Thursday, July 10, 2008

3rd, 4th and the 5th day after AsiaWorks

The tuesday and thursday of the week.
I have been out to pyramid with alex tang and alison lee on the 4th day, it was a very nice fine day as Alison's mom spend me with some ice cream from Dessert Bar in Subang Parade. The pan cake is very nice but the kiwi fruit is very sour. The rum raisin ice cream was on the top of the hot pan cake, mixing up the feeling of hot and cold, the dessert taste even better.

Guess who's back, back again~ Sok Teng's back, in PJ.. LOL
Pai seh la sok teng, you come back so long already didn't go out yam cha rasta with you, hehe, and pai seh la alex, you ask me follow you up genting while i need to go to AsiaWorks. Will bou fan sou in Australia.

Sok Teng and richard low, well, sushi king in sunway pyramid. I think i have that japanese restaurant phobia, maybe it's because when i've been to taiwan i've been fed all time japanese style kind of rice. It's just a maybe, hehehe.

So, the sheep is back from new zealand, and the sheep has short fur~ I mean hair, haha, it does look good on you okay alls. No milking the cow with that yellow sandles or whatever is it that alex liew and shaun says.

Might be the one last photo before this fella leaves for Australia, and I introduce Alex tang. LOL Shopping for your own necessaties har alex, konon-nya. So after sushi king, i went kai kai with alls. Walking here and there, which I want to look for some stuff which I need to give as a present to those who will have their birthdays on july which is also a failure.

And then alls got some cocktail toothpick for her teacher, okay, don't know what's that anyway. So I fetch alls home to klang and continue our 2nd round of tea session which turns out to be Klang bukit tinggi station one. All I can tell you guys is that the Kong Po Fried Chicken Sucks! and that waitress introduces us to that dish.

-.-(Pik Chik)

After fetching alls home to klang I rush back to PJ state's strawberry field cafe for another of tea session with the Fooo-Yoh! gang. This time came Ash and Irene to join us for our tea session, Kelvin, Anne, Avene, Nicolette and Foo was there as well. A very tired day indeed for me, so again I ordered a big watermelon juice to reward myself. ^^


End of Tuesday Post


2 days later, Nicolette asked Avene and Me for a game of mahjong at her place. It's a definitely great idea to get our bonds closer to each other. Waiting for Nicolette at KL Sentral, which now I know how and what is the route to KL Sentral already definitely by going there once by myself. Anyway, I wanted to take some effects with my N95, so here it is.

Later picking her up, we went to her house and started our game. It definitely got my andreneline rushing as I now admit I'm not very pro with mahjong as my hands are a little bit gan jong cause I was like playing with 2 leng luis, mm dim. I will definitely train harder and faster liao next time. Haha~ ^^

And by the way before the Mahjong Session starts, I was with George in Leisure Mall Cheras, wanted to go and watch wanted. We were definitely excited about the preview and what more to say the movie. Such great previews and so many cool actors in that movie. 18Sg movie, well okay, I give the movie a rating of 4 out of 10.


So yeah, everyone's gotta have their lunch right? I love this chicken rice beside leisure mall, so today george and I went to this stall to eat their chicken rice. I was like okay, the rice was not too soft but a little slightly closer to hard. Already dropped my impression towards the chicken. There came the chicken, mm dim. The standard of the chicken rice already dropped gao gao. Okay lar like that.

George and I managed to finished up the chicken rice lor. So I called for the bill, and guess how much is the chicken rice + tauge + 2 cups of leong char. It's RM18.20. I was like:"huh?! What did you say again?!" The fella did tell me again, RM18.20. Imagine my pik chik face now. Okay, then I was like, WHAT THE FUCK! (Saying it to myself la) 2 person for RM18.20.

So, that's the boss. And I told myself, okay fine. Everything increase price mar, you also want to increase price mar, okay lor. But that's freaking unreasonable okay. So, here I blacklist the chicken rice stall for my food stalls in cheras.

The stall which you can see straight ahead in front of the secret recipe shop.
Never mind them now.

After the mahjong session, I headed straight for Shah Alam. My best friend's wedding. I mean birthday. LOL. Had a birthday cake which YM brought it to his house and Way was there as well. Went to mamak and had one of my favourite roti telur bawang. ^^ Then went straight home to sleep, I mean blog.

So here, to 2 people who have their birthday on the 10th of July.
1. Kelvin (Foo-Yoh! AsiaWorks)
2. Samuel Kam

If you all notice, yes, it's samuel and kelvin's birthday.

All the best to the both of you. To your studies, your health, your wealth, and your life.


Goodday and Goodnight people.

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