Sunday, March 29, 2009

People still care

Every beings ultimate goal is survival.

Whatever you do, the end thing is because you want to survive, and to continue to play the game called life.

I had the restart button the time I was given a chance to come into this world.

I find it nothing new to me, but yet at the same time it looks really fresh to me.

They once said that life is just like a game.

To survive, human beings always keep their ultimate which they wouldn't want to teach other people.

And to support that statement, we looked at the history of martial arts, despite Kung-Fu, or any other type of martial art.

One human being, who I respect, and which all these years I only hear it from other people's words, is Mr. Bruce Lee.


Having to watch a series of drama based on his 37 years of life, have me realize contributing to other people and not to differentiate is something that I have been looking at these few years.

And now, one is all and all is one.


Good day, GOodnight.

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