Saturday, April 25, 2009

It didn't turned out ugly

After all my assignments, after my mid term break, it's time to sit down and blog.. I wonder again what is blogging, I wonder again what is the purpose of life, I wonder am I lost again? I wonder, wonder, and wonder... I guess this is what MS puts it, I'm still in denial, denial of what? Denial of not wanting to know the truth. The truth of what? The truth of the things that has happened and the truth that it's over. So what about all these truths? These truths just come and go. It is so easy to create, yet it is so hard and tiring to make the circle bigger. The circle gets bigger and the shit gets a mountain pile higher each time. When things come again, you'll know when it comes. Till now it is nothing you will find in here, cause I am just looking for the me in me. By writing I find more about myself, by listening I learn about my past. I know but I choose to sit down, because sitting down is so easy and standing up is so hard. And I notice that when I sit down, and do nothing about it it is so comfortable. And always being in the comfort zone is what people want and what people want happened to be not what I want. I've lost the drive to get me to my goals, and getting to my goals has been motivations. I look for that motivation when I need it the most, but when I am on the right track of getting the goal it is all the obstacles that tries to stop me.

Does the me and I in this blog post representing parts of you?


I speak the words of you.

Good day and Goodnight.

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