Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Business cum Business

The whole world is in recession, are you?
Facing recession doesn't mean not to have a positive attitude towards recession right? But facing it also meant to start saving and spend wisely.

Everything does contradict la come on people, I hear it from the business station, BFM, read it in the times, read it in the star. And I hear it from people that we all should start saving. Saving here, does not mean not to spend and be si beh kiam siap until you hide your money in your pillow and not putting it into the bank.

But instead everyone should spend according to their means, and not be like me, until this point in time I'm still spending over my means, and that is freaking not like recession man.

If the recession turns out badly, it will end up in a depression, and the last depression was in 1921 to the 1930s, it has been about 11 years since the last depression lasted.


The business world is full of ups and downs. Everywhere you go, it's always about dollars and cents. No matter where you run, there will only be this amount of money in the economy, and a dollar spent, is always being circulated in the economy, but how come do we have so much credit in economy? Money is being duplicated, in the "legal" way.

I have found a reason to continue my family's business. If I were to contribute in the economy, I have to take care of other families in the economy. Inevitable, what goes around comes around. It just takes one to be ethical. It just takes one to be mindful of others.

And of course it could be the other way round, it just takes one to be selfish, and the world will be what you see it. The world is how you presume because it is your world. Remember you always have a choice.


It takes one.

Good day, Goodnight.

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