Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alls' Birthday and 5P3 Gathering

On the 13th of July, the 2 events that happened on that day. Which is Alison's early birthday celebration in Malaysia, and the other one is my form 5 class gathering. In which, of course I enjoyed meeting up with my old friends. Here she is, back from New Zealand. Happy Birthday!

I acknowledge that I'm late for your birthday party due to my lousiness in the sense of direction which caused me a huge price for the petrol. Haha, but in the end I still get there right? So, okay lar. How do you like your present?

Yin yin, long time no see girl, looking really pretty now with that dress. =) They call her little girl. Because she is quite pettite. The very first moment I saw her in Alls' party I was like, who's the girl in black, then I went around saying "Hi" to everyone and I turned back and noticed eh, since when is Yin Yin here, OH my God~ and the story goes on. ^^

Okay Adam, looking at the crocodile up on the wall aren't you. Seriously, it's really a long time, 2 to 3 months i guess and that was the last time you tried that cheese I bought in Taiwan. It's actually a good stuff okay. Kam and Ym liked it alot. ^^

So Sheng, when are you going back? Or when is the next time you'll be back again and will actually call us out for tea har. Lol. A space in the post dedicated to you and congratulating for starting and actually posting up some posts in your new blogspot. Remember to bring your laptop with you and then I'll teach you the simple ways to use blogspot.

Tao, always looking cool and always meeting new girls, I mean new friends. Well, of course that's our natural instinct right? Haha, really missing those days where the 4 of us would actually run to Mcdonalds just to gra a burger. A quick bite and then running all the way up to the 4th floor to start our econs class again with Mr Seto.

Michael, he always reminds of i-phone, and all time phones that has only got to do with the style but not technology. And he always reminds me of different people different perceptions. With me being a fan of Nokia Symbian technology, he does not prefer nokia because nokia's design are kinda bulky for him. And the story goes on, ^^

Gary, back from the United Kingdom. Only remembered that we gunz alot back then while we had this crazy clan called the Gun-Jongz, not very yeng the name of the clan, but Adam was also into it. We both owned those people in there definitely. Those were the days in Taylors with Alex Liew and Shaun as well. Not to forget Alex Tang and Sok Teng. The crazy March Intakes of Canadian Pre-U.


Later in the evening, I went to Sunway Pyramid for the 5p3 gathering. Being an organiser, this is the worst outcome I've ever had over my past gatherings. I find this should be the lesson I will learn other gatherings. I admit that I did not try my best to call those people and to get notifications from the 5p3 classmates that caused me to have a class of 43 but only 9 attended the gathering.

Last minute cancelations, lame excuses like "I do not know anyone from the class, or I am really pai seh to see other people there lar; I can't attend because the other few are not going, so I think I'll be bored." People never call unless I call them for confirmation, and the people never even bother to send me short message to notify me for RSVP.

Screw it, anyway, the part goes on with either the whole class or the last person which is me to organise the gathering. These were the few that really attend the gathering as they too know what meeting up old friends meant to them. They've make up time for the gathering and not to let other excuses cover up for their un-attendance.

May Nee, Yin Mei and Me. A little small gathering outside of italianese. Was it the price that was bothering you guys or was it the lame Shogun that made you all think that the food was not worth the price of having a gathering? Anyway, I think I see values in doing everything, what was being made up today was being made up a few years back then.

The girls who were there early. Yin Mei, Ai Hooi, May Nee and Poh Chee. It was really a dissapointment for the gathering. But the values that are being gained from the lost was that these people got even closer to each other. A small little gathering in Italianese. The 13th of July Sunday 2008.

The salad of the night, being shared out by 3. The environment was kinda bored that evening. Even I do not know what to say because again, my phone battery went dead. And I was being so dependant on taking pictures did not know what to do at the time of my dead phone. I realize that my N95 was one of the conversations that I always have when I'm out with my friends. I tell them about what happened last weekend or about my trips to other places.

Ai Hooi, who she will be leaving to Australia in the next few days or weeks. I here wish her all the best in your studies and stay healthy and eat more. Don't become too skinny and later let the hurricane blow you away in Australia. Haha.

Chun Peen is not working in Puchong, well, Poh Chee is as well. An accountant for the Japanese company Yakult. I hope I can get more free drinks from her. Haha. So, Chun Peen is being very observative that evening. Got nothing much about him, maybe it's because that it has been such a long time since the last time we talk. And to my experience, it's really quite hard to find a common interest when you're really tired and lack of motivations that day.

So yeap, Ms and William came to join us later in the evening. The 3rd gathering for 5p3 year 2004 graduates. I didn't know why that there is one senior who called me asking me whether can other years of 5p3 graduates attend this 5p3 gathering for year 2004. I'm serious that I got that call you know.


Later that in the evening MS and I went to starbucks to catch up on each other and later that we met up with YM in taman desa for another round of tea session. Indeed it was a very crazy evening with ups and down for me. =\


Good day and Goodnight People

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