Sunday, February 22, 2009


yeap, i know i have been in denial, but then now it isn't the time too to declare that i love her. Too much denial just paralyzes me. And so it did.

If there are blog readers of mine, i will declare that i will only blog once a week. Unless necessary. If you people have been through what i'm going through now, glad that it's over for you. For you guys who don't know what i'm talking about...

Never, ever let a chance go. Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. You fucked up once, you're forgiven. You fucked us twice, maybe there's still another chance. You fucked up the 3rd time, i really don't know what to say. You fucked up the 4th time, you can die already. You fucked up the 5th time, don't ever come and talk to me.

That's the story. And when you do know the person so well and you listen to the 小人s, you're doomed. Making a stand for the person you love, is more than enough than to stick with destroyers.

In life, there are people who mend, there are people who break. There are people who do nothing, there are people who create things.

If you know people who tell you no wrong no right, and at the other hand they say there is only pregnant and no pregnant, ask them don't lppl

There is always a right and always a wrong, unless you don't create anything out of something, or if you do not even create nothing out of something. Then that time there is no right and no wrong, there will only be maybe pregnant. Because the sperm is stucked in between the ovum.

Alright people. Good day and good night. Class is at 8. Peace.

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