Saturday, July 26, 2008

comparing phones

between the samsung-f480, sony k850, and my current n95.

Again, after 1 year. I'm looking at other handphones. I think i really suck at commitments.

Then i refresh back one year ago, i said that i'll have this n95 for 4 years. What a great excuse for myself to go on with my purchase of the n95.

I look outside of my relationship with my n95 because i notice me getting all the flaws of this phone. For example the camera disappoints me when i'm taking the panorama shots in redang, when i came back home 9 out of 12 pictures were destroyed. I didn't know why.

I now think, maybe the other phones will be better, and thinking of that again, why am i asking so much for a handphone. Wierd.

Anyway, my commitment will be to use the n95 until i graduate from my degree.

Till then, i will only look again. Got to go now people.

Good day and goodnight people.

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