Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Redang Scenery

Bird's Eye View. From Subang Airport to Terengannu Airport. Somewhere on the way, no idea where it is. My phone's on offline mode by the way, so there isn't any interruption I suppose.

Can hardly see the name of the Airport from here. But it spells Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud Kuala Terengganu.

The 1st thing you see when you're reaching Redang Island was these scenery. It's all about the sun, the sky, the clouds, the sea, the beach, and the smell of salt water.

We checked into Redang Beach Resort.

And we headed straight for snorkeling. This view looks like what? Yes, cleavage. =.= Just joking okay. And the people in the water are Zee Wui, Mui Gee, Fyiona, Samuel, Way, Yin Mei and Jared Gor. When of course I'm taking pictures from the top of the boat.

We all share the same beach, Laguna Resort and Redang Beach Resort, and of course we might have similar pictures of the same view. The white sandy beach, if you guys have not been to Redang or any clean beaches? Why not go there 1st and have a look for yourself instead of having your friends keep telling you how fun it was. And of course I do recommend you people to go to Redang.


Continuation of 2nd Day, one of the photos I took when I woke up at 530 in the morning.

It makes me wonder if there's a story behind this photo.

The reflection of the sun on the morning waters.

The calm wave that hits the shore gently.

The smell of the sea waters.

The sound of the waves.

The effect of having taking pictures behind my sunglasses.

It feels like it's going to rain. The dark clouds and all that, unlucky for me and Way because we wanted to sun bath so badly, but the sun is playing hide and seek. So, we were sun bathed at the hide and seek schedule.
Presenting a Coconut, Corals, The Sand, The Waves, The Sky.


These are the Panorama Pictures I'm telling you people about.

It was definitely the hardest thing to do when I have to take panorama shots on the boat.

But it was definitely eaasier to take panorama shots on steady grounds.


Good day and Goodnight People

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Screwing Up Chances; When You Have A Choice

Well, I don't think I have to explain to anyone about why did I have all that sucky results in my previous semester. I acknowledge it was me myself and I who did not take up that chance to study earlier and do revision when I have time. Slacking, Procrastinating, Waiting for Answers, are all the things that are inside my comfort zone.

Why was still I thinking about marketing when I have already made up my mind to pick the best choice for me, in which it is very useful for me in the future. I listened easily to others, and I tend to complain a lot about why I can't do this and that. Which all I do is just to complain, putting the blame on other things like:"I hate this subject, it's useless to me".

In which of course I enjoy it a lot, having to wait for teacher's answers, not doing my own studies during the semester and I don't even want to make a move to ask questions which I should ask my teacher. I had a choice, I had time, I had my chance, and I had everything that was given to me, provided to me with unconditional love from my parents.

This sucks.

I told myself, if I can't go UQ, that's it, I'm staying here, in my comfort zone.


From this starting semester, my plans are to commit myself to have only 6 hours of outings with my friends each week. The rest of the time, I'm sorry to say if I can't be there for you, do give me a call if you want an ear to listen, and I mean listen and not hearing. May it be Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia... Wherever you guys are.

1. Finding out ways to explain the calculation.
2. Asking the lecturer and opening my golden mouth; People who think they are shy, never succeeds in life.
3. Filling up one full bucket of water 1st instead of having 10 half full buckets of water.


Good day and Goodnight

Saturday, July 26, 2008

comparing phones

between the samsung-f480, sony k850, and my current n95.

Again, after 1 year. I'm looking at other handphones. I think i really suck at commitments.

Then i refresh back one year ago, i said that i'll have this n95 for 4 years. What a great excuse for myself to go on with my purchase of the n95.

I look outside of my relationship with my n95 because i notice me getting all the flaws of this phone. For example the camera disappoints me when i'm taking the panorama shots in redang, when i came back home 9 out of 12 pictures were destroyed. I didn't know why.

I now think, maybe the other phones will be better, and thinking of that again, why am i asking so much for a handphone. Wierd.

Anyway, my commitment will be to use the n95 until i graduate from my degree.

Till then, i will only look again. Got to go now people.

Good day and goodnight people.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kob's Birthday (MB120 Gathering)

Just right after Way's celebration in Jalan Templar, I headed for Titanium dance club. It was a kind of AsiaWorks MB120 basic gathering but the main theme was a birthday celebration with Kob. My small group. We did meet up some old coursemates there. The small group leaders. Megan, Jeffrey, Lawrance and of course FOO!!

Titanium is just next to Eastin Hotel, which it's a dance club of course. The pricing for the drinks there were quite reasonable. 33 for a jug of tiger draught. =]

Group photo was taken while they're looking at Foo's camera. Pai seh~ ^^

Nicolette, RichardLow and Kampai!

Foo checking on the camera pictures taken a moment ago.

Well, dragging everyone to the dance floor was one of the best thing to break the ice. ^^

The 3 of us again, rich, avene and nicolette.

Megan and Foo for flaming lamborghini~


The next party after the club was at Kob's place. They ta paoed the food from Jalan Alor, I give my thumbs up for the fried rice with lap cheong and the wan tan mee. But moderate comments for the chicken wings as you all know that I still have that chicken wing phobia. =\

The whole gang enjoying the food before the activities start.

Anne and Avene teaching Foo how to play mahjong against Kim Hock and Nicolette. The huh face by Foo. LOL

To our dearest Kob and Kelvin, we sang the birthday song for the both of them.

The birthday cake from Berry's by Kelvin all the way from TheCurve.

Kob singing solo before calling for the end of the night at 430am. ^^


Good day and GOodnight people.

To Kob, all the best wishes to you.

All the best with your advance course and to health, wealth and business.

Happy Birthday!!

Mr Tay's Birthday

14 year old friend. Mr Tay, Yee Way. By the way, that is ym's sister's shades he is wearing on his head. Haha!! 21 years old, we all went to ulu langat again, not lookout point, but some seafood restaurant. The food there was not bad actually, the fried taufu, taste really crispy. The yok choi fish was definitely something new and the yok choi tong was really tasty. The braised duck well, not bad, but it would be better if the food is a little warmer. Then we have paku vegetable as well.
In ym's car while waiting for kenny to teach her how to use the camera.

Way's birthday cake, nothing written on top but in the end we used toothpick to write the letterings on it. Great idea. =)

The lamers once again, full gang. And seriously, I look damn fair beside the kakak ms and birthday boy. Lol

Way receiving his birthday present from Fiona, the monkey on the toilet bow that was holding onto a banana.

It sure tastes damn nice. Seafood with coconut drink.

Kakak ms whole night pressing the phone, anti social like they say. XD

kakak pek hoi the durian. Way's "birthday present" as well.
The next day, saturday evening, Way hosted a thai food birthday celebration for himself. With him on the dinner were:
LiangKo and ZhiXin

JX and Jo

Ys and WanWen

Ah Kam and Ym.

And of course it was me who is holding the camera. Where Way recieves his birthday present from us. Tough Wallet. He prefers the paper bag even more than the wallet. =\

Everyone's standing up because the table is very small, and everyone's doing their thing to clear the food, which is to devide it so that everyone will have their own share of the portion.

Ym organising the tom yam soup. 200 bucks for 10 dishes, and for 10 people. Not bad har for the price and for the food? It was definitely mouth watering.

The straw hat with the light bulb in it. Marks the 21st birthday of Way.


Good day and Goodnight People.

And Way, here I wish you all the best, for your health, studies, wealth.

Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Blooming Days

May the flowers chill your day, blooming days.

Good day and Goodnight People