Friday, March 13, 2009

Reply to grey moment

This post is not intended to discriminate or insult anyone. I am just defining why I stand by there are no grey moments.


wanted to type in the cbox but too long already.. grey moments.. an example of a grey moment would be.. the time when a person asks you for a decision and you say you're thinking. Let's go with that example, shall we?


okay here goes, for instance la, I ask ah kam want to go yam cha or not, then he say see 1st, that time would be let's say 8pm and the tea session is at 10pm, so, if he is still thinking and deciding, between the 8pm and 10pm period, the answer at that point in time is NO.

Justifications of the answer NO, is because no actions were taken during the time period of 8pm to 10pm, therefore, it is clearly stated a dark moment, blank, no action taken moment.


Example number 2, which has always been one of my favourites, because it is so lame and yet so true: there is no maybe I'm pregnant, it is always either you're pregnant or your not pregnant.


Okay, now it's not about the grey moment, but some moment when people say there is no right or no wrong. That i can assure you that they're crapping because they just want you to say something and then justifying your answer.

These incidents are like moments where your lecturer asks you to speak up your answer and then he or she shoots your answer down and laughs at you. Ever had that moment when you were young that led you till today you still sit in class and keep quiet because of that past?


But at this point in time, I still ask myself, what do I want, at the end of my life. What are all these things about, what are all these dreams you're chasing after all about. When you win now, does it mean you still win when you die? See, life doesn't tally itself sometimes, or perhaps I made it hard to understand.

In fact, life is really interesting and boring. Inevitably ironically it's very....

End of story. Good day and Goodnight.


Jade said...

wow.u sound to sceptic about will be boring if u want it to be boring, and it will be interesting if u want it to be.but ofcos, there are some unavoidable things like having to sit in class for the whole day on a beautiful satuday morning and evening...but..bottom line blabbing.

anyways, we should meet up one day and yamcha.i assure u i wont say "maybe". hehee

Jade said...

wow.u sounded so sceptic about is both boring and interesting, it's up to us to decide on it, right?
ofcos, there are some unavoidable boring thing in life such as having class the whole day on a beautiful saturday morning and evening...but..bottom line is.....aih, im babbling.

anyways, we should meet up to yamcha one day. i assure u,i wont say "maybe"..hehee