. Because the sperm is stucked in between the ovum.

Alright people. Good day and good night. Class is at 8. Peace.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

GTA IV, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, X Blade,

A week of gaming, guess what? I did told some people that I want to play until I get seizure, and yeap, I wanna game to the extreme, and the experience was surprisingly, different from what I have expected. Every game played is a story behind the creator which I notice, or may it be my thoughts on why this person created the game. The story teller for instance, the passion he has for him or her to create this story.

Mixing up the facts adding a little narrator's ending, the good ending. Life is just like a game, but too bad life does not have the restart button. Gaming without having to think that there is a restart really makes the game more interesting.

1st: You have to think of the timing, every decision made in the game does reflect on how you live your life.
2nd: You have to think whether should you proceed or should you stay. Life is always about choice isn't it? Who forces you to make the move? No one but yourself.

Well, the 1st and 2nd is all about choice. For me, trying out different games reflects on my own life. It would be really interesting to study people on the 3rd person's point of view. Imagine you looking at yourself from the side while you're gaming, or when you're blogging. Who do you see? What would you comment on the person you're looking at?

United States of America. Far it is.


Good day, goodnight.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Need For Speed Undercover

Maggie Q

Lamborghini Gallarado

Toyota Supra

Lamborghini Gallarado

Pimped Lamborghini

Dodge Charger

Tell me how not to get a lamborghini?

Good Day, Goodnight

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


That first time we layed eyes
Lookin' over 'n over again
(Talkin' no matter how late 'n - laffin' away and away 'n)
Was so on a natural high, felt like you always been my best friend
(So happy everyday 'n - nothin' can tear us away 'n)
You always had a glow, on your face so, you had to be mine... yeah yeah yeah
Everyplace we go, holding hands yo, I knew you were mine
That's why you gotta know girl
Always you should know you're my honey
Always you are on my mind
Always you can call on me any 'o day or night... oh yeah
No way I be shady or frontin'
No way that aint even my style
What I'm sayin is always and forever be you and I...
For the first time in my life
Feelin' all the love deep within
(Aint never felt so amazin - hits me in so many ways 'n)
For sure I, would never get by, I need you by my side thick 'n thin... yeah
(You lovin' me is like heaven - don't wanna let you go never)
You always had a glow, on your face so, you had to be mine... yeah yeah yeah
Everyplace we would go, holding hands yo, I knew you were mine...
That's why you gotta know always girl yeah...
Baby always count'em 365 all days pound'em can I get a witness
Every ounce of my love heavy wit this
Girl we fit just like a glove you my misses
And we got it like that know each other like that
Definitely got each others back, and that's fact (cuz you are my love)
And that's that (my one and only love)
Yo, she makes my heartbeart skip 'n
Everyday and everynight straight trippin
Lovin' so wild wild I'll say it real loud loud
I'll walk hundred miles miles to keep her no doubt doubt
Her eyes her hair her lips 'nBaby keepin' my body ripped 'n
Lovin' her style style, it steady be wild wild and I'm gonna love her always
Big Bang

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Chinese New Year

Once upon a time, there was a boy who's name was Richard, born on the day of 19th of October, who's introduced to the world by the closest of his own kind, the humans, which they called their own clan a family. The times when he was young was really happy moments with the brother as the 2 of them had an age difference of 3 years.

What Richard's parents gave him and the brother was only the best among the best. But at the same time they did not pampered them. Richard and George's mother, who named the 2 sons after the Kings of England was a very loving lady, who's temper was one of the ways she shows her love to their 2 sons.


And the story continues from the 1st person's point of view. So as time goes by, we humans do need things to keep the mind off to do something which they would think that the oppurtunity cost is higher, the trade off is what they want. So, one day in LowYat Plaza, after dim sum with my parents. 4th brother, George and I decided to look for a new modem to be placed in Ah Ma's house.

And eventually, when we walked passed the console games area, the 2 of us having the same thought, but it was when George called my name:"brother.." and then I replied:"okay, let's get the ps3" To think that this brother do not know what I am thinking, is not that true as well, sometimes we do really click and it was always about the games.

And so, we got it. The playstation 3. It was definitely a beauty. With lots of cool features in it. Although you are only able to afford original games like one game per month? But in fact, after buying and playing orignal games, I do experience that having only a game at a time is more fun than having lots of games but you get confused until you do not know which one to go through 1st.

So I really do encourage originals over pirated games. And of course original do comes with lots of freebies, posters, the ticket to experience multiplayer online gaming in competing with players world wide and all that.

Viewing my blog on the big ass screen TV. It is somehow, freaking cool for the 1st time. Lol.

Now this is just the beggining.
Good day, Good Year ahead, Goodnight. =)

Monday, February 02, 2009

New! Year, Month, Toy, Stuff, Intellectual, Minute, Second, Life.

Yeap, infact 2 new stuffs for this Chinese New Year, and saw yin mei and khee hong in low yat the other day, and it wasn't me who saw them it was my 4th brother. Anyway, yin mei will be leaving to australia soon, and i mean really soon. Oh ya, I didn't tell anyone that I've been going through an internship with Dentsu Utama, an advertising company, well you guys would ask me what was I studying, I'm doing marketing.

1 month in an advertising company, not just any advertising company, but Dentsu was known for their world class service and results.Their main company is based in Japan, also known as Dentsu Inc.


My experiences working with this company is that I get to see teams of people working together to achieve results. And of course this is my 1st time working with corporate people other than from the family's business. An eye opening that seriously, I don't know why but sometimes you just would want to stay in the company and finish up your stuffs before you go home. That was how I feel, that was how being a single is able to do. No worries and all that.

This Chinese New Year, a new year, fire-crackers cracking next to my window, the sounds, the joy, the laughters of family members gathering together and honoring the Jade Emporer, a little story from my grandpa why Hokiens honors the Jade Emporer during this day of chinese new year, which is the late night of day 8 and the starting of day 9.

Back in China, it was during the Japanese ocupation hunting down the Hokiens, and that the Hokiens took cover in the sugar cane field, that the Japanese Soldiers couldn't find them, the same day of chinese new year, they were praying hard in the sugar cane field that they couldn't be found by the soldiers. It was really lucky that the sugar cane field saved these clan of people, that the growth of these sugar canes. And now, some 60 years later, sugar canes were used as an offering to the Jade Emporer.


Good Day and GOodnight People,
Happy Chinese New Year.