Saturday, March 07, 2009


After the second week of class, you remember when you have times that suddenly someone says something and then it has turned out to be an inspiration for you to blog or for yourself? That's the moment I'm going to blog about, and that moment which I have forgotten as well.

That moment I'm talking about, is only catered for that moment. When you're back on your usuals, you will forget what is that moment about, but you know you have experienced that moment. I kept on telling people to start a new page, but in fact, I myself am the one that should start a new page with the people around me again.

The irony when people tell you to do something, is because they themselves lack of that thing and that thing is the thing which they themselves want to improve on themselve.

Supposingly you are the one that is being irresponsible, when you see other people being irresponsible, you say that the person could have been better by being a responsible person. Of course, this doesn't apply for everyone as it only applies for certain people.


Life is interesting, it is full of ups and downs. "Love Matters" a movie by Jack Neo, has been very inspiring, a movie spoiler by Richard Low, the movie recides on 3 male, each aged at 18, 30s, and the 50s. He quoted one thing in the movie which the actress speaks of:"Does Love only happen when there is sex?"


Good day goodnight

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