Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18th March 2009, Richard's Journal

I just can't stop looking at this photo. LOL. This cousin brother of mine, took the whole freaking bak gua. See how big is it? Can cover the whole face man. So this as the intro. 18th March 2009, it was a wednesday.

Decided to go to the sky bridge this moring since my lecturer didn't decide to go to class. Not me okay, it's my lecturer who "ponteng class". LOL

My relatives from Shanghai. They were talking and they were caught on candid. Pai seh.. haha..

Well, I didn't take lots of photos. Probably because it's only one view. Hmm.. Level 41. Says the tour guide:"You can move around the tower if you have business with petronas." Richard's thoughts were:"Yeap, I'm definitely going to get one up here"


Well, I did it. Just thought that I only have this grandma in my life. And these are the times I should care and love her. If a phone can make her happier, why not? My brother and I shared the cost of this phone. Nokia, 7610 Supernova.

Good Day, Goodnight.

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