Monday, February 02, 2009

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Yeap, infact 2 new stuffs for this Chinese New Year, and saw yin mei and khee hong in low yat the other day, and it wasn't me who saw them it was my 4th brother. Anyway, yin mei will be leaving to australia soon, and i mean really soon. Oh ya, I didn't tell anyone that I've been going through an internship with Dentsu Utama, an advertising company, well you guys would ask me what was I studying, I'm doing marketing.

1 month in an advertising company, not just any advertising company, but Dentsu was known for their world class service and results.Their main company is based in Japan, also known as Dentsu Inc.


My experiences working with this company is that I get to see teams of people working together to achieve results. And of course this is my 1st time working with corporate people other than from the family's business. An eye opening that seriously, I don't know why but sometimes you just would want to stay in the company and finish up your stuffs before you go home. That was how I feel, that was how being a single is able to do. No worries and all that.

This Chinese New Year, a new year, fire-crackers cracking next to my window, the sounds, the joy, the laughters of family members gathering together and honoring the Jade Emporer, a little story from my grandpa why Hokiens honors the Jade Emporer during this day of chinese new year, which is the late night of day 8 and the starting of day 9.

Back in China, it was during the Japanese ocupation hunting down the Hokiens, and that the Hokiens took cover in the sugar cane field, that the Japanese Soldiers couldn't find them, the same day of chinese new year, they were praying hard in the sugar cane field that they couldn't be found by the soldiers. It was really lucky that the sugar cane field saved these clan of people, that the growth of these sugar canes. And now, some 60 years later, sugar canes were used as an offering to the Jade Emporer.


Good Day and GOodnight People,
Happy Chinese New Year.

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