Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kob's Birthday (MB120 Gathering)

Just right after Way's celebration in Jalan Templar, I headed for Titanium dance club. It was a kind of AsiaWorks MB120 basic gathering but the main theme was a birthday celebration with Kob. My small group. We did meet up some old coursemates there. The small group leaders. Megan, Jeffrey, Lawrance and of course FOO!!

Titanium is just next to Eastin Hotel, which it's a dance club of course. The pricing for the drinks there were quite reasonable. 33 for a jug of tiger draught. =]

Group photo was taken while they're looking at Foo's camera. Pai seh~ ^^

Nicolette, RichardLow and Kampai!

Foo checking on the camera pictures taken a moment ago.

Well, dragging everyone to the dance floor was one of the best thing to break the ice. ^^

The 3 of us again, rich, avene and nicolette.

Megan and Foo for flaming lamborghini~


The next party after the club was at Kob's place. They ta paoed the food from Jalan Alor, I give my thumbs up for the fried rice with lap cheong and the wan tan mee. But moderate comments for the chicken wings as you all know that I still have that chicken wing phobia. =\

The whole gang enjoying the food before the activities start.

Anne and Avene teaching Foo how to play mahjong against Kim Hock and Nicolette. The huh face by Foo. LOL

To our dearest Kob and Kelvin, we sang the birthday song for the both of them.

The birthday cake from Berry's by Kelvin all the way from TheCurve.

Kob singing solo before calling for the end of the night at 430am. ^^


Good day and GOodnight people.

To Kob, all the best wishes to you.

All the best with your advance course and to health, wealth and business.

Happy Birthday!!

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NicholasZx said...

Happy Birthday Kob~^^
Thx for waiting me~XD
road Idiot here~